On the plains, grass plump, flat Tan, easy to feed, is a good place to feed the cows.In particular, the green grass that grow out in the spring, will return for lucrative cow’s milk.    Cows heavyset, much larger than the head of buffalo.They are covered with a patchwork of black and white pattern, a herd of cows you can not find two identical pattern, Masato each with a different length of someone’s face.But they are a long pair of talking big eyes, a mouth drooling constantly, constantly swinging a thin tail.    Cows temperament gentle, honest.    A cow team, always very quiet, they are silently doing their own thing.Starting from the bullpen to pasture eating, you need to go through before the road reaches, and from the vehicles on the road will not be stopped.The driver sounded his horn light, Bulls will automatically step aside walk, both live in peace.    Hard to find winter forage, cows never complain.In addition to administering the master limited fine material, the wanted to fill huge belly, but also to go to find a large amount of ice and snow hay, such as: dry corn stalks, soybean skin, radish and other England.Early in the morning, at dawn, an orderly procession started.Older cows in front of the first to go, followed one after another, is not deserted, walked an elegant pace, walked slowly.Temperatures of around minus 15 degrees, while walking, the frost from the mouth, as long white beard; cold drawn eyelashes is also a white.They are a place to find food, all the cows are eager and work clinging to the snow, pulled, munching seemingly without the slightest taste of firewood has been chewed to dusk do not move house.By the time the cattle grazing filled belly, plump, beginning with cattle ranging master’s orders, rushed home head, tail red group, “moo!Moo!”Ready to go home.Wait a moment, looking back herd of cattle indifferent, then moo or two, marching.Other cows also will be one after another, calmly return.Before leaving, some not willing to cattle pulled a hay from the snow, walking in the mouth, chewing his mouth.Back to the bullpen, but also in order to sink to drink water, and then went into the own humble cowshed.At this time, people in one hand and a bucket in one hand and carrying a small bench, came around it.Half a meter long with a rope, one end of the right hind leg at its other end tied to the left leg near the poles to prevent the hind legs during milking person kicking.People sitting small stool, his hands hold its expansion nipple, squeeze pulled down.It stood silently, motionless, “rushing” flow of milk into the milk bucket.Gradually enlarged breasts empty, soft, smaller.    Cows do not know coddle yourself, is to give birth to cows as usual, like other cows, run around with the wind snow snow.    Once, in the winter cold, inadvertently cow calf production in the snow.People in order to keep alive this newborn calf, it carried back to the bullpen, warm place.Weakness calf’s mother lying in the snow for a very long time, and when she stood up Cancan, first of all not to find food to supplement the strength, but to find their children.She did not know where’s the effort, ran madly bullpen, that the momentum is unstoppable, no matter what other hurry to get out, otherwise, press the top of that mountain and smashed the momentum will take you.She ran side roar side, around the bullpen to play around, and finally in a warm place, found lying on hay calf.Immediately, its eyes filled with love, stretched out his long tongue “brush” drained of liquid water on the calf body.Mavericks become more clean and beautiful..    Newborn calf innocent eyes wide open, curious to see this new world.It is what we must learn to walk.I saw it, hind legs, front legs gradually rising.it is good!Just a few minutes, which go from lying to the process of actually completed.It threw to walk a few steps, and soon a steady and jumping merrily, like a naughty child.It can not identify the mother, this is the man obstructions (people in order to get milk cows, calves born separated from their mother, gave the Mavericks artificial breastfeeding.) Whenever you see a person’s shadow, it will catch up with, he kept head to arch the body, mount you, close to you, mouth to find food.Small Banpen milk, under the guidance of people’s fingers, obediently sucking milk in bowl.So, a month or two, the calf weaned, start eating grass.    Hard working cows.An adult cow lactation peak of the day can produce under forty kilograms of milk.White, fragrant milk is poured into the bucket of milk, milk processing plants sent directly Baishangguitai, every household.Cows no complaints, silently allowed to occur for each program.It is still with his tongue constantly licking his mouth and nose with a slender tail kept slapping the sides of the body.    Oh!Thanks to the natural and human cows!