But also understand is that they are found in the car deck, which two black Jaguar car license plate number of his own license plate number, if not their license plate number, cell door access control system is not recognition does not automatically open the door.
  That is to say, there are two cars in which one is on the way back, where there is no monitoring equipment replaced the fake license plates to apply, put on his real license plate.
  So, whether this person is the traditional Chinese medicine, or the little stars, it is absolutely not a simple guy, careful thought not ordinary people.

Chapter 135 promotion

  Su Ching final decision, the thing is to look into the small star, because she really can not give yourself a reason to check a very famous Chinese medicine in the days mirage.
  In this regard, Chen diving is naturally no opinion, the two men he suspected, but no doubt.
  Let him not doubt that either the Chinese or the little stars, all of them with nothing to do, no need to harm.
  Unless it is contradictory and that nine people, so that harm to nine, Bi Ying is followed by bad luck?
  That nine people.Chen diving can not believe that nine people dare to offend a VIPs are afraid to offend the doctor, also do not understand how that nine people may have an intersection and a small star.
  So it’s all too strange a.
  A second-tier