Ruan Guohua born British Gas faces, even has several of the thirty, temples give birth to white hair, but conceal the body of the spirit, he lowered his voice, “to wife also should spend more!”
  No woman does not like a gift, and no woman can stand their loved ones to say words of love.
  Even Fang Xiulan and Ruan Guohua married almost ten years, but the feelings of the two remains the same.
  Fang Xiulan had to mouth the words blame, Ruan Guohua to be blocked a tightly, Spring House.
  Next morning, Nguyen rain get up, staring at Fang Xiulan looked good glances, how she felt up one night, the sound of their own mother looked a bit, especially the eye brow suffused with gentle water, really is not nice the.
  Nguyen stared to rain.
  Fang Xiulan gentle smile, put up in the morning to rain Dion eggs Zaotang pumping out privately and gave it to the girl, “to see what?”
  Nguyen rain grinned, “Mom look good!”Fang Xiulan facial features on the students of this good, oval face, big eyes, eyes a bit wrinkled, but this sort of wrinkles but added a bit feminine, plus Nguyen rain these 北京兔兔体验网days, intentionally or unintentionally, by manna to their own mother conditioning the body, so Fang Xiulan skin, even a little better than before.
  Early in the morning it was to praise their own daughter, Fang Xiulan give birth to a little embarrassed, she laughed a little, “I have a good long, my daughter also looks good!”This is the truth, and perhaps some time ago sick with fever, their own daughter suddenly sprout a lot of other people can not see it, but also to see if the mother does not change out of their own daughter.
  Nguyen rain smiling, “that is my parents who let a long good-looking!”The original body is lug advantage Ruan Guohua and Fang Xiulan to two long, the foundati