”No, I was wondering who the ghost is.”
  In a sense, the case of Zhou Yan Suxin character and quite like jade, can not figure out what she did not want the.
  Here is where its care, she wondered if anyone else has something, and.Who is the ghost in the end.
  ”Oh?Who do you think is?”This kidnapping to be successful, whenever there is a brain knows there must be the ghost, but Yang night a little curious, this person can not face reality.
  ”The Ghost at least two,” said Yan Suxin, listening to quiet down for a while, then eyes fell on a pole not far after, “then tried to kill my son is a man, there is a.People are hiding behind pillars.”
  She said the last part, the sound more freely light.
  In fact, she did not particularly angry, angry for what it?Disappointment came to a head, there is no need for the angry.
  ”Your own mother, you okay?”Seeing the Qinhuai An out from behind the pillar, Yan Suxin did not hold back and asked for such a sentence.
  Qinhuai An hesitated, confused eyes flashed: “What did you say?What biological mother?”
  ”You do not know?”If the mood in front of Yan Suxin fairly stable, where she heard of

  ”The incident afraid not enough strength, not get them to give up hope.”Du said Assistant.
  Shen Xiao eyebrow, taking a cigarette point, after pumping the two, only narrowed his eyes and said: “If so, then again the next strong medicine.”
  Shen Xiao waved his hand, said: “When this thing is not to talk about it, after all, is a risky move, can not to do.”
  Thought, he told Du assistant: “You go to check out the white Mu Qing He Liyuan Hui is what this woman is not a fool, and if she was coming down on us, and she blew the whistle with Liyuan Hui put the matter to let her having failed in the entertainment industry, and if it does not matter with us, do not ignore her.”
  Du assistant quickly nodded yes, th苏州桑拿网en added: “I have taken this information, sent early in the morning, before you let me check Miss dance class, incidentally, I checked the other.”
  Shen Xiao frown, snappily said: “You just can give me!Bring!”
  Du assistant handed him a file quickly, very aggrieved to think, he came in, he was asked Lai Shen Xiao grabbed things, never even mention the opportunity to other things, and it will say, it will not be too late.
  Du assistant, said: “The result of the survey, a bit strange, she did not miss on any dance classes, whether before or now, have not.”
  Shen Xiao squinting, then turned and began to read the information carefully.

Chapter 101
  In fact, much of the contents of that information, Shen Yu single life, two first-line, even if she usually check communicative, just a few words to.
  Can precisely because it北京桑拿 is too simple, it seems more suspicious.
  Shen Xiao quickly read two pages, is caught after a long silence, Du assistant dare disturb him, after passing quietly make way behind