[] I love little fairy life after life
  [Mu Jin This should be able to score right?]
  I think it will [win] is wearing fan
  [Online gambling, are a bet Liu Liusheng]
  [Liu Liu whole quite natural, at least no surgery or injections is a spree]
  [Daily injections to maintain the beauty really can not see, no one knows]
  [Indeed, life seen an injection face, really I feel good ugly]
  [Fortunately, the artists are living in the lens, we can not see]
  [Front of the comfort that good sad ah, there is no really good-looking shots inside and outside of people do?]
  [Showbiz is still there, the lens is not so good-looking, but it is also nice]
  [Artists in the life of ordinary people thrown a few blocks pretty good]
  After you’ve seen [sprites Jurchen, you will know what is really good-looking]
  [Yes, the lens shoot out little fairy half as good as her own good-looking]
  [It seems fairies teammates could not help but come out]
  [23333, fairies say that after our teammates, teammates to spread the word]
  [Cute call ah, I want to be the fairy teammate]
  [In reality wanted to meet the fairies is simply impossible]
  Online commented that the excitement, the audience back lines are also very attentive.When is a break for a little while.
  Laugh when land seventy-one Look at the reviews to see, Lusi, handing me the phone, land that is home seventy-one