Her eyes look on the bright, “Do you want to return yet?!”
  He smiled silently “ah next month.”
  Sheng Qiao almost jumped up screaming, lying in bed almost two feet kicked up, “I have to crank up late!”
  Hum hum can finally end this painful love the exotic.
  Horch waiting for her excitement is over, it went on before, “Director Wang mentioned to me years later to bring the show to gold as the ginseng festival award, will give you a nomination for Best Actress.”
  Sheng Joe just think of the group log sister joke, repeatedly shook his head, “No, no, I will not do!”
  ”Just nominations.”He laughed,” Not necessarily could get, do not pressure.”
  Sheng Joe was a little relieved, asked him, “You will come back to shoot a movie Wang Dao yet?”
  He nodded “for the next trip, probably on into the group after New Year.”
  Once filming began, it estimates very busy, Sheng Joe counting down calculated that there are more than three months from the time the New Year, then they also can meet almost two months, hoping that time neither of They will be too busy.
  She finally understand why a lot of the circle of lovers break up, the reasons are together far more than the.In this way a few months old at six months are not together, not break up the strange.
  Woo, she will one day be Horch with the same reason for the breakup ah?
  Horch at the other end to see her forget