Before coming to Jinan, Daming Lake lotus know, I think of one day to see them all.    Actually speaking misery, because I am a northerner, and traveled very little, so that an age yet to notice any witness lotus.So I came to Jinan, and my heart has long been the view of the planned Daming Lake charge.    The earliest to see the Daming Lake charge is early spring, the weather is still cold, reed friends actually took me to the pond.Standing alongside the water’s edge, we look to the flat wide surface of the water, white gas mixing, a vast.Some charge stalk water Cunxu high, dense stubble stubble covered with water, everywhere desolate.Reed said, so June and July you come, when the pond full of lotus open to all, and we go to the Netherlands and frog.    I did so too and, in May went up, and actually went twice interval.Beginning to see the “Lotus Just Buds” The Song poetic, across such a large green pond swing gently toss the water, open sporadically so several flower lotus leaf, a little money as.My heart was suddenly ecstasy.    When I turned to go second, lotus pond becomes large, changed much, a picture of soft lazily laying in the water, such as a disk-like light, but still a little more than water charge.After hanging around the pond, and looked around to look, I took a few pictures, full tours of the Lake of water, extremely disappointed away.    In June, I live in the south, side of the mountain door.Most south of dry land, no less Lake River, Xinfu impetuous impatient with, such as day and night side of the mountain wall.Thus, while people living in the south, the heart actually has Qiannian long for Daming Lake.Often think that the lake lotus pond full of it?Pond flowers open in the end it did not open?    Bitter wait until July, thought to myself, this time to go, and that Lotus must be open, then do not, oh, who do not season.Etc. Once over the quarter, but said that Lotus will drop down to the lake when the wind up to on a clean sweep, they can isolate remaining light pole, the petals are no.    In July, the rainy season came to Jinan City, outside days of rain, humid air abnormal human mind is also affected by the tide.Want to wait the storm, good pay close attention to see flowers, can not cooperate partial God, look within one week weather forecast actually have rain.So I picked out a rain stop gap, with the umbrella, they decided to go Daming Lake.    Rain temporarily away, shining through the clouds go, cast a cloud on the ground shadow line.Really rare to have such weather, heat is pressed down for the time being, one can enjoy the cool.    In the lake, there is a back-water pavilion, called “Yao pavilion”.In early spring, I worked with reeds sat there for a long time, do not speak to each other, people who are not looking at the trees sprout, silently guarding spring.Today, the reed-ridden affairs can not come, but there are a few visitors took the lead accounted for position, lying nap on a bench kiosk.I looked back, the phase of the edge of the woods lying in a large smooth stone, then sit there and eat something.When turned to look, there is a charge Youshou distant, misty smoke green, round leaves ManDangDang, the pond is full, it can be looked less than a flower, so a bit disappointed, I could not help but sigh.I thought, come early.    I did not look away charge, but that a write-up, straight forward walk along the water’s edge, a lower charge to see.This time a lotus pond, there are a few positive based crane enjoy playing in the water retort bright wings, crane around the leaves have a club to support them, they are high in elongation of the water, the pool is full of emerald leaves and tender in the middle of a few leaves have an unexpected charge stems sticking out, like a arm, holding the top of his head trembling slightly hanging a solitary white lotus, as big as a bowl, flowers have full bloom, petals white as snow.See this scene, reminiscent of the costume ladies, a white arm care raised a crystal clear lotus lamp.It felt, one word: United States.Since the days of thin overcast, sunlight retreat, leaves a full charge in a dark shadow in the deep, green water was gushing very deep, strong gratifying, that leaves just like a piece of jade disc.    Crane Crane pond is false, is vivid few stone.In May, while a bird standing on stilts above the water of the body, such as Cold Stone, head note for a long time, motionless, thinking that this time it will not lie to me, is a sculpture, but that the bird was suddenly in front of you screwed neck face, and then continue to practice qigong static.The human heart can not help but chuckle, thinking that this is really real ones, in order to really mess fake.That was actually one kind of transfixed pile head station of waterfowl.In July, waterfowl that they are nothing but flew away, one has not seen, maybe to where to go next generation of breeding base nest.    And then further to go, it is not far from a pond, pond bigger party than before.The Dutch regard the whole pond stature to pull together enough to actually how much one person, Zhang properly leaves are round stays in the air, constitute a ride, became a green tent, and indeed there are dozens of bars Zhuangzhuang pink buds spread out, quite out of the water from the leaf into the gap where their heads, like a pond full discussion of related, went so far as there is no flower blooming flowers.Look at those bud, you will think, much like cheering crowd of fists high above his head, the ears can only hear the cry of a sensitive poet to a pool of charge, which sounds noisy in a quiet scholar’s heart, and then like a Zhang leaves slowly surfaced.See this pond bearing human and sigh came early, and he kept to regret if a few days ago, a moment think they will have opened, Lotus Qin brain.It also seems to feel the full pond with a bud was killing savings potential, it is a full draw the bow string bang and then cut off the momentum of its potential sharp and startling.Although static scenes pleasant to the eye, may actually is a dynamic hidden.    Next to the mouth of the pond, pond flower finally opened, but there were only so thirty-five are cracked mouth to sing, but also a pool of pink lotus.Which has a flower fade, the rest of the branches of a lovely lotus, crooked neck, became a shower nozzle.    Finally, on one end of the pond to stop, through Long Beach, go to the pavilion, and then sat on the wind blowing Lake break open pond.This is the biggest party of the pond, lotus pond is full, no one can still bloom, no one Guduo stand, Mi hope is all-green leaves, that leaves too full, almost airtight, full pond water color disappeared.There are a few ups and downs dragonfly fly between the leaves, the body is black and white dragonfly A country has never seen before, very big, but they fly quite light and flexible.Hear frogs, frog has not seen the shadow, lying pond hook head to look, but not frogs, but I saw pond scum stains.Lake has a lot of cicadas, they see a little trace in stealth lush tall trees ahead, holding the world called creak wow, that sounds very loud, passionate summer tune suona.    Here, this place on the very feeling Jinan, dragonfly black and white body, there are gray magpie, which in my experience can be accumulated in both claim to be a new species.Also because there are Daming Lake, there are charges, I can not help but love the Jinan.