We always choose one or two movies to watch during the National Day holiday to relax our tense life.. The hottest thing in this year’s National Day is “Mural Wall”, which depicts many fairies in inside, one more beautiful than the other, and each fairy has her own personality.. So who do you like best? Through this, you can see your outlook on love and life..   We are also always in the “Mural Wall” inside accordingly, looking for their own position.   Which fairy do you like best in Mural Wall?   1、. Peony 2,. Peony 3,. Yunmei 4,. Bamboo 5,. Auntie’s test results are as follows: Paeonia lactiflora: You are a gentle and considerate person with elegant demeanor, rich feelings and understanding. However, I dare not hate or love love, and I lack too much confidence in love. I am always very passive to accept the arrangement given to you by heaven.. And in your heart, career is more important than love. You can sacrifice your love for your own career or the career of your lover..   Peony’s following content: choosing peony shows that you are a very brave person. you have the courage to pursue not only life but also love. even if you don’t belong to yourself, you can let go gracefully. you are a person worthy of admiration..   Cui Zhu’s content is as follows: You are an optimistic person, thinking only about happy things every day, worrying things as if you never think much, just because your goal in life is to live happily every day.. He is also a person who attaches great importance to his friends and is very suitable for being friends..   Yunmei’s content is as follows: You are a person with rich feelings, and you need others to comfort and protect you very much. Your heart is quite fragile, making people seem to have the impulse to protect you.. But also to love more see for a long time, must be experienced people.   Auntie’s following content: You are a person who is afraid of falling in love. Perhaps you have been hurt. It is difficult to get in touch with a new relationship. Moreover, you are very jealous. You can’t see others being happier than yourself. You know that you are wrong. Even you hate yourself, but you just like to pretend to be very happy and happy.. I have always believed that if you give, you will get something in return.. (The following contents of First Constellation Network: Water Blue Tears) Original articles of First Constellation Network, please indicate the source and link to the first page of First Constellation Network (www. d1xz. net)