This is a rare ginger peach distressed cow pile, pile silly cow laughed: “Well.”
I heard that Jiang Yan Shi Tao also deliver meals to her, immediately also gas half to death, this awe-inspiring playing soul mate to her head came?She specifically asked to send?She really thought it was her servant girl?
Cattle stake is a good word Xiangqiu: “With my wife this body, emotional instability, offended the local brothers and sisters, I apologize for her, just her body double now, not really hungry, siblings understand about, help send about dinner, I remember human siblings.”
GEN This snorted; “nothing, just this once.”
Then, they put that installed a large meal of soup bowls and chopsticks, ginger peach house to go.
“time to eat.”Yan Shi snappily to put the dishes on the table, turned to go.
Ginger peach sitting on the kang, sarcastic remarks and said: “Do not bring me?I also want to pick up?”
GEN almost hopping: “Oh!Hello big breath, you think who you are?Sent you pretty good, do