Xia Rendi Yimushixin北京体验网g been watching the memorial, on top of his many names are familiar, because these people, mostly he personally arrange for his baby son, did not think, actually became the final dagger into his.
  ”I have a good son, a good son ah!”Xia Rendi obviously laughing, eyes full of knives, he boomer, im杭州桑拿perial power in hand, but with no idea what to abdicate, he never expected that his good son, was actually tricks, began to prepare in advance.
  Snoop two brothers, but also when he did this thing, saying only that the other effort is too heavy, too careful, can glimpse into his head, how it may be able to?
  The day I die, Haier is the Prince!Now the Prince wants the emperor, the first step is to spy, the second step is not trying to kill him?Yes, it’s possible.
  ”Call of you minister to.”
  ”His Majesty.”Eunuch looked up, shivering, I do not know too much blood or too nervous, shaking badly.
  ”Zhenyao, waste Prince.”Prince, you too disappointed Fu Huang!

Chapter 87 (ancient) people around her are born again (XI)?(thirteen)
  Apart from living in Prince Orient House, two further minor Prince, w北京夜网e are living in a special field in the temple, in addition to school day, but also to the temple to visit their mother Princess.
  In fact, Prince dignitaries followed them, not what reason, after all, two younger brothers, are yet to towards age, how can I cultivate what forces, but he harbor ill feelings, always bear a grudge against the last generation of two Huangdi the passage of the upper three Huangdi fish in troubled waters, he suspected, they had towards the church holds many lessons began and collusion, after all, the mother of two princes are born Xuan, followed with read