Jian on my living room decorated with a pot of blue ink, which is when I move into new homes friend sent a pot of orchids, which I took home a favorite of many a potted plant.It is dark green leaf clusters, such as swords, glowing glossy green leaves, never giving a sense of themselves in spring.    I love orchids, but rather only like Cymbidium, like it is not secular, not flashy, just for fragrance; like it quiet and lonely, jealously guarding its elegant style.Whenever gossip leisure occasion, quietly watching the blue ink, careful conservation with its growth, all own nature also become infected by mold sentiment.    Cymbidium orchid, also known as China, often born in the mountain forest stream, is also found in evergreen broad-leaved forest or mixed forest under bushes, in recent years, more and more Cymbidium loved by the people, in the flower market is also more expensive flower seeds.Cymbidium as an ornamental, not only have many fans, has also been a theme throughout the ages poetry, painting, handicrafts and other moral and performance.Ming and Qing Dynasty painter Shi Tao had praise Cymbidium poem: “the root of what has been from the dust can be poetry, poetry gift of loneliness.Daqian incense and who had, to endure the temporary pool spilled ink.”” Feng bone leaf really clear, the wind or oppose amazing laugh.Pen and ink to write their own home, that is, after the body is back.”No praise is not blue ink is not pro-secular, willing to loneliness, the clear strength of character character.    Kinzer Qing zone in its “Ridge Highland words” Zambia Cymbidium: “The flower out of a rack (above foliage), Ye Biying Run, Ambi Jingyuan, this also Ruin.” ‘Ink are not white, white is not ink, ink by its name, in fact, white person, white ink and energy, people I clean the oil, rather than diffuse slow (not dyed black with black), Landers Xin’.That praise the image of the Cymbidium, Cymbidium and praised the character.    Cymbidium, also known as Cymbidium, New Year orchid, flowering from January to March, China’s Lunar New Year, when the ink comes orchid, with Jiao Yan Qing, fragrance overflowing, to the Chinese New Year adds unlimited colors.Cymbidium flower stalks are usually higher than the foliage, according to information, up to 80 cm -100 cm in the wild, have spent 7 -17 flowers, small bracts, the base of nectarines, sepals lanceolate, light brown , five pulse purple-brown, short petals wide, three-lobed lip obvious, drooping tip rewind.Aroma, color changing.Compared with other flowers, Cymbidium flower is not really beautiful, rich, but with its unique dark green leaves like swords accompanied its more lofty and elegant, and admire the view of people, spiritual enlightenment.    Families with Cymbidium adds elegant bedroom, watch Cymbidium, Cymbidium moral of fine chemicals, it was originally grown in the mountains among the bushes, and flowers are blooming not only as “mountain Chuanrui color, firewood, animal husbandry and cheers.”.Live love spring rain, and his charm dyed Spring.Cymbidium character is it not a man of character?    Whenever the careful watch of Cymbidium, often reminds me of a friend, a work in the public security front of the opposite sex.She looks not outstanding, petite figure, looks ordinary, a station in the crowd, she can not see out of the ordinary.But since I know her future, especially for her growing understanding of her character, her talent made me awe of her.She is like a Cymbidium, in her face in the crowd alone was elegant, she did not unexamined life is not endless round of silly secular entertainment, among today’s young people, lack of ideals and dedication, she kind of selfless work spirit and professional attitude, when a model called peers.Especially when she learned that he was very ill when the mind is inseparable from the work, it has not been a day of rest.Her face reality, still optimistic approach to life and work magnanimous, she would like most is parents should be more filial, responsible for their children, without their own serious illness as a burden.Her love of comrades are selfless, noble, his comrades to safety work, she would rather sacrifice their own.Her outstanding work performance, so that the leaders and comrades are all doubly praise.    She aloof but not haughty, her life is not rich, but open-minded and cheerful, the pursuit of a better life, but more rely on their own diligence efforts.Her honest and clean, very value their words and deeds.Once back from the meeting, many of my colleagues are squeezed into a car co-worker’s car, whether people are satisfied, but she would rather go back to their own units away crowded colleagues do not do this car until someone saw her and called her on the train.She did not want to do things other people do not want to.    Her character makes me respect, we have to respect each other’s exchanges with each other for the principle, never said a word too far.But even more I respected her for her talent, she educated family, childhood love of ancient poetry, many ancient poems she can recite such as flow, and know the author and the source, talk to me, she was often cited by those just right with the ancient poetry, whom I feel ashamed.She wrote poetry often makes me appreciate.    In my mind, she is a very admirable and respected Cymbidium.Lan of high moral character and very warm, have a friend like this, fresh and warm friendship, respect the friendship, friendship was more distant.