Zhou Zhou before retreat into the spiritual matrix polymer, from Talisman stars out of secondary school, Xu Xu translucent body floating in the air, a pair of big round eyes blinked and looked at Ann Wei Zhen, opened his mouth, and some tough opening: “I want to stay in there long ah?”

His voice also milk and milk sound of gas, because not used to talking all the time and some off, if another ordinary girl here, estimated Zhou Zhou Meng also be a very tough battle, but unfortunately, here is the only safe Zhen.

An Wei Zhen completely calm at him, looking cool without a trace of emotion in general, “see you good luck.”

“Another is to look at my good fortune?”Zhou Zhou Du Qizui, facing Safety Only Zhen shouted,” I’m hungry.”

The CD contains Zhen threw an aura of jade pieces.

Zhou Zhou squinted, looked at general Siyu Yan Zhen Wei An, roll Sapo said: “I do not eat this, I want to eat good food.”

An Wei Zhen Zhou Zhou sit and watch is not very handy Caesar