Her grandfather was a soldier, when she was just sensible, watching the pride of the grandfather handsome uniforms photos, to have such a grandfather particularly proud, determined to grow up and have to do a soldier.Middle School that year December 11, is the 18th birthday that day, she received a draft notice, came to the Second Artillery base, to become a Signal Corps.A year later, she was admitted to the Bethune Military Medical College.Due to the excellent performance, appearance and handsome features, coupled with the height advantage, in a military hospital internship, she received a notice: in mid-2009 to participate in the 60th anniversary of founding of new China National Day parade armed female side team training camp.It was the frosty midwinter, training ground on an abandoned airstrip, open spaces, without shelter block north wind blowing, like a sharp knife put in people’s face, hands, all of a sudden to draw a small hole opened countless.But she and her teammates got a day from late morning to warm the cold and windy and tough confrontation.Because of her outstanding performance, became a team leader, team leader did not say salute the action to be generous standard, stride pace to be accurate and correct, it must be issued only when a password resounding loud and clear, it becomes a real challenge.To this end, she went every day before dawn Dasha river, directed at the other side of the mountain river shouting password to echo through constantly correct their pronunciation.The results of her screaming with pain, can not eat, can not even drink water.But she did not flinch as the mountains across the river, like perseverance, so loud and penetrating quickly excel.For trained psychological well whatever happens will panic, they also practice hand grasping snakes, rats, spiders and other large.Catching snakes when she reached into the container, he was too nervous to not open eyes, but think of the military in relation to fearless!Her eyes wide open, deftly caught the snake out.Even snakes can catch, like other Tannangquwu!Summer surface temperatures up to 56 ℃, and she often let his teammates out of breath.But she is still the greatest strength training.The body began to protest, her long waist belt following a small boils, in order not to affect the training, although two days after the egg looks like a big, but she still does not tell the leaders, just casually buy some anti-inflammatory medicine to take.Later, swelling and pain so she can not sleep at night, she secretly went to the town of Shahe local hospital, after examination, the doctor asked her to immediate surgery.Until then, she had to tell leaders.To the military hospital, she said to the doctor: can not fail to have an operation?Doctors decided to implement her conservative treatment, she suddenly jumped for joy!This jump, as if to make her taller!Just dream about her again and again to bring everyone valiant walked Tiananmen Square, accept the party and state leaders to review when they suddenly notice: not as a leader!The reason is that these months of high-intensity training, her height and long 1.8 cm, so that she stand and two leader uncoordinated.In order not to occupy the position of other players, she declined to let her into the phalanx of leadership arrangements.Parade day, she as well as all good makeup, put on clothes and prepared by reading new boots, standing on Chang’an Avenue to cheer his comrades.When the players with impeccable understanding, dignified and generous temperament, gentle image of the valiant, leading the entire west side team successfully passed the Chinese table, she was moved to tears.Because the body grow taller, she missed the parade, after the end of training camp, because of her high quality full length, was sent to the PLA Xi’an Institute of communication studies.After graduation, she returned to Bethune Military Medical College students became captain.January 2014, she suddenly received a notice: a military honor guard to the interview.It turned out that at the concierge activities, the state should increase the female contingent in the armed forces honor guard.Beijing Military Region selected from 12,000 female soldiers, the final selection of the eight candidates, she is one of them.After a series of interviews and assessment, she finally selected a military honor guard, and became one female captain and retaining the standard-bearer.She was born in 1991 in Shandong Weifang Cheng Cheng.May 12, 2014, Cheng Cheng and her comrades ushered in the first concierge tasks: On President Xi Jinping welcomed the President of Turkmenistan to visit the ceremony, ceremonial 13 female players string together beautiful hair, dressed in a gown fit , distributed among the group flag and the Army, Navy, Air Force, the military services, along with the male guards of honor, the majestic martial music, their ritual action crisp, full Chinese women marvelous grace.In early March 2015, Cheng Cheng again received notice that she was identified as one of the 70th anniversary of the victory parade for the female side team leader republic war.September 3, Cheng Cheng leading players, valiant, out of the national prestige and military might, into the depths of the soul of the Chinese people and the people of the world can not be wrong tall, tough and sweat to continue to grow taller own ability, majestic and glorious will eventually be with you!