Han Peng nodded, and some are not convinced and asked: “negotiations with the Government really want to pause?”
  ”Key contact with the Hsinchu Science Park, Singapore’s Temasek Holdings requirements stake over there, I do not like to participate in this first crocodile.Although they represent can be coordinated DBS Bank to provide loans, but it also shows that they have bigger ambitions!I do not want a controlling stake in the future fight with Temasek happen, after all, it is standing behind the Singapore Government!
  Chip packaging and testing is only testing the waters only, part fab Verses plans to also come to Asia, leaving only a few of the most advanced large-scale process plants in the US!Contact altogether while you play Verses negotiation, and he hoped Taiwan before the construction of a 3-inch fab.
  Originally I’m going to adjourn this plan, now simply to merge two plants construction plan, so a total investment of more than $ 40 million, may be more clout when negotiating with Taiwan!”Li Xuan said..
  Taiwan Semiconductor’s investment basis in fact better than Hong Kong and Singapore.Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute has been working on the past 2067 invested heavily in the semiconductor basic research, we have accumulated a large number of people.And the United States of Chinese semiconductor industry practitioners, a large part come from Taiwan, set up a management and entrepreneurship are willing to return to Taiwan