A city, can be a little heavy history, and then can precipitate a little culture, this city is a blessing.For example Shuyang.Tan Son from the country two thousand years ago, when the county to the East China Sea before the Han, to the north of Huai Wen Zhou Jianqing six years to change the date Shuyang County, Shuyang left a lot of historical monuments and cultural heritage, in the years to stay flooded river in, and looking for people to pay their last respects.    However, there is a history of Forgetfulness.Especially after gone through the trials of war, and many once brag as indestructible construction, are likely to be wiped out in an instant, not to mention other?As for memory, there will always be blank when after all, is not easy to think of reduction.So, a city, if you really want to not be forgotten, also need to have such a place, you can record history, history can be reproduced.This place can be all-inclusive, involving all levels of society and political and economic history, such as museums; may also be a focus on a particular field, for professional-oriented exhibitions such as science museums, art galleries, etc..    However Shuyang has been the lack of such a place.Perhaps pace in recent years, excessive focus on economic development, Shuyang for the construction of culture is clearly far behind the urbanization process.A huge county, nearly two million people, not even a gentile like the art museum are not to say that this is a pity.Especially after the village was awarded the title of Chinese calligraphy in Shuyang, this regret has become increasingly concerned about the pain each Shuyang city’s cultural development of heart.Say the influence of a country, a city, in the final analysis depends on the cultural influence, however, on the economic development track speeding Shuyang, but because less steeped in culture, as if lost soul of this ancient city in northern Jiangsu.    Fortunately, he lost Shuyang eventually regained self.Years ago, I had the pleasure to invite Mr. Wang Hao Shuyang Museum’s first curator, art galleries Speaking operational soon, asked me to visit.All of a sudden heart can not help but jump for joy, reminding us of scenes a dream come true for many years.    As the county “second five” key cultural projects, but also the county government for the tangible things for the project, Shuyang Museum covers an area of 13 acres, a total construction area of 11,000 square meters, a total investment of 100 million yuan.Such a scale, the county art museum can be hard to find par.But I really like, is that the distinctive design.    I humbly believe a museum of design, if not fully demonstrated her artistry, the inevitable is a failed design.It is commendable that Shuyang art museum itself is a work of art.This order ink, paper, printed in black, white and red colors as a building element to build buildings, both were well looked heavy, see also elegant, its majestic, magnificent potential, just some outstanding works of art Art Nouveau reflect.It should be said, this is a Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements encounter in the long river of time, the designers in the architectural style fully absorbed form of Chinese painting and calligraphy pens, ink, paper, water, ink, India and other carriers, texture as a form of performance elements to the actual situation of Chinese painting and calligraphy, weight, density, composition relationship open and close, everything is like the layout of architectural space.This rather traditional Chinese-style layout and use of color, into the simple and stylish design language, this is the moment belongs to Art Space presents classical Chinese aesthetic Sentiment to.    Walk in this very traditional qualities of modern ethnic courtyard, Chinese-style taste of the roadway connecting different single building, the venue is still visible between the gurgling water, so that the whole building heavy and yet light and agile, and no shortage of dignified lively, if exposure to a huge volume of ink, ethereal and pleasant mood.    Best of all, when the number of YunTing.The main building is located in the red light hall, Yang visual blue sky, people achieve intimate contact with nature, return to life the most authentic state.During walking, way back here and be able to meet a number of like-minded persons, or ink brush, or warble Feng Song, though not Lanting repair Xi, but it can effect pipa, is also regarded as one of life’s great blessing.Alternatively, the designer beginning of the heart is to be seen as art galleries men of letters gathered here now?    Entering the galleries, look at the scenery is not the purpose of this trip.As a painting and calligraphy lovers, attracted me the most natural is on display in the exhibition hall of each painting and calligraphy works.By Jiangsu Shuyang Calligraphers Association and the People’s Government jointly organized the “Shu water Lanting.Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award-winning book Invitation Exhibition “brings together members of the Bureau of Jiangsu Province Calligraphers Association, and the National Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award-winning book house 123 masterpieces, real grass scribe seal, different style pen, excellent work atmosphere, a splendid sight.Fine chemicals slowly reward, each Danjue works or rigorous flying, sharp flying, or magnificent, Yi Qi chic.The creation, both follow the traditional brushwork, see also personal style, between dot-dash gives new meaning to the art of calligraphy, pen and ink Smart demonstrates the true meaning of art.    Chinese calligraphy has a reputation as a land of Shuyang, it can be described as well known for painting.Shuyang art museum featured some of the works on display from Shuyang membership of painting and calligraphy works donated to showcase creations Shuyang painter stage.Because often gains prizes in calligraphy Lanting Award, calligraphy even discovered the phenomenon of Shuyang Shuyang calligraphers’ works from not go into details.Painting alone, it is crafted meticulous, neat delicate, subtle at lucidity; God freehand places their appearance, mood pursuit, like in between is not focussed on the edge thereof like.Pieces of work, shape or color to plants, rare good feather, ink rhyme or mountains, Lam stream.Between admiration, a lot of people in front drawing heart in the middle picture pleasure.    Hovering in the hall, enjoy the unique charm of art, the whole ink Dan, who painted the exhibition style, cloud Zhang Fang Han, filling calligraphers effort.The tour comes to an end, my heart still feel something more to say, between the suddenly could not help feeling Heart: Tong Yang has a good point, Yake both hands Ying.Endure watching time go, Dan live alone.This has art galleries, Shuyang misfortune, Shuyang People’s misfortune.