Mid-Tang Dynasty, there was a famous poet Meng Jiao.He was born poor, small studious, very talented.However, his career has been very smooth, from young to middle-aged, several scholars to participate in the first exam fall.Although he was destitute, and even their families are too poor to feed, but he was upright disposition, refused to go door to powerful.He was determined to study hard, with their genuine talent, the door opened to a career.Tang Zhenyuan in thirteen years, Meng Jiao and Beijing to attend an examination test, this time, he was in the highest imperial examination, Meng Jiao was very happy.He put on new clothes, tie the ribbon flowers, riding a tall horse, enjoy sightseeing in the city of Chang’an.Beijing beautiful scenery him praise, High School Scholars joy makes him extremely proud.So he wrote “Davydenko after” this famous poem: former small-minded irregular insufficient boast, now Kuang swing grace knows no boundaries; too proud Horseshoe disease, Chang spent every day to see.