”.”Mama fan wearing face,” you say, it will be out of crab?”
  ”I was not any violations of law, I am talking about the history of real thing ah.”Lu seventy-one coughed down,” of course, to follow the mainstream thinking has always been in my life is the most important beliefs!”
  ”.”You really do best is giving itself a face ah.Holding a fan wearing now playing out of the lines, and turned back to the corner squatting.
  [Ha ha ha ha ha ha faith with me]
  [Face] daily ever since
  [On the eyes nonsense ability, I just served my little fairy]
  [My little fairy how so cute pinched?Like Kiss face ~ ~ ~ ~]
  [Fairies really be killing me]
  [Wearing fan is bad luck, ah, ah who is so damaged?]
  [Well, I also chose to wear complicated play Zhenfei]
  【me too.]
  [Brain supplement fan wearing a miscarriage screen, so I can eat a year]
  Good dirt in front of [.But I like ~ ~ ~ ~]
  [Rot women can first be quiet ah?]
  [Fairy female rot it is hardcore?]
  【I feel so too】
  [I think the fairy is not rot, but free only]
  【nice one