Watching the neighbor drove the car coming and going, I felt very calm, I also have their own stand, and that is more than ten years with my old bicycle, although the years go by in its body also left a trail of rust, but after each scrub, there are still many areas are still shining bright silver, in my mind it is a spirit of BMW.    Not afford to buy a car, but the car will not open.Not go driving test, but it is not necessary.Several kilometers from their homes to the distance unit on the cycling typically take half an hour.There was a car garage, drive a car have to find a parking space, not to mention the car more and more, more and more narrow road, traffic jams are a daily basis like the sun so often.In traffic, I rode a bike like a fish in the cheerful cruising, traffic jam, but faster than a car, as long as their feet can walk past the place, riding a bike can be almost over, so there is every traffic jam when cars were lying on there, I have actually to cast envious eyes, or ride a bike easy ah.    In traffic, the car is tall, my bike is tiny.When I ride a bike as I respect them, and they are never more than courage, their first three comity than speed.But in my heart, my bike is too tall, I was respected partner, for every idle, I would stop and check the overall condition, carry out maintenance, so the car ride I often say, this the car looked very good, quite comfortable riding!    Weathered, bike ride all the way up and can not help but Jiji Niu Niu’s chaotic, but it sounded to me This is not groaning, which is in the cheerful singing, singing such a low-carbon life, singing freedom brisk peace and harmony.