Ginger Peach directly down from the kang, Yan Shi pointed nose scolded: “Do not think I do not know how you’re behind schedule I, to say nothing bad all day, you do not look at what you are born Ni Tuizi , I also dare ratio?!”
Yan Shi Nu Ji anti-laugh: “That is what you came ah?What a background like me do not you married into the cow house?He became a Ni Tuizi?Your sister to marry well, that’s good your sister’s life, there are fart with your relationship, really I thought he was not a Pretty Woman became a princess?Nor fear of being ridiculed!”
Ginger Peach chest dramatic ups and downs, Jiang Jiang Chu Chu, Chu is ginger!It seems everyone wants to tell her that she was as good as Jiang Chu, Chu Jiang’s lucky she did not, in this life can only humble!Can clearly sisters, life can be worse off?
Ginger Peach sneer: “Then I’ll let you see me in the end there is no such lucky!”
Then, it suddenly hit in the past directed at the table.

Chapter 167 I take you as a wife, but you take me as a brother?

This ginger peach hit, direct hit on the belly