There is a celebrity Jiao Yang Yun [Yun] Han Dynasty, his father was prime minister at the time of Emperor Han Zhao Yang Chang and his mother was the daughter of literary historian Sima Qian.He received a good education at an early age, when North Korea became a minor celebrity when.Han Xuan when Khodorkovsky (Huoguang Zi Sun, this time Huo Guang dead) rebellion, the first report to Emperor Xuan Yang Yun.Hou was closed after the flat pass, then do Langguan in-court in person, bribery extreme wind Chi, rich people bribe money available, often outside play; no money to bribe people, even in a year without a day off.Yang Yun for the Zhongshan Lang, they then get rid of all these ills, lower-ranking officials have praised his honesty.But he was a wunderkind, but also credit, have given rise to complacency, and the results Taipu Evergreen (Evergreen is XuanDi old friends, most have to trust) occurred comments.On one occasion, Yang Yun heard people say Han Hun drop Chanyu Hun leader was killed, Yang Yun he said: encountered such a bad king, his ministers he intends to give good governance strategies without the himself lost his life in vain, just as when the king of Qin Dynasty, as a special trust villain, killing loyal ministers, the results of the country’s death.If it was not so Qin Dynasty, the country may now exist.Since ancient times kings are trusted villain, I really like the same hill as raccoon produced, there is no difference ah!In this way, Yang Yun was deposed.Since ancient times, kings courage to change, the speaker can not believe greedy few people, Yang Yun only be removed from office, is a lesser evil.Birds of a feather idiom story tells us that a man can not have a small idea of collectivism, but can not get together children dedicated to spreading rumors, much ado about nothing, and deliberately make things difficult for people.Before Han: Yang Yun Chuan original is ancient and the present, such as birds of a feather.Qiu, soil Fu also high four sides, low central mound; raccoon, sound together, commonly known as tree raccoon, fox seemed small, brown hair, deep and warm slippery, do Pipao.Then people will be extended to two sentences birds of a feather proverb, similar to Ciyu no difference, like a raccoon on the same hill where the growth of the same body are the same.This idiom in the application, is used to describe negative things, even to describe the negative things; talk about containing a disdain and mocking tone.For example, say a group of people dedicated to spreading rumors, much ado about nothing, and deliberately make things difficult for people, None of them are good, you can say: these things are birds of a feather, how it is a good man![Birds of a feather] yìqiūzhīhé Hill: soil Hill.Raccoon: Music Box, kind of like a fox beast.A soil mountains raccoon.Metaphor with each other ugly class, there is no difference.derogatory term.

Beijing time: March 23, 8: 19-April 17: 21 on fifteen. the first water inversion of the year occurred in Aries. What should babies of the twelve constellations pay attention to during this water inversion?? Let’s take a look.   Aries needs to pay attention to physical health and mental exhaustion or self-expression disorders. It is easy to be attacked and framed by small people in interpersonal communication, which leads to falling into the right and wrong that have nothing to do with you..   Taurus should pay attention to relax properly during the period of adverse water flow. Taurus is prone to mental tension, poor sleep quality and insomnia. Health needs to pay special attention to prevent oral and respiratory hygiene, vulnerable to bacterial infection.   Gemini’s social misfortunes may lead to inevitable conflicts between you and your friends. Gemini is vulnerable to backstabbing and difficult to communicate with customers, relatives and friends. Gemini’s relationship with your partner will face emotional crisis..   Cancer’s current water rebellion may bring you some unnecessary troubles in your work, such as the following: leaders misunderstand you, or colleagues are jealous, etc., improper words may lead to wrong words in public, and reputation damage in high-end occasions such as social intercourse, etc..   Leo needs to pay special attention to the way you get along with your partner emotionally. If you are short-tempered, you may get into an argument with your partner due to water stress. Travel should be carefully guarded wallet and passport documents, easy to lose; The progress of some lions in their work is easily blocked..   Virgo talks a lot and you may bring your personality into full play in this adverse water event.. The old things that have passed for a long time may be turned out by you. At work, it is easy to find colleagues’ dissatisfaction with you and leaders’ misunderstanding of you due to being too picky. Financial aspects are prone to debt crises..   Libra Blume Blume In Love Libra should pay special attention to keep a certain safe distance from the opposite sex during the period of water inversion, otherwise it is easy to have unnecessary violent conflicts with partners, which will lead to emotional breakdown. Some weighers have difficulty in traveling, and there may be accidents and lawsuits in cooperation with customers..   Scorpio Internet workers in Scorpio should pay special attention to the timely filing of products such as Digital Camera during the current flood. There are accidents such as power failure or malfunction. Try to talk less among people. Silence is golden..   Sagittarius Blume Blume In Love Sagittarius is prone to emotional crisis or love triangle caused by interference from his mistress or predecessor. Archers who are engaged in editing should be careful of the possibility of being demoted due to a big loophole in the copywriting..   Capricorn cement should pay special attention to the regular maintenance of household appliances during the period, which is prone to damage of household appliances or circuit failure. In addition, special attention should be paid to the health of the elderly at home. It is easy to encounter customer default in work..   Aquarius This time around, you should be careful not to talk too fast with your classmates or friends. It is easy to be misunderstood or encounter “yenta” spreading rumors everywhere. Traffic failure, traffic police ticketing or congestion may occur in travel. Emotionally, one should pay attention to the way one gets along with one’s partner and pay attention to the social situation of one’s partner, which is prone to minor interference..   Pisces should pay special attention to the thoughts of friends around him this time, and there may be people with bad intentions. Pay attention to reasonable planning of money. Don’t trust other people’s words and invest or borrow money rashly. It is easy to be cheated or the investment income is not good, resulting in the loss of money.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Just last night, “Negotiator”, starring Yang Mi and Huang Zidao, who are extremely popular and have high color values, started broadcasting on Hunan Satellite TV! In a brand-new trailer of “love and judgment”, it shows the unexpected intersection of polarized life concepts and a world that is totally different from each other.. It can be seen from the flowers that this will be a pair of CP who do not love rancor and are simply “Mars hitting the earth”. In combination with the declaration on the poster that was slightly exposed by the government before, “I want to break your rational rule and I want to correct your human sex life”, it is not hard to imagine that the ratings of “Negotiator” will rise rapidly. Having said so much, can we know who are the stars in the 12 constellations who do not agree with each other?? Let’s take a look at TOP1: Scorpio vs Leo!!! If this is the case with Constellation Pairing, it can be described as “two tigers in one mountain” ~ scorpions with high self-esteem and domineering and stubborn lions are really rare to have loving feelings.. Scorpio with strong personality is hard to accept a guy who thinks he is king, and lion is basically a somewhat selfish constellation. everything is self-centered. how can Scorpio stand the embarrassing scene of scorpio whispering all day long ~ especially when he speaks sour and thinks he is “break wind”. therefore, they often encounter the embarrassing scene of “looking at each other not pleasing to the eye and trying to be the boss”.   TOP2: Virgo vs. Aries If you are Virgo and the other half is Aries, your combination is the opposite type. Virgo, who demands high from others, and Aries, who has always been generous and open-minded, are simply two extremes. With some nervousness, you often think Aries is reckless and seems to have no mind, and so is the competitive Aries, who always likes to wander leisurely in front of virgins.. However, despite their love for each other’s rancor as soon as they met, from the bottom of their hearts, inside envies each other ~ TOP3: Aquarius cares for most of Cancer’s family members, and always talks about their family members. I think everyone is very familiar with their homesickness and characteristics. The bottle, on the other hand, they like a romantic and romantic life and pay attention to spiritual abundance.. One side is emotional while the other side is rational. How do you look at it, you also know that there may not be a perfect result.. Therefore, when Aquarius falls in love with Cancer, it is like Mars hitting the earth. It is very difficult for such a relationship to enter marriage.

Story REVIEW: “Old Sudan” is the “Green Fairy” in a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm collection compiled.The main story say is: have a dog, it is very old, not going to put it to its owner killed.Wolf helped the dog, the dog owner began well, but the wolf once said he was the owner of the sheep to eat, very loyal dog did not agree, after this incident they are not good friends, and finally the dog with a cat talk to wolves and wild boar duel, wild boar and wolves that cat’s tail is a sword, wolf scared he went to the tree, wild boar hide in the trees, saw wild boar cats exposed in one ear, that a rat, it crossed the bite of a wild boar pain cry, wild boar and wolf told the cat in a tree, cats and dogs to look up, to see the wolf, and the wolf was later corrected the mistake, they are also good friends.Story Body: Once there was a farmer had a faithful dog called Sultan.Sudan had grown old, even teeth out over.One day the farmer and his wife standing in front of the house door, said: Tomorrow I intend to shoot Old Sultan, because it has no use.But his wife said: Please put the poor dog stay here, it is our many years of loyal service, we should continue to support it in its lifetime in.Shepherd says she retorted: can we keep doing what it can for us?It is not a tooth in his mouth, the thief will not care about him.You are quite right, it really done a lot of things for us, but it is the way to make a living, we do not have ill-treated it that way!It is now like this, kill it better tomorrow.Poor Sudan lying on their side not far, it is the shepherd and his wife are listening to such words of dialogue, think tomorrow is the end of it, it is very afraid.In the evening, it went to live in the forest where the wolf friends, his own things to tell it, that he’s ready to master it tomorrow To Kill.Wolf listened and said: First, you do not panic, I’ll give you a good idea.Your master morning will be with their children every day to work in the fields, which you know.When they work, they will put the child in the shade under the fence.You lie down near the child, make childcare the way, I ran out of the woods from the child ran off, you have to pretend like I’m trying to catch up, and I pretend to panic off the child escape.Then you can put the kids to take home.After this trouble, your hosts will be very grateful to you to save their children, they will leave you to continue to support you.This approach is very much appreciated dog.The next morning, they are according to plan, the wolf had just ran off with the child not run far, the shepherd and his wife cried in panic.At this time, the old Sudan, struggling to jump up and chase the wolf, the wolf will soon catch up, and to help its master and mistress save the poor little guy.I saw the child safe and sound, shepherd patted the head of Sudan, said: Sudan old, you rescued from the wolf mouth of our children, I will not be scrapping for you, but also a good feed you to eat more of Hello thing.Then he turned to his wife: go!Go home, old Sudan to cook delicious, my old cushions make it to the nest to sleep, let a little better life.Since then, Sudan has finally got his wish, and lived a life much favored host family.Soon, the wolf visited him in Sudan, and it said: my good friend, now you should also do me a favor, and I have not eaten a meal, and please eat your catch you in my master’s Sheep when, head tone in the past, but did not see when.Sultan said: I will not, I have to be loyal to my master.After listening to the wolf, but thought it was a joke to talk about, do not deal with the matter seriously.At night, it came to a good meal ready to take away the sheep, but Sudan to attempt to tell the owner of the wolf.Owners hiding behind the door of the sheepfold, waiting for the arrival of the wolf.Wolf later, when it was busy looking for the owner and other sheep, a lose hit a ball in its back, even back hair fell off a big pinch, Wolf fled in panic.Endure this stick, wolf very angry, it is called Sudan’s an old bastard, he vowed to retaliate.The next morning the wolf sent the boar to challenge, to go into the forest to Sudan to fight the way to solve things between them.At the moment, Sudan in addition to the lame foot cat with only three legs, could not find the second helper, it had to call on a cat and it went.This poor cat limping walking very inconvenient, so put the tail upward with pain.Wolf and wild boar on the road waiting to Sudan, when they find each other, far from seeing the cat erected in the air that long tail, thought it was a cat to help Sudan brought a knife duel.Cats go up a lame, lame they thought that each time it was picking up a stone to throw at them is to prepare the.See this situation, they both frightened them, hanging back, said the best duel canceled for good.Then, wild boar hurried into the underbrush, the wolf jumped up a tree.Sudan and cats soon went over, looked look, very strange how come they have not.However, this time the boar has not completely hide his own good, its ears are also in the leaves, just gently shaking the occasion of its ears, cat noticed something in the bushes shaking, I thought it was a mice, jumped up and rushed up, but also biting and scratching is.Wild boar can not stand, it is called a jump, while escape, while loudly exclaimed: Look at the trees, sitting on top of it is you’re looking to head.Sudan and cat together looked to the trees, see the wolf was sitting on a branch, they call it a coward, allowed it down.Wolf very ashamed, he promised to make peace and Sofan, so that it became a good friend and old Sudan.Story About the author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Brothers Grimm fairy tale collectors in Germany, language and culture researcher.Because two similar interests, similar experience, cooperative research linguistics, collecting and collating folk fairy tales and legends, it said the Brothers Grimm.They Nao ha more than a child born in a family of jurists, with the school in Kassel, with studied law at Marburg, and then work with the library in Kassel, 1830 also served as professor of the University of G?ttingen.In mid-1837 to protest any king Hanover undermine the Constitution, with five other professors have been removed from the professorship together.1840 Ren Bolin Academy of Sciences, professor at the University of Berlin, until they died.Brothers Grimm wide range of interests, covered a wide range of.1812 to 1815, they collected more “child and family’s Fairy Tales” was published.The book laid the body Grimm Fairy Tales fascinating narrative, and the world of children’s literature since the 19th century had a profound impact.Story book review: This story made us understand, in fact, a mistake is not terrible, it is important to be able to mistakes and wrongs.Like this story of the wolf, although it thought the owner of the sheep dog should eat a good friend, but in the effort to prevent the dog, ultimately unsuccessful.Although because of this, the wolf and the dog has a lot of contradictions, but ultimately wolf or understand his mistake and corrected, she changed back to true friendship.The same is true in our lives, in order to achieve Zhicuojiugai forgive myself to be able to continue to make progress.

Mid-Tang Dynasty, there was a famous poet Meng Jiao.He was born poor, small studious, very talented.However, his career has been very smooth, from young to middle-aged, several scholars to participate in the first exam fall.Although he was destitute, and even their families are too poor to feed, but he was upright disposition, refused to go door to powerful.He was determined to study hard, with their genuine talent, the door opened to a career.Tang Zhenyuan in thirteen years, Meng Jiao and Beijing to attend an examination test, this time, he was in the highest imperial examination, Meng Jiao was very happy.He put on new clothes, tie the ribbon flowers, riding a tall horse, enjoy sightseeing in the city of Chang’an.Beijing beautiful scenery him praise, High School Scholars joy makes him extremely proud.So he wrote “Davydenko after” this famous poem: former small-minded irregular insufficient boast, now Kuang swing grace knows no boundaries; too proud Horseshoe disease, Chang spent every day to see.

We always choose one or two movies to watch during the National Day holiday to relax our tense life.. The hottest thing in this year’s National Day is “Mural Wall”, which depicts many fairies in inside, one more beautiful than the other, and each fairy has her own personality.. So who do you like best? Through this, you can see your outlook on love and life..   We are also always in the “Mural Wall” inside accordingly, looking for their own position.   Which fairy do you like best in Mural Wall?   1、. Peony 2,. Peony 3,. Yunmei 4,. Bamboo 5,. Auntie’s test results are as follows: Paeonia lactiflora: You are a gentle and considerate person with elegant demeanor, rich feelings and understanding. However, I dare not hate or love love, and I lack too much confidence in love. I am always very passive to accept the arrangement given to you by heaven.. And in your heart, career is more important than love. You can sacrifice your love for your own career or the career of your lover..   Peony’s following content: choosing peony shows that you are a very brave person. you have the courage to pursue not only life but also love. even if you don’t belong to yourself, you can let go gracefully. you are a person worthy of admiration..   Cui Zhu’s content is as follows: You are an optimistic person, thinking only about happy things every day, worrying things as if you never think much, just because your goal in life is to live happily every day.. He is also a person who attaches great importance to his friends and is very suitable for being friends..   Yunmei’s content is as follows: You are a person with rich feelings, and you need others to comfort and protect you very much. Your heart is quite fragile, making people seem to have the impulse to protect you.. But also to love more see for a long time, must be experienced people.   Auntie’s following content: You are a person who is afraid of falling in love. Perhaps you have been hurt. It is difficult to get in touch with a new relationship. Moreover, you are very jealous. You can’t see others being happier than yourself. You know that you are wrong. Even you hate yourself, but you just like to pretend to be very happy and happy.. I have always believed that if you give, you will get something in return.. (The following contents of First Constellation Network: Water Blue Tears) Original articles of First Constellation Network, please indicate the source and link to the first page of First Constellation Network (www. d1xz. net)

“Dapeng is soaring up to 90,000 miles with the wind,” and the recent hit drama “Rising Up”, starring Ethan Juan and Yang Mi, continued to top the ratings list as soon as it was launched.. Today, following the minor editing, let’s analyze the constellation characters of the main characters in “soaring”.   Virgo-It is well known that Virgo has a delicate mind and works steadily and reliably.. When he was still a slave in Xuan Youbu, he was always naughty, but after being taught by Uncle week, he always cheekily coaxed Uncle week to be happy.. Because a kind virgin knows that those who care about her do all this for her good..   Virgo has a warm-hearted willingness to help others, and is the constellation that can best help friends and keep secrets.. In the play, Fu Sheng promised Zhangsun Wuji not to expose his true identity, so he did not mention Zhangsun Wuji even if he was to be sent to a place without thoughts..   A virgin will not complain about sacrificing herself to the person she loves.. In the play, she risked her life to go to the forbidden area to find medicine, but only for a pet pig..   Scorpio-ChangSunWuji The ChangSunWuji of Scorpio in the play is affectionate and invincible. They met and fell in love with Meng Whirlwind on Xuanyuan Mountain. They joined forces to quell the usurpation of Taiyuan Acupoint’s regent, the invasion of the Promised Kingdom by the South, the change of the German royal palace, and the alliance with Dreadwind’s fierce king and Beiye to regain the kingship, revealing the story of Xuanji Acupoint’s daughter.. The crowd accompanied him to the skies to compete with the ancient Things Emperor with flesh and blood. After many trials and tribulations, he finally broke the skies plot, beheaded all kinds of evil poisons, and guarded Wuzhou Antai.. The soaring love and endless love will eventually come to a good end..   Scorpio’s deep feeling carries with it some predestination of past lives. They believe that predestination will lead to three generations, and they can always recognize the person they are destined to in the vast sea of people. From then on, they will depend on each other and remain deeply attached to each other..   Capricorn-Battle of Beiye Dreadwind Wang Lie and Beiye have Capricorn’s passion for career. They treat colleagues and career with clear goals and decisive judgment, while not losing kindness.. The appearance is one person one horse, already Thunderstruck; I thought this bully must be cold in his heart, but he didn’t kill him directly in the face of those who betrayed him and treated him with kindness.. In the face of love, Zhan Beiye is a typical Capricorn male. As soon as he saw Meng Whirlwind, he recognized her as Jamilia. The throne, life and dignity can be given with both hands without any hesitation..   Capricorn’s battle with Beiye has no regrets in his life. He is the most dazzling among men in inside. In love with inside, he and the world’s best Meng Whirlwind have experienced each other’s brightest years. He has treated each other with sincerity and has no regrets in his life.. He said: “I am willing to spend my whole life with you.”. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The recently concluded “Creation 101” finally started its career in rocket girls, and the little sister in the program have their own unique style. The program has been loved by the public since its broadcast. Both the controversial Yang Chaoyue and the handsome yamy have attracted the attention of the audience.. So who is the most attractive constellation representative among the girls of one hundred and one?   First place: Aquarius representative: Xuanyi Wu, What a Girl Wants film, Xuanyi Wu is probably the treasure girl in every boy’s heart, and it is the kind that does not accept refutation.. In the competition, Xuanyi Wu was asked which place she wanted to be. She answered first, but in the end she was third. Xuanyi Wu did not hesitate in this embarrassing situation, and rushed to her position happily with a coquetry.. Pure personality, informal, like a child, this is the characteristics of Aquarius woman. While most boys enjoy taking care of their sweetheart, it is easy to arouse their desire for protection when meeting such a pure and kind girl. The pure feeling of Aquarius woman can definitely choose the hearts of boys..   Second place is the following: Cancer representative: Lai Meiyun, who is called “Station B Chingmy Yau” by Lai Meiyun, is still very popular with everyone though she was severely criticized by director Jing Wang. Her indomitable sense of stability is fully reflected in her.. When asked about her height, she only replied, “I’m 2.6 meters tall, and I don’t accept refutation”. It not only makes people feel that she is strong in pressure resistance, but also that her own sense of stability is enough to support her in the tough competition.. This is also the place where everyone loves cancer women..   Third place is the following: Aries representative: Rainbow, an Aries woman from Rainbow, was chosen crazily because she said, “I won’t go home again to string chicken feet”. However, she didn’t just rely on the inner expression of “honest and frank” to catch a straight man’s heart.. Aries has the sweetest smile, with rainbow-like eyes.. Especially able to infect people; Her smile is just like Spirit Bomb(Genki dama)’s. Even if you are full of pressure, seeing her will melt in her smile inside, so which boy do you think doesn’t want to have such a girl?? Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

REVIEW story: “Seven Swabians”, one of the Brothers Grimm tale.About seven Swabians wade story.”Grimm’s Fairy Tales” produced in the early nineteenth century by the famous German linguist, Jager?Green and William?Brothers Grimm collection, collation, the finished German folk literature.It is a classic fairy tale world, since its inception, in a wide range of influence around the world.Brothers Grimm with its rich imagination, beautiful language to the children the story of a magical and romantic fairy tale.In China, Japan, Taiwan also has stories “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” based on the creation of.The body of the story: There was once a seven Swabians live in one, they are Mr. Sier Ci, Jack force, horsepower, about Keli, Mishao Er, Hans and Veitli.Seven had decided to travel around the world seeking adventure, great deeds.But to road safety, the hands must have weapons, they believe it is best to build a strong long spear.After spear was built seven people arrested immediately Flanagan spear in his hand, lined up the team, the first row is the most daring and courageous Mr. Sier Ci, the other six are lined up, followed Veitli in the last row.They walked and walked, take a good long way from the village but there is a long way to their lodging, they had to spend the night in a hay stack.In a grassy field, a large beetle or big red bee flying from behind the bushes dusk, issued annoying buzzing sound.Mr. Sier Ci suffered a scare, and quickly put down the spear.Listen ah!Listen ah!He cried, God!I hear a drum.Jack force, followed by holding that spear, nose to smell a certain smell, something must have happened, I smell the smell of gunpowder and matches.When heard that Mr. Sier Ci tone turned around and ran, then quickly crossed the fence, he will skip after people finish hay rake aside the plow, rake handle bump on his face, walloped him.Aigo!Aigo!He cried, you hold me, I surrender!I surrender!The other six all jumped toward him, one over the other, screaming: you surrender, I surrender!If you surrender, I surrender!Finally, there is no enemy to put them tied up and taken away, they realize that they made a mistake, to let others know about it, lest someone joking laugh, they vowed to each other to keep confidential, or of course the matter to someone after a long time accidentally say out.So they walked on.They experienced the second hurdle than the first time a far cry.A few days later, they went into a wasteland, a hare was crouched in there in the sun, it stands ears, big eyes staring on sparkling.Seven people see terrible beasts gave scared, we will discuss how to do the most secure.Knowing that if they run away, feared that the monster would pursue them eat.So they say: We have to fight a dangerous battle bravely forward is half the success of.Seven people clutching spears, Mr. Sier Ci always want to hold the spear does not move, but came in last Veitli had become quite brave, I wanted to charge forward, murmuring: to all Swabian on behalf of the people bravely pediment, otherwise you get down like a cripple!But Hans knew how to say: I bet you’re one beautiful hunting you always falls on the last.Mishao Er said: no less, no less, that guy is simply a ghost.Turn about Keli, and he went on to say: if not a ghost, a ghost of the mother, or else the ghost of adoptive brothers.Marli had a good idea, he said Veitli: on the right, Veitli; on it, Veitli, there I grabbed a spear in the back.Veitli did not obey, so Jack Li said: Mr. Sier Ci This is the first, to know the glory belongs to the people rushed in the first.Mr. Most Housierci took courage, awe-inspiring and said: Let’s charges ahead, fight, to show our bravery and strength.So seven people together toward the beast.Mr. Sier Ci hands paddled Cross, pray for God’s help, but all to no avail, when he was getting closer enemy, sent his mouth in horror: oh!And a hoarse voice, painful voice, sounds awakened the hare, it shocked swiftly away.Mr. Sier Ci fled the battlefield to see her happily shouted: fast Behold, Veitli, fast Behold, the devil is just a hare.Then seven Swabians continued their adventure, the day they came Mose Lai River.This is a covered with moss, calm and deep river, small bridge on the water children, there are a lot of places to take a boat past.But seven Swabians did not know all this.They are directed at people who work across a fierce called and asked him how to past.Because the two sides distance, others can not understand their words, that person did not know they want to do, so he used his special soil swordsman saying: doing child?Gansha son?Mr. Sier Ci thought he said: wade.Because he ranked at the head, so the first step into the river.Soon he was stuck in the mud stand up, the river waves continued to hit him, his hat was blown to the other side.A frog just squatted beside the hat, cried: quack, quack, quack.The other six side to hear sounds, said: Oh, guys, Mr. Sier Ci calling us. If he can wade across, why can not we?So six people jumped into the water together, the results of all drowned.In this way a frog to the lives of all six group of Swabians do not have a home to live.Story book review: “Green Fairy” in the “seven Swabians” This story using humor, satire, funny, hyperbole, the serious and funny skillfully combined, seven Swabians themselves recognize made hero to save the world, the more come to the fate of a clown; they are serious about large beetles and hare, funny look ridiculous, so the reader can not help laughing, and laughing in his mouth feeling and seven Swabians how stupid but their grief was not just stupid, encountered a little difficulty everyone chooses to retreat, no one dared stepped forward to challenge this adventurous with their great deeds appear together on how ridiculous and absurd.

Whose real name is Wang Zhiqiang help, Luliang Linxian County papaya is Zhang Xiang Village, a young farmer.Played work, pull off the coal one day, he suddenly want to do a street vendor, selling all home-grown dates, walnuts, soybeans, millet, bitter herbs, potatoes, pasta and other specialty Luliang.But he is not the past that going from door to door peddler, but Taobao shop modern Shining.Let others know my village, my family, then my goods like Chinese New Year in mid-2006, in Beijing hit a six-year work of Wang and his wife to go home to help.North drift life of six years, leaving behind scenes of memory: Wang has done to help farmers market selling vegetables hawkers less sleep, worked as unskilled laborer on construction sites, the park’s white-collar workers to send over lunch, and fought urban guerrilla warfare, ran marketing, with rural people born foolish effort, dead grinding hard bound the bend Jin, Guo Shu won big chain stores cooperation results.He also held a capital lease, encountered Jufei cross around the neck with a knife robbery; eaten boss wage arrears, all burned up all night working days disappeared encountered let’s help realize Wang, from the countryside as a workers who want to gain a firm foothold in the city, hold up their own place in the world is not an easy task.On the other hand, there is room to home, the older the parents hope he can go home early.To be able to take care of their parents, Wang decided to go home to help.To leave Beijing, what to take along a good home?Son and daughter home to greet the day, Wang help parents scratching their heads, this kid is not doing with Beijing roast duck and other specialties with computers back then?Wang intends to help foregone, although Beijing in working life does not make a lot of money, but broaden their horizons, he found that the computer world is a good thing to communicate, if he really wanted to sell things through the computer, which is not also a sitting at home you opportunities to make money?This computer cost 4900 dollars to help Wang.Open shop for something, the family think he is drawing fresh, Scrapped, wife thought he might as well make money in the county with coal.Wife not to their own online shop, Wang help much deliberation, you will not let me do, I’ll try to sneak their first.This time, Wang help busy opened his first shop on Taobao registered a prosperous farm shop called the mountains, and officially open for business during the Olympic Games.How to make your own online shop highlights from thousands of Taobao shop out of it?Positioning of the most important.Wang to help find things to sell their most affordable native village, now city people emphasize the green nature, eat healthy.The farmhouse kinds of dates, walnuts, soybeans, millet, bitter herbs, potatoes, pasta and other Luliang specialty products are pollution-free, should be welcome.So Wang help the Taobao Home to hang out in the mountains prosperous farm shop plaque, set off by honesty shop, happy life quite a few eye-catching characters.Taobao my cattle, then I send surface mail.I Taobao poorest, as far as I in the village.Most slow surface mail, sundries my title next few doggerel in a full picture of the monkey soybeans.Treasurer recommended baby in a bar full of Luliang specialty of whole grains.All goods are able to see a photo of Wang to help a family of three on Wang to help in their own real locations, many photos.Wang helped shoot a lot of pictures hometown of customs, emitting a strong local flavor.Yellow River turned a corner here, here is the well-known Millennium town.You see the green one, is the date groves, the country’s famous beach on from here date.An old well in the summer with the well irrigated, irrigation.There grinding stone grinding, village paths, their own cave, covered in dried seaweed yard shade of his wife, the daughter play with peers while showing characteristics of the product, he will own simple life, warm homeland, a deep affection to show customers.Wang help think: I should let others know of the village, let others know my home, then they can understand me very well, like my goods.Wang help is not a liar?Sitting at home online can also become a way to get rich, not only changed the attitude of the family, folks are very envious.Busy, packed with Wang helped his father and shipping, wife and mother picking beans at home, said the weight, too late, even the relatives and neighbors also came obligation to help.Looking at the business is thriving, full of joy to help Wang.Not enough goods, he went to the village each household to acquire, we all find a way to make money.However, not long afterwards, blocking their minds began to appear, it was the Internet that help Wang is a liar.The problem is in the delivery.Wang help where Linxian County is located in the west of Luliang Mountain, located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, is an old revolutionary base areas, state-level poverty-stricken counties, because of poor roads throughout the county in addition to the post office made no other courier companies, courier and post office to send another price EMS relatively high, Wang help no alternative but to send surface mail to the customer.Surface mail is still very slow, generally 7-15 days to get to, often five or six days time to customers will not wait.Hubei is such a customer, over a week, to the goods or not, he began to complain of: that people express forty-five days to come, that you and other seven days ye not to do?Your heart is not red Bordeaux, is closing courier surface mail liar.Wang to help battered, unable to check the track surface mail, courier to send it, he had personally to the county post office to communicate his own hair wrapped goods accounted for half of Linxian, whether to send the courier business volume can be a bit of tariff concessions.However, due to national policies, will not work.Wang had to patiently help apologize, explain, do you still want to ask the other side to re-send.In fact, Wang helped encounter complaints and misunderstandings than this example, he is meticulous customer service.Some customers complained that: dates received, but there is no point packing.Hear this evaluation, Wang helped my heart kind of speechless sour.He felt wronged: I am a farmer, shop online, compared with the various conditions to be behind a number of city people.Just opened shop, because there is no suitable packaging, I can only find some vacated milk, drink boxes and the like, to wrap my product.Straight out of the box marked with tape, write the address.Everyone says I’m old-fashioned, this is not the way.Well now, with the vacuum sealer, later we can modernize the.Customers have to ask: Why is your family’s long beans and grains sold in supermarkets are round?Wang said to help: not the kind of soy beans, beans and genetically modified northeast of our rural areas are different Luliangshan.Soy here is an elongated, is artificially inoculated beans, characterized by full particles, many of the pulp is higher than the bean circle.Customers have praised me, my family beans refiner bars, and leftover slag bean flavor is particularly strong.It is precisely because of this simple pragmatic attitude, Wang not only help quell the storm liar, but also won the group after group of repeat customers.Rising sales, store credit from a drill to drill three and then to two credit crown credit, customers from puzzled to praise, let Wang to help warm heart.Is online spoof, anti into the Reds in February 2009, Wang decided to participate in Taobao help network business pioneer Grand Prix, published the theme of “computers, cameras, iron donkey, sundries, a network cable to string together, I’m network operators” post, spoke about his experience and hard work mentality.Illustrations, simple text, content really, Wang entries help out at home.Unexpectedly, the real text simple and honest looks peaceful Wang Gang cause brightest PS master’s attention, a series of theme Tatu brother Wang Gang PS picture in the horizon, Mop, Taobao and other major sites Forum widespread, intimate love version Wang Gang, beauty edition Wang Gang, Wang helped the new Year film version of the QQ chat even in the face of new, can be found Tatu brother figure to help Wang.Wang helped many users flocked to the shops, in the face of many customers leave a message, Wang help answer, busy to spare some time late in the evening of the same day to fill in the invoice.Completely unaware of his photos have been parodied, rapidly became popular on the Web.At first, Wang help is very strange to find him chatting Friends of Amoy lot more than usual, and later found that these customers are along the way got the spoof pictures.After seeing their funny appearance, Wang helped not angry.Spoof of celebrity stars are, ordinary people themselves is a spoof, too, it is impressive.Some customers for his grievance, an old customer to leave a message: Hello little help!Spoof see your post, the way you come to the store looked, I believe you need now is not comforting, now doing business as you are so solid, so the intentions of people is really very little to overcome so many difficulties is not easy, but now finally also get something in return, huh, huh!To see so many customers are you moved, I also infected the!Sincerely wish your business more prosperous!Wang spoof to help businesses bring a leap, to June 6, 2009, thousands of customers coming in, Wang had to suspend business for help, a few days before the order is processed.The good news is that he’s busy farm shop to the mountains I + I + village store format photographs, was named the year 2010 the first phase of one of the ten Taobao network business Pioneer Award, he was soon to Hangzhou to accept the award of.To recommend the latest information sauna