Busy time, Xing evening she did not reply, did not feel anything, now busy working for a recall, it was found two days a lot of people have not talked to a.
  Got on a plane, before shutting down, and finally glanced at her cell phone, mobile phone or quiet.
  After ten hours, the plane landed.
  Middle turn a machine, it is a bit tired after the plane, but at the front of the beautiful city vibrant, but also very excited.
  To set a good hotel room, long micro Sim lay down their luggage, took out the charger to charge the phone, then boot.
  Boot music, mobile restore quiet, no unread messages.
  In addition to the ranks because she had no other women, so she lived alone room, luggage aside, she do not bother to clean up after Xu Xianglin knocking at the door, to see her lying in bed Tingshi, are not funny.
  ”They want to go to eat, you hungry?go together.”
  After dinner, it was suggested: “The district has about five hundred meters away from the bands here tonight, surrounded by many entertainment places you go or not?”
  Guys who are able-bodied,