Cymbidium celebration for the New Year is with me in the cold, flowers and trees have lost their color, a lot of monotonous days.If the New Year can have flowers companionship, that is how rich a kind of poetic “year” ah, this year I had had with flowers accompany the poetic “year”.    Last year in early April, a friend gave me a pot of blue ink, not how everyday ignores it, just pour a little water from time to time Bale.At the time the room is a room towards the female, aged rarely see a ray of sunshine during the day and only fired into some of the light from the window at a lot of Huadu dead, but alive and well but Cymbidium.    The end of June moved home, I put together Cymbidium moved into the new residence.The new residence, Chaoyang is a large window, very good light, winter, a room full of sunshine.I was repairing a Cymbidium flower more meticulous, placed next to the window, in order to properly compensate about three months Cymbidium accompany me by the crime.    Cymbidium like an easy child, does not require too much care.Think of it, give pouring water, tap water is poured; remember, even the water is poured is often the forgotten.But Cymbidium still grow well, no disease no disaster, one faction vibrant, though only a few pieces of leaves Choulan.    Fast forward a few months later, Cymbidium has been growing very well.    The twelfth lunar month of the night, spare nothing, remember to trim trim Cymbidium, some old leaves, leaves eleven cut off, the light is not good, as old leaves, dead is not dead, more of a feel of.When I reached for a dead leaves, suddenly have a strange feeling – tender, Wet, slippery, not like dead leaves.A closer look, is not really dead leaves, is just out of the flower diameter, can not help the hearts of a surprise – Cymbidium to bloom!    After a week or so, out of a total of four bowl flower diameter, was first out of the Okanagan has blossomed.Flowers small, just like a little bee on the flower diameter lying, wings spread.Wings is a mosaic, flower petals at there, the child’s little finger nail so big, yellow background, purple ink spots, as well as flower petals accompanied, yellow, wrapped in a purple coat, the general mung bean Big.The whole flower color is not bright, just like naughty children to which it poured a layer of light, like ink, ink trace of yellow.Perhaps this is the reason people give it named host of “ink blue” bar?It’s very special flavor, a touch of fragrance, shred, Ruoyouruowu, like a thin mist early spring the field, there is a distance, really gone to the side.Living in ink blue flowers in the room, from time to time there will be a hint of fragrance passing your nose, but slips away, like the smell of hide and seek child, then you will feel really good life.However, if you are a night behind closed doors, let the smell slipped by the door, then when you open the door early in the morning, there will be an aromatic nostrils, but not strong, you will not smoked drunk, will not let you Niwai.    Twenty-eight to be home for the holiday.Twenty-seven at night, I gave Cymbidium water pouring good, looked and looked, take a look and look, smell and smell, he sniffed.This is my farewell ceremony held it in the ink blue flowers.I thought: flowers have opened more than 20 days, it is estimated the strike had come back in, you will leave me, and if you’re interested in, then next year goodbye.    When home New Year, from time to time think of my Cymbidium: Cymbidium, you faded yet?I can go back and see you again and so it?Wanted, too strike years back, it remains unchanged to open the Cymbidium, a flower room piggy bank.Smell the flowers, see flowers, I was getting super excited and joy – Cymbidium stay with me for a whole year, I had the “year” full of poetry.    Recommended to those who have the leisure gardening elegant look, your room may wish to raise pots of Cymbidium, which normally do not play, just a few sparse grass grow there; do not bother people, just need some water.But it is a very long flowering period, more than one month, floral quite distinctive, strong but not long, fragrant just right, just as those who have temperament, who are not necessarily beautiful or handsome, but full of flavor and long, very tie him down human.