Story REVIEW: “Old Sudan” is the “Green Fairy” in a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm collection compiled.The main story say is: have a dog, it is very old, not going to put it to its owner killed.Wolf helped the dog, the dog owner began well, but the wolf once said he was the owner of the sheep to eat, very loyal dog did not agree, after this incident they are not good friends, and finally the dog with a cat talk to wolves and wild boar duel, wild boar and wolves that cat’s tail is a sword, wolf scared he went to the tree, wild boar hide in the trees, saw wild boar cats exposed in one ear, that a rat, it crossed the bite of a wild boar pain cry, wild boar and wolf told the cat in a tree, cats and dogs to look up, to see the wolf, and the wolf was later corrected the mistake, they are also good friends.Story Body: Once there was a farmer had a faithful dog called Sultan.Sudan had grown old, even teeth out over.One day the farmer and his wife standing in front of the house door, said: Tomorrow I intend to shoot Old Sultan, because it has no use.But his wife said: Please put the poor dog stay here, it is our many years of loyal service, we should continue to support it in its lifetime in.Shepherd says she retorted: can we keep doing what it can for us?It is not a tooth in his mouth, the thief will not care about him.You are quite right, it really done a lot of things for us, but it is the way to make a living, we do not have ill-treated it that way!It is now like this, kill it better tomorrow.Poor Sudan lying on their side not far, it is the shepherd and his wife are listening to such words of dialogue, think tomorrow is the end of it, it is very afraid.In the evening, it went to live in the forest where the wolf friends, his own things to tell it, that he’s ready to master it tomorrow To Kill.Wolf listened and said: First, you do not panic, I’ll give you a good idea.Your master morning will be with their children every day to work in the fields, which you know.When they work, they will put the child in the shade under the fence.You lie down near the child, make childcare the way, I ran out of the woods from the child ran off, you have to pretend like I’m trying to catch up, and I pretend to panic off the child escape.Then you can put the kids to take home.After this trouble, your hosts will be very grateful to you to save their children, they will leave you to continue to support you.This approach is very much appreciated dog.The next morning, they are according to plan, the wolf had just ran off with the child not run far, the shepherd and his wife cried in panic.At this time, the old Sudan, struggling to jump up and chase the wolf, the wolf will soon catch up, and to help its master and mistress save the poor little guy.I saw the child safe and sound, shepherd patted the head of Sudan, said: Sudan old, you rescued from the wolf mouth of our children, I will not be scrapping for you, but also a good feed you to eat more of Hello thing.Then he turned to his wife: go!Go home, old Sudan to cook delicious, my old cushions make it to the nest to sleep, let a little better life.Since then, Sudan has finally got his wish, and lived a life much favored host family.Soon, the wolf visited him in Sudan, and it said: my good friend, now you should also do me a favor, and I have not eaten a meal, and please eat your catch you in my master’s Sheep when, head tone in the past, but did not see when.Sultan said: I will not, I have to be loyal to my master.After listening to the wolf, but thought it was a joke to talk about, do not deal with the matter seriously.At night, it came to a good meal ready to take away the sheep, but Sudan to attempt to tell the owner of the wolf.Owners hiding behind the door of the sheepfold, waiting for the arrival of the wolf.Wolf later, when it was busy looking for the owner and other sheep, a lose hit a ball in its back, even back hair fell off a big pinch, Wolf fled in panic.Endure this stick, wolf very angry, it is called Sudan’s an old bastard, he vowed to retaliate.The next morning the wolf sent the boar to challenge, to go into the forest to Sudan to fight the way to solve things between them.At the moment, Sudan in addition to the lame foot cat with only three legs, could not find the second helper, it had to call on a cat and it went.This poor cat limping walking very inconvenient, so put the tail upward with pain.Wolf and wild boar on the road waiting to Sudan, when they find each other, far from seeing the cat erected in the air that long tail, thought it was a cat to help Sudan brought a knife duel.Cats go up a lame, lame they thought that each time it was picking up a stone to throw at them is to prepare the.See this situation, they both frightened them, hanging back, said the best duel canceled for good.Then, wild boar hurried into the underbrush, the wolf jumped up a tree.Sudan and cats soon went over, looked look, very strange how come they have not.However, this time the boar has not completely hide his own good, its ears are also in the leaves, just gently shaking the occasion of its ears, cat noticed something in the bushes shaking, I thought it was a mice, jumped up and rushed up, but also biting and scratching is.Wild boar can not stand, it is called a jump, while escape, while loudly exclaimed: Look at the trees, sitting on top of it is you’re looking to head.Sudan and cat together looked to the trees, see the wolf was sitting on a branch, they call it a coward, allowed it down.Wolf very ashamed, he promised to make peace and Sofan, so that it became a good friend and old Sudan.Story About the author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Brothers Grimm fairy tale collectors in Germany, language and culture researcher.Because two similar interests, similar experience, cooperative research linguistics, collecting and collating folk fairy tales and legends, it said the Brothers Grimm.They Nao ha more than a child born in a family of jurists, with the school in Kassel, with studied law at Marburg, and then work with the library in Kassel, 1830 also served as professor of the University of G?ttingen.In mid-1837 to protest any king Hanover undermine the Constitution, with five other professors have been removed from the professorship together.1840 Ren Bolin Academy of Sciences, professor at the University of Berlin, until they died.Brothers Grimm wide range of interests, covered a wide range of.1812 to 1815, they collected more “child and family’s Fairy Tales” was published.The book laid the body Grimm Fairy Tales fascinating narrative, and the world of children’s literature since the 19th century had a profound impact.Story book review: This story made us understand, in fact, a mistake is not terrible, it is important to be able to mistakes and wrongs.Like this story of the wolf, although it thought the owner of the sheep dog should eat a good friend, but in the effort to prevent the dog, ultimately unsuccessful.Although because of this, the wolf and the dog has a lot of contradictions, but ultimately wolf or understand his mistake and corrected, she changed back to true friendship.The same is true in our lives, in order to achieve Zhicuojiugai forgive myself to be able to continue to make progress.