Relied on height, Cheng Dong volley from behind, pulled out a small bottle of hand drunkard, puzzled and asked: “fast sleep, you drink so much?No, you do not brush your teeth yet?”
  XIA away guiltily holding her large milk glass, touched his nose, do not speak.
  Cheng winter to see her like this, increasingly feel strange, going to confiscate small alcoholic red wine Milk Cup.
  XIA away on the side to let him confiscated.
  Jiji grinding mill tugging back and forth for a long time, Cheng was a look of silent winter to thoroughly understand, she wanted her own drunk.
  ”Otherwise, how to do that thing.”XIA flushed away angrily,” Anyway, you want to turn on the lights, it is impossible.You want me to hold back not to cry, that is impossible!”
  Holding the girlfriend sleep?Cheng late winter, does not know how much fight to roll back in this sweet torment in the.Back and forth all crashed out midway.It is said the trick is to not worry about her crying, severely heart on the line.
  Cheng Dong think this is too difficult for him.
  But Cheng also wine winter still refused to XIA away: “This cup down, you do not five minutes