But maybe destiny, this lucky hit, he sent to the dark Wei, not two days, we come to the report, the three princes actually, as he expected, began to Central with his uncle helped him outside the palace collecting talent, too, that’s right on, no wonder he was the last generation of waste that time, the third brother, immediately grasping time machine, stole a lot of power, but rather two Huangdi, it very well-深圳桑拿网behaved, did not do what others did not.
  As Xia Rendi that?He sent no thought from start to finish, at this time, Fu Huang also as a baby he does, as long as those formerly smooth end to end, how that does not annoy him, he was only waiting for his older, the processing of this process, will be able to take over a large bit logical, of course, if Fu Huang did not want to, that is another matter, of course, as long as the Fu Huang has been a good, it will not have anything.
  Prince is sitting in the Orient House, leaning against a chair, thinking about things, he recently, quite a ride horseshoe disease, good performance, is required in advance with Fu Huang, picking up the Ministry of living, water can be a lot before that in Gucheng Xiang , to come several posts, holds many lessons are firmly secured, a steady stream of future都市体验网 interest chain has takenMolding, he began to think, how to arrange themselves next to.
  Holds many lessons he was not under the ruthless hand, just waiting for a step by step, the ancient hardships, this has Xia Taizi fishing, he does not worry, what Kurtis, two princes, in this life, they can not step on his head.
  ”杭州桑拿His Royal Highness Prince.”Front of a small eunuchs are yelling, they are very careful, Prince early years, they frequently take these little eunuchs vent temper, wore what Apple blindfolded archery, shooting desperately poor; to fight each other like fighting cocks, died a to settle.Private palace early spread, this is