She always thought, and he was very nice ring, and high school students for three years, and was admitted to the same university.With his performance, can be admitted to prestigious universities, but he was too proud, and before the entrance also stay up late watching the World Cup, how can we avoid Mashiqianti.She was a little lucky to think, the first time to a strange place to study, but also there is a fellow companion, very good.Moreover, he will take care of it quite.In her eyes, he was a restless person, before vision is to become a football star, to the university, one after another cropped up as a writer, when ideas such as IT elite.After graduation can be, he only had a small sales.At that time, the work of most of the students were set down, a small role like clerks, clerk, salesman of the majority, she has been hesitant to her beauty and intelligence, really not willing to give in a monthly income of only one or two thousand of jobs.He invited her to eat duck fans, she advised, it is better to come to our company, we struggle together.She said with a smile, join us from school to university, it still is not my life with you?He embarrassed lived, buried fans Mengchi bowl, spicy profuse sweating.She does not like him askew embarrassed look, even affection have balked, and what age.Forced livelihoods, she gradually found a few job, but soon regarded boss fired.Later, she and another girl sharing a room, send your resume online every day, bored, QQ and friends to chat with, within the heart vaguely hope to meet magnate in the life.He sometimes also online, will take the initiative to ask her current situation, very concerned about the tone.Her mood is very low, but on the inside he needs more care and warmth, the words more cold and harsh, often take, then stabbed him, he does not say anything for a long time Yede.In fact, she is the heart of resentment, you do not have legs ran over to see me, why should the Internet nonsense.After a while, she was again the Internet, his picture is displayed as busy, and then later, altogether gloomy, missing shadow.Her heart has become more gloomy, plus find a job flow, and more irritable mood.Loneliness, helplessness, simply rely on online chat to pass the time every day, inadvertently know a man named Hua.China is a private owner, thirties, unmarried.She and China is to talk to, Chinese sweet talk made her very popular with.Know soon, she and Washington Mutual transfer photos, all praise for each other pretty good.China also opened a joke: read you, my Palaces Zinfandel no color are the.To be honest, every time China and wanton chat, she always felt that he could hear, every time to see his QQ, never online.Finally, she decided to accede to China to meet with.China to see, it really is a successful man style suits and ties, the Audi A6, as well as two hundred square meters of large housing.In China luxurious room, she took off her coat for China, tenderly, my dear, tiring journey, lived here, everything pack your satisfaction tonight.She instinctively back, and grabbed the bag that I still stay in a hotel bar.China Samsam say about it, he arranged for her a luxurious hotel.At night, she tossed and turned, he thought.If he has half of China take the initiative, she would have chosen him.She is not a vain girl, and never mind if he ate spicy drink at the roadside string bean curd, or even feel so very happy, but, over the years, he may be holding forth on the ideals of flux in front of her, not even a word of love said they do not export.Well, she can not help but sighed heavily.China once again asked her to move over to live, she said, think about it.Go back at night, she had a strong impulse: to give him a call, even if the last time.From the bag and pulled out the phone to look, there are more than a dozen missed calls, all his.There are three messages, but also his: how these days you do not have online?Your roommate girl said you were away, where have you been?How not answer my calls, speed call back.At this time, China phone also came and asked: Considering ready yet?She said to tell you the answer tomorrow.She stare at the wall clock, the second hand tick every moment, she kept repeating one who I love?At the time when the clock struck 12, she gave China back a message: I love that – he.Until then she came to understand that she and China, but is spiritual emptiness of the object with another consolation.When to see him again, he hugged her tightly, for fear that she ran away.He said, I love you from high school, you like Beckham I practiced football, you like I’m going to be a writer Eileen Chang, I want you like the Internet site, but I never love you courage.She cried and asked now how the courage?He said with a smile, not courage, I am afraid you have been cheated by the bad guys, in fact, every day I follow you online, just invisible, see you in two days without the Internet, I’m afraid you began to lose her smile through tears, He quips, oh, so you’re coming out.She thought he was far more than the Internet stealth, over the years, everything he did, not all secretly in love with his own silence.Perhaps, they say love is not necessarily love, but this love invisible, must be the most deep and sincere love.