Spring home untouched.By chance I set foot on their homeland, to enjoy the beauty of springtime home.    My home is located in the Dabie Mountains in beautiful, every spring, the hills are very colorful, clear water and the clear mountain crescent, landscape color, water days with the King, picturesque, beautiful.    Enter into the mountains, the first thing that catches your eye azalea is spent.Azaleas can be regarded as a hero of the Dabie Mountains treasure.March warm winds, we can not wait azaleas in full bloom the bud, from afar, that piece, piles, red like fire, brilliant clouds; the last to see which clusters, one ulterior motives Johnson US-tall, bright dripping, so you can not help but have the desire to embark on touch.Every time, those mountains girls love flowers always come azalea hillside mining few of them bud, inserted into the container of a bottle of water, let austere boudoir filled spring.I do not know since when people found this gorgeous azaleas is stained with blood of the martyrs on, so this time of year, before the monument to the martyrs is the Hang flowers, azaleas people became martyrs presented, mourning the best expression.    Of course, say hometown treasures without mentioning the ravine Orchids.Home bluegrass generally grown in the valley Jianbian.When you walk in a small way, or linger at the top of the hill, mountain breeze will take you into a realm immersed.This is the charm of bluegrass, no its shape, it has its fragrance.So you have to go looking for it, along the direction of the wind, weeds poke the branches, a clump of green leaves in an elegant bluegrass being slim, flowers are brilliant, fragrant.”Flowers worthy to be straight off,” anyway hometown mountains bluegrass everywhere, afraid fold, Pa Zhipa roots poach.With the improvement of people’s living standards, gardening flowers has become a fashion, bluegrass has become a popular commodity on the market, rare species of orchids in the market price has more than million.In recent years the home mountain bluegrass are increasingly reduced, really Payouyitian in the beautiful mountains of bluegrass never see shadows, it will be how lonely and monotonous!(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) spring, the home also exceptionally chilly water.He came to the foot of the mountain, in the clear creek, you can not help but scooped cool springs, wash away into the mountains of toil.Water reflecting the blue Sky, trees and clumps of flowers, you swayed more spring-like smile.With the flow of water, those “scene” move up, more of a hazy sense of beauty, it is the result of a variety of scenery hybridity, make you dizzy, suspected in Wonderland.    There are many, many views hometown, a piece of green tea, and worked as a ladder seedling, peach, apricot, pear nestled in the corner of the red walls, make people feel comfortable and enjoy unlimited.    Come on, I sincerely invite friends from afar, these flowers are blooming in the garden outing a good time, come to my home town, the mountains together with us, to pick a Dabie Mountains in the spring.