Lin-sheng like sucking a lollipop-like, there is no appetite to sucking shell crab legs, which is also immersed in the pain of the money confiscated.
  Ignorant winded to a sixties, watching Suzi Han silent to serve you and smiles: “Son Han ah, everyone says you are poor communication, I think really is so, but it is actually a good thing, not glib, is done practical people, how he has also been at the thought objects?”
  Zhou Yi Lan: “Yes ah.”
  Suzi Han stunned, then break apart chopsticks, for the ignorant: “The fate of this thing, can not say the.I ‘m kind of believe in fate, Ningquewulan, but certainly not met the likes miss, but also dedicated treasure.”
  Ignorant nod to the point, “Who is with you, you should be very happy now.”
  Suzi Han heard this, busy in front of the camera triumphantly chin, “the guy who did not hear?The teacher said, and I’m a good man.”
  Lin students “Puchi” laugh out loud.
  Everyone thought that the future is Suzi Han who said these words, only Lin-sheng knew he was said to care deeply about the safety assistant.
  Long Jingshan last time when the sub-Han brother also seems to have trouble and security assistant, holds many lessons Suzi Han look like this pleasant, two