10 small stories, all of them refreshing, to say the very reasonable 10 small stories, all of them refreshing, to say the very reasonable!1 wife wanted her husband to go home early, so states: coming home late to lock the door at 11:00.Work the first week, second week and stay late husband, wife, according to the system locked the door, so my husband simply do not go home.Depressed wife, after adequate guidance, revised rule: do not go home before 23 o’clock, I’ll open the door to sleep.My husband was shocked, and since then time to go home.Seen the essence of the system is not mandatory, but rather pull on the interests of persons to be executed.2 chicken hen asked: Can not lay eggs, take me out to play this game?Hen said: No, I want to work!Chick said: But you’ve got so many eggs!Hen chicks eloquently said: One day an egg, knives step aside, do not lay eggs in January, a pressure cooker Satomi.It exists because you create value, is eliminated because you lose value.Value does not represent the future of the past, so the fight every day!3 Mr Tan mountain road driving, just as he leisurely enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sudden oncoming truck driver rolled down the window and shouted: Pig!Joe Smith grew more and more gas, but also roll down the window cursed: You’re a pig!Ma Wan Gang, he hit head pig herd crossing the road.Do not interpret other people’s good intentions wrongly, he would only make himself into trouble, and allow others to shame.Before know why, first learn to restrain emotions, patient observation, in order to avoid post-germinal remorse.4 bamboo with four years, only 3 cm long, but the fifth started at a rate of 30 cm per day grow wildly, only 6 weeks to grow to 15 m.In fact, in the previous four years, bamboo roots will extend hundreds of meters in the soil.Doing things is also true, do not worry about paying not return, because they are paid to take root, wait until the time is right, you will reach the top of the heap of others.5 husband came home from work, saw his wife beat his son, did not care for them.Went straight to the kitchen and saw a pot of cooked ravioli on a small low table, so a bowl to eat.After beating his son he saw his wife was still there, can not see passed, said: teach children to old can not use violence, to speak the truth Well!His wife said: good pot of ravioli, and he did a urine sprinkled into it, you say people do not irritating gas?Hearing her husband immediately said: wife you take a break, let me beat!Stay out, anyone can calm; wherein living, who can be calm and quiet.So please do not comment on any person, because you are not one of them.6 beggar: Can you give me a hundred bucks?Passers: I only eighty dollars.Beggar: Then you owe me twenty dollars now.Some people think that God owed him, that God gave of old enough, not good enough, greed has replaced the desire gratitude.7 drop of ink in a glass of water falls, discolored glass of water immediately, can not drink; a drop of ink melt into the ocean, the sea is still blue sea.why?Because the two are not the same magnanimous!Straight unfamiliar wheat spattered upwardly bulging, mature wheat bowed his head.why?Because the two are not the same weight!Forgiving others, it is magnanimous; humbled himself, is weight; together, is a person of quality.8 have a gold team walking in the desert, we all trudged, painful, only one person walked happily.People ask: Why are you so nice?He laughed and said: Because I took the least thing.The original happiness is very simple, with a little less on the line.9 a solid big lock hanging on the door, an iron went to great lengths, still unable to break it away.Key here, his thin body got into the keyhole, just gently a big lock on the “pop” to soon open.Irons surprised, and asked: “Why I took so much effort to be open, but you easily put it opens it?”Key said:” Because I know best his heart.”Everyone’s heart is like a locked door, then either you have thick iron pry open.Only care in order to transform itself into a delicate keys, enter the minds of others, understand others.10 old monk monk asked: If you are dead before further, take a step back it will die, how would you do?Monk did not hesitate to say: I’m going to step aside.A change of perspective, when confronted with the dilemma, we might understand: next to Lulu.Someone with a micro-channel chat, some people are learning in the micro letter, growth.Today, we recommend some high-quality micro-letters, you would like to be able to grow every day.How to Watch: Press the two-dimensional code, select the figure to identify the two-dimensional code concerns.Jews micro business sense signal: yt2080 ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.About attention: bring you a taste of the Jews is not the same money concept car Raiders knowledge Micro Signal: car6080 ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Description: I am concerned about equal attention to a car magazine!Scholarly Micro Signal: ssxw00 ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.Watch Introduction: tired?Very busy?All things being vented head.Leisure reading – let you release!Daily animation Micro Signal: xhjbxjj ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.Watch Description: Anime News provides daily animation, anime intelligence, comic books, library, online animation, music, and other rich content animation, anime fans, welcome attention!Global TV movie list Micro Signal: qqysdy ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Introduction: a classic, a joy, a movie, a TV drama, all in here!Elegant woman to teach you to be a micro signal: sscydb ▲ long by two-dimensional code recognition.Watch Description: beautiful is born; 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A year of bumping and bumping has passed again in a hurry. What has been harvested and what has not been harvested is no longer possible to go back, nor is it possible to go back. Time is really quicksand in his hand, losing from his own hands bit by bit and sinking into the desert bit by bit. At this moment, he has also begun to know how to taste his life. Although everything is sweet and sour, it is also worth me to savor the sadness and happiness in it..     The wind is uncertain, clouds are fickle, life is like duckweed, gathering and scattering is boundless, 100 years are too short, passing through Qian Fan, looking back suddenly, falling into the sky full of fragrance and full of sleeves, blooming flowers and falling flowers, both happiness and sorrow.. In the end, friends are still in love. Whether we have met or missed, there are always some people and things that we can’t forget. Every passer-by in our life, whether it be the edge of one side or the edge of words, always has something fixed in our impression. A blessing and a smile resolve the gap between people. Acquaintances are fate, and knowing each other is a blessing in life.     In real life, we should constantly remind ourselves: ” Who am I?”? What am I best at? Where is the boundary of my ability? ‘ lest I make irreversible mistakes in my future work and life. I want to be a real myself, live high’s style.     Since I took part in political work, writing articles is indispensable, and sending out articles is the ability to witness your work. At that time, the leader in charge of this field once said,’ When your writing becomes type, this is the best proof of your work. ‘ But when I cast in the newspaper that the unit values more, the manuscript I cast out is like a stone sink, while other people’s works are often reported. While mine have my articles in a media in other provinces for the basic period.. The same article has a difference between heaven and earth. Later, the unit colleague said, ” Did you send a gift? How do you have your articles in the session? You see XXX and the newspaper’s people are close friends, and his articles are published in the basic session?”. ‘ Not only do colleagues say so, but leaders also say, ” When you’re not busy at work, you also go to the newspaper and communicate with the newspaper’s people.”. ‘ once the leader asked me to go to the newspaper with him. After witnessing the current situation at that time, I felt that the article written in this way lost its original flavor and was not my favorite.     I can’t change the environment but I can change myself. I can’t change the facts but I can change my attitude. I can’t control others but I can control myself. I can’t predict tomorrow but I can control today. I can’t extend the length of life but I can decide the width of life.. I want to be a true self, not to measure myself by other people’s standards. Because, I am not another person, I will never reach the standards of others, nor do I want to reach them. Similarly, they will never meet my standards, nor do they want to meet them. The article written in that way only thinks that we should grasp the name and benefit. To make the original meaning of my writing an article go away, and from now on, I will not write an external manuscript without writing a pen..     The two greatest treasures of a person’s life are your talent and your time. More and more talents, but less and less time, our life can be said to be time in exchange for talent. If the day goes by, our time is short and our talent does not increase, it will be a waste of time.. Ten years of speaking for a long time is not long, speaking for a short time is not short, so in the twinkling of an eye, I read, meditate and write at home, which is my happiest and most thought of life, and have never written any articles from now on.. Sometimes, when I look back one day, I will see what I was like when I wrote my talk, microblog and blog for nothing else.. There are two ways to go in life, one must go, the other is to want to go, and the road must be beautiful before you can go the way you want to go.. After eight hours of work, my professional knowledge, my ability to earn money and eat, and my full support to become a social person have been determined.. The eight hours outside work can decide what kind of person I will become.     Everyone has to go through a period of loneliness, and every road has a period of loneliness. Loneliness is not aloof, not to mention lonely. People who have experienced loneliness are richer in thought and stronger in heart. No matter what kind of environment he is in, he can make himself better adjusted. In the face of gloomy environment, the closer life is to plain, the closer his heart is to gorgeous.. I like this inner splendor, not to make public, not too much, not formalism. Also finally realized, too hard too make public things, must be bluff. The inner peace is the real peace. It is cleaner, purer, fuller and closer to the place called soul..     I’m not good, but there was a silence behind me. During that time, it was a day when a lot of efforts were made to endure loneliness and loneliness without complaining or complaining, and even oneself could be moved when talking about it in the future.. There is one thing in the world that is more loyal to you than anything else. That is your experience. The days of your life, the people and things you encounter in them, the joys and sorrows, feelings and thoughts you have experienced as a result of these encounters, all belong to you only and cannot be transferred to anyone else, even your closest ones.. This is your most precious wealth, knowing those who dare to love, those who dare not love. Use your stomach to tolerate things that cannot be changed, use your courage to change things that may be changed, use your smile to treat things that happen around you, and use your wisdom to distinguish the above three things.    Every detail of life contains happiness, just whether you feel it or not. Let your happiness expand, inspire and influence the people around you. At first, after the netizens saw what I wrote, some reminded me to contribute to the website so that more people could enjoy my work.. The first article I cast on the website took part in another year’s Dragon Boat Festival Regulations.. I have always wanted to miss my mother with a special gift. This idea has been in my mind for a long time.. ‘ Time flies by, time flies by. No matter how charming the scenery is or how nostalgic it is, it will eventually become flat or even slowly forgotten.. However, there is an emotion that not only does not fade with the passage of time, but is more dignified. This is maternal love. I want to write an article about my mother, because my clumsy pen can’t write the weight of a mother’s love. I just want to leave special memories on special days. This is the first article I put on the Internet with a try attitude, but also out of the kindness of my friends..     Since the first article came into being, then the second article gradually came into being, and every three articles rekindled the original passion.. Sometimes I see other people’s articles published on the Internet, and I also imitate the writing style and write such articles. I always feel that they are not the type I like, and I feel very tired to write like this.. There are some roads that you will never find misguided without taking a few more steps forward. Only after a brave attempt can you know to return to the most appropriate position in due course. This is not cowardice.. On the contrary, admit your limitations, burn effectively in your personal limitations, do not pursue those illusory feelings, always keep a focused and positive attitude, constantly adjust your state of mind, write what you are moved by, and write what you are best at.     My hobby determines my direction and the way of life depends on taking it away step by step. What really protects me is my own choice.. And what really hurts me is the same, my own choice. What determines my life is not fate, but every choice I make. I choose to submit articles online, which has become a hobby for me at this stage, so I feel that my life is more full..     In life, in addition to happiness and pain, insipidity occupies most of our lives. Only 5 % of a person’s life is wonderful, only 5 % is painful, and the other 90 % is dull. People are often tempted by 5 % of the highlights, endure 5 % of the pain, and live in 90 % of the blandness.. It takes a lot of fortitude and patience to bear the blandness, which is like a cup of green tea and embellishes the peace and warmth of life.. In the plain life, we need to bear the light loneliness and loss, the lingering boredom and silence, and the waiting and helplessness for a long time to come.. The furthest distance in the world is not between heaven and earth, but the three familiar scarlet letters that I put into my website articles, one day, one week, one month, or ” unaudited”. The difference is that the same article passed the examination in a very short time on another website and gave a fair evaluation.. Holding the attitude of forgiving others to understand, in fact, what is forgiving is ourselves, understanding others, understanding others, and giving others a reason and space for survival, and my world will be even wider. After the sharpening of the world, some things have been looked down upon.. Looking pale is not not seeking progress, nor doing nothing, nor is it not pursuing nothing, but peace and tranquility, calm and peace, not liking things, not being sad, not being far away from the hubbub of the world, being closer to nature, and indifferent to it..     Life always makes us black and blue, but in the end, those injured places will definitely become our strongest places. You come, I embrace warmly. You go, I let go. I only love those who love me, because I don’t know how to love a person who doesn’t love me, and I don’t know where to start. If you love you, everything will be easy and you will be moved. If you don’t love you, how hard you try to move is futile. I can’t afford to love or not love me, nor can I afford to love my youth. My smile, my tears, my deep feeling, my young days are just for the person and things that I love and love me.     Time can be accumulated or wasted. I can become what kind of person I do with my time.. When talent can’t hold up ambition, then you should calm down and study. In the days to come, study hard, be humble and have a deep root so that you can flourish in the future.. I do not want to be compared with others, but I want to surpass myself, cry tears of excitement when I want to cry, and laugh at my growing character when I want to laugh.. We should try our best to be the kind of person we like, not complaining about, not laughing at or enviing, running in the sunshine, in the wind and rain, dreaming and taking our own road.! Life should learn to settle down, settle down experience, settle down mood and settle down oneself. I longed for the waves of fate, only to find out at the end that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calm and calm. I had hoped for the approval of the outside world. I didn’t know until the end that the world was my own and had nothing to do with others..     My life will never live up to me, those wrong turns, those wrong roads, those tears that shed, those sweat that dripped, those scars that left, all made me unique. The development of many things is doomed to an end, enjoy the beautiful process well, and when we pass by, we should learn to forget, laugh aloud, cry boldly, look up and see a bright sun, believing that time can change everything, and don’t let our tears fall into despair..     How long can you walk depends not on your feet, but on your ambition. The swan aims at Cangyu and the bird’s heart is under the eaves.. How high you can climb depends not on your body but on your will. The stronger you are, the braver you will be. The weaker you will be.. What can be done depends not on hands, but on wisdom, diligence, character and thought to create the future. How far you can see depends not on your eyes, but on your mind. Only when you can fit into the world will the world allow you.     Everyone has his own way of life, and there is no need to copy other people’s lives. Some people look beautiful on the surface but secretly do not know how many tears they shed. Some people seem to be in distress, but in fact they live a natural and unrestrained and happy life..Happiness has no standard answer and there is more than one way to be happy. Take back the envy of others and look back on your heart. The day you like is the best day. The way you like to live is the best way to live. I am willing to plunge deeply into life, suck up the marrow of life, live a solid and simple life, eliminate everything that doesn’t belong to life cleanly, and push life to its breaking point in the simplest and most basic form, simple, simple and simple. Some things can only stop at your lips and cover up the years until the wind disappears. Be true to yourself and follow your inner wishes. Let those who understand understand understand, let those who do not understand not understand, regardless of the time, regardless of gossip time. The ear rings Shi Fo Wang Wei’s year-old quatrain: ” I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds. I think, a man must have this kind of feeling, everyone will have to spend a period of time without help or support when he is really strong.. All things are supported by oneself, and all emotions are only known to oneself.     Being kind to others can make life go further. Be kind to yourself, you can make your life moist. No matter who is kind to, in fact, warmth is flowing, love is delaying, eventually, giving to others, Hui Ze himself. Some thoughts can only talk to themselves and some secrets can only be told to friends. Some of the pain can only be borne silently, and I still have to save myself. The real pain, no one can share with you, you can only change it from one shoulder to another.     One’s greatest joy is to meet a friend who knows you, appreciates you, supports you and accompanies you through the storm.. Wake up every day, face the sun, work hard and believe that the day will become simple and beautiful. As long as I have the courage to persevere. This kind of feeling is a questionnaire with no answer, struggling to go on will make life more complete. May leave a little regret, with a nostalgia, with a trace of sadness, will make this answer more meaningful and longer.     The end of the year followed the arrival of the year, which led to the end of the year.. Let’s put down our tired body and listen to this silent step. Those past cheers and tears, let them come to an end here. Happy new year.!     The lofty sentiments permeated the afternoon of December 26, 2013 in TWELVE

The octogenarian died of starvation after being abandoned by their children, and the remains have not yet been buried. Regulations This is a poignant report. Parents raise their children, shit a handful of urine, and say a’ tired’ word? From ” quack” landing to studying in college or even marrying and having children, they pay not only sweat and money, but also painstaking efforts and tears,,,,,, All Chinese families have a habit of letting their children go to higher education even if they smash pots and sell iron, but there are also boomers like xu feng, the hero of my grandson’s regulations, who will also think about whether the failure of education is their own problem while feeling deeply about it.?     A few days ago, I saw on TV a boss of Tianjin who took his mother to talk about business, whether in hype or real things, he had this heart and gratitude to his mother, and we all gave him thumbs up..     People who have been mothers and fathers, the love we have for our children, is the love our mothers and fathers had for us. We have to look at it in perspective. Now that our mothers and fathers are old, we have been travelling outside all the year round for work reasons. Which old people in the family have already prepared delicious food and drink and are looking forward to seeing their children home for a reunion year and pinching their fingers every day to count the day we return. Yes, we are now 30 years old and our parents are nearly 60 years old. Even if they live for 90 years and 30 years, we will accompany them at home every year.? Can we guarantee to go home for a month every year? Can parents guarantee to live to ninety?     Our parents raised us. We don’t say that we’re going to die for the old age, but we’re still fighting for the little so-called property they left behind. Even the big fight is still going on. Do we really lack the money like xu feng?? Can we really sit in the air-conditioned room waiting for the money earned by parents’ coolies? Yes, everyone in this society is short of money, but parents only have so much blood. How much do we have even if we suck it dry??     If parents are not allowed to bury their parents because of who should pay the funeral expenses, then such children are really the son of man, and we should revile them while denouncing them.!

Early in the morning, the sun just rose. The breeze slowly swept across the clear blue lake of Walden Lake, leaving ripples rippling slightly.. Thoreau came out of his cabin, lit a cigarette and looked at the rising sun and sparkling Walden Lake.. Large and tenacious boots trampled on the grass near Walden Lake.. He said to his dog, perhaps to himself, a blessing for the whole day during the morning walk.! A happy and happy smile appeared on his face, and his dog, perhaps a lion – haired dog, or a watchdog in the American countryside, or a stray dog, was running and jumping between the vast and beautiful Yuan Ye next to Walden Lake in the early morning sunshine.. While walking, Thoreau began to think deeply about life, fate, country and so on, and fell into the loneliness he created – I like to be alone, and I have never met a better partner than loneliness.! Thoreau said as he smoked.     A gentleman is cautious and independent. Thoreau refused to get married after spending two years in Walden with loneliness and books. In his lonely meditation, he felt the joy and happiness brought by solitude every moment.. He said that life is inherently worthless unless you choose and give it value. No place is happy unless you bring happiness to yourself! He also said that everyone is his own happy craftsman!     Where is happiness?? What is happiness?? When we are struggling to pursue and manage, have we ever found that what we get or what we choose is happiness? Happiness is nothing. Different people have different understanding and cognition of happiness. But Thoreau told us a pertinent and strange opinion: everyone is his own happy craftsman!     We can imagine our happiness as a stone that has not been carved. We plan his appearance in our hearts. We begin to carve it with our own hands. We like the happiness we like.. We can also imagine happiness as a piece of rice paper, on which we will draw the happiness we like and love.. We can also regard ourselves as an architect, and we slowly build our own happiness in our hearts… We can try our best to carve happiness with our own feelings and feelings, but what about the result?     What is our happiness after we have endured hardships, baptism of sweat and various carvings?     Thoreau said that as many diameters can be drawn through the center of the circle, there will be as many ways of life. Similarly, there will be many kinds of happiness!     So we saw different patterns of happiness: happiness can be a smile, a date, a nice dinner, a cup of wine, a reunion with family, a rich wealth and luxury life, selfishness, a long journey, a smile from someone you like, and the pain of looking at others.. Happiness varies from touch to touch!     Thoreau added that heaven is above us and under our feet. So happiness, in heaven or under our feet, whether happiness is smiling or crying lies in our own hearts: because we are our own happy craftsmen! Don’t live up to the power you have given yourself. We are the leading role in our life and in our pursuit of happiness.. And we know the happy result!

Not all stories need a good ending, just like the princess and prince in fairy tales.   Like you and me, I talked about you again when I talked to my friends today.   A lot and a lot are about me and you, our happy and smiling faces together.   Close your eyes when you go to bed, and countless scenes have been in your mind like tape rewinding..   Think of the first time you were drunk when we quarreled in the street. Think of your home improvement. Frogs scare you. Think of the ship we went to see together. Think of the story you told me about you and your first love. I think what you said in nonstandard English to me was happy. They said it was a human instinct. We call it’ seeking profit and avoiding harm’, so did you also forget the harm my love did to you?   After a long time, I have been unable to judge whether those scenes really existed, but there are always some pictures lingering in my head..   Two years later, I can’t forget you now, can I forget you later?   Sometimes I dream that you pass me by. In fact, I am afraid of dreaming about you. It feels like telling myself that I lost you again..

The rain trickled down for half a morning, and it didn’t begin to converge until the car entered the winding mountain path of Fushou Mountain.. I looked out of the window, and the blessed longevity hill in the misty rain and fog seemed like a veiled woman, shy, shy, pure, beautiful and graceful, and my heart felt somewhat anxious..     Although this is my first visit to Fushou Mountain, Fushou Mountain is well known to me, but I have not met it for a long time.. As early as the second half of last year, the Ming and Dongming brothers told me that Fushi Mountain Villa, the literary and artistic creation base in Hunan Province, is under construction and is expected to be completed by June and July 2006.. Before the Spring Festival, at the meeting of the presidium of the Writers’ Association, Chairman Dongming proposed that a literary writing session be held at Fushushan Literary Creation Base this year, and everyone agreed one after another.. Therefore, I have long been itching to go to Fushou Mountain in advance to see its mysterious and charming style.     Strange to say, when we arrived at Fushushan literary and artistic base in Fushushan at noon, the rain stopped suddenly and a few rays of sunshine were emitted from the misty mountains.. It was already one o’clock, and after sitting in the car for more than four hours, I was already hungry and had already waited in front of the door for our leaders such as Peng Dongming, deputy secretary of Pingjiang county party Committee and chairman of the city writers association, and Li minister of Pingjiang county party Committee propaganda department, to lead us directly into the restaurant..     Hunan’s literary and artistic creation base was built at an altitude of more than 1300 meters under the fukejian, ” fushishan” was inscribed by Li Rui, former vice minister of the organization department of the central Committee and a famous Chinese scholar. Mr Zhou lingzhao, a famous painter of Pingjiang nationality, also participated in the architectural design of the villa.. Fushi Villa takes stone and wood structure as its main body. Its architectural style is simple, natural, elegant and one integrated mass. Its unique architectural design makes our eyes shine. The villa is the first time to receive guests, so we are particularly lucky. Entering the villa is like entering a unique courtyard with wooden floors, doors and windows, wooden chairs, wooden stools, and even stair corridor handrails all made of pure wood, giving people a visual impact and aesthetic feeling of returning to simplicity and authenticity, freshness and naturalness.. Standing in the upstairs corridor, you can look up and enjoy a scene – the peak of fukefeng. Peak elevation of more than 1600 meters, that like a huge bucket stone roar proud sky, give a person the feeling of being born.     Seasons are already midsummer. I didn’t expect the climate to be as cool and pleasant as spring. After inquiry, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The highest temperature in the year is only 28 degrees. It is no wonder that the bed in the room is still covered with thick cotton wool.. Fushou Mountain is really a lucky place. Even the weather here seems spiritual. When we entered the room, the sky suddenly brightened, but after lunch, when we just lay down and rested, there was thunder and lightning outside, and pouring rain, causing the energy-saving lights in the room to crackle and burst into flames.. We originally agreed to see a canyon and waterfall at three o’clock, but the rain stopped before three o’clock. Under the guidance of Secretary Dongming, we walked along a winding path with umbrellas and rain washed clean mountain roads.. Sucking the fresh air after the rain, climbing the old wooden vines, they were sweating and panting before they knew it.. The scenery here is indeed picturesque, pleasing to the eye and fascinating to linger on. Up the canyon, it can be said that every step of the way is beautiful and beautiful.. The tangled thousand-year-old vines, grotesque and spiritual pieces of’ fairy stones’, are like like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade’s numerous waterfalls, as well as humorous folk stories, which are really vivid and have profound implications. They always inspire people to think. I think it is difficult to enjoy the beauty and beauty of this place after playing here for ten and a half days.!     The rain began to fall again, and the more it began to fall, the more dark it became.. We had to go back to Fushi Mountain Villa through the twilight. After dinner, everyone sat on the terrace in front of the villa and chatted all over the world. Chairman Peng Dongming suggested that we should perform a few programs on the stage with the steps. Artists from the Music Association and Dance Association were eager to try and dance with melodious songs, followed by applause and cheers. Ah, in the singing and dancing and the hilarious jokes of writers such as Duan Hua and Mei Shi, a night full of laughter and happiness passed unnoticed.. The night was already deep, and it seemed like a bit of coolness had hit me. The next day I was going to drift to Lianyun Mountain, and there was a World Cup football match at eleven o’clock. I had to go inside and add my clothes.. After lying in a gentle quilt, after watching a peak fight, I fell asleep. Although the wind and rain kept on at night, I had no dream all night .

Earth coloured glaze, devoted to falling heart, turns melancholy and makes the world warm. Holding hands with prosperity and simple heart.     Spring breeze slowly, the sun is shining, and the worries of February, such as pink, willow and green in spring, and the colorful world, are no longer gray from now on..     The corner of the heart, left a trace of melancholy. The life in the besieged city is monotonous and dull, but it is also plain and light. There is not much right and wrong, just like my mood at the moment, calm and cool.. The heart that occasionally wants to be released is also overwhelmed by the ruthlessness of life. Those pale expectations may become blurred with time as early as possible. Not don’t want to, not don’t read, just think less times, read a short time, slowly also as does not exist.     As wide as my heart is, I have as much desire as I can, but I only have to shrink my heart and shrink it again so that there won’t be too many thoughts. The heart is small and the heart is small, but this does not mean that I will give up pursuing and dreaming, but just pack them up and put them in my bags … Ah, the story of spring is expanding at the moment, like rattan in the jungle, slowly and slowly stretching my body to find the moisture of sunshine and rain.. However, deep inside, can you find what you want to pursue? Whether, at this time, she is also stirring.     Looking at the sky in the distance, my heart gradually flew away to my hometown thousands of miles away. The mountain scenery of that city is calling my soul. The mountains in the distance are full of new green, the scenery of the same color, the fragrance of the air, the fragrance of flowers everywhere. The songs of the birds, accompanied by the busy figure of the people, are drawn into a beautiful spring scenery picture.. Think much, throw yourself into your arms, smell your breath, and shout together with the mountains and rivers of the earth.     If I can stay with you for a long time, even if I have more spare time inside, I will be filled by you at this time. No matter how much sadness you have, you have also smoothed it out. No matter how much you don’t give up and miss, even the heart lost by the neon will be dragged back by you. What else can I not be satisfied with.     Hold hands, wandering heart was pulled back, think about it, even if the reality is merciless, as long as your heart is no longer wandering, everything in the world becomes simple, and the melancholy in the heart is no longer so miserable.. In the depths of the world, there will always be warm sun.     Holding hands and being prosperous and simple, I can do it. You can also do it.     Let’s give up those heavy worries, say goodbye to too many and too many worries, and start simply.   Let the broken heart no longer be lost … ah

[ Editor’s Note ]With the heart to look up at the moon, there will be leisure, romance and enjoyment of life.. This article narrates the truth of life in light language. Please also have a heart to look up to the moon.     Desire to wake up naturally in the morning after a rain, with green eyes and fine rain, Gui Xiang in the air is mixed with grass and earth.. This Mid – Autumn Festival is windy, rainy and moonless. In fact, it has long been known that Mr. Meteorology has expressed it more than once.. The Mid – Autumn Festival without the moon may be a disappointment for some people, but for me, it has a different feeling.. After dinner and walking along the mall in the neighborhood, the feeling I longed for came by unexpectedly. Those things, those people, and those flowers slowly emerged, filling my heart with silence, peace and contentment as soon as I remembered them..     Friends said that as long as you have the heart to look up at the moon, the first half of the first month is a good day.! That’s good! For a moment, I didn’t even believe that this Zen – filled remark came from someone who dealt with numbers all day long..     Looking up at the moon’s heart, I have. But most of the time, like most people, they are busy, pursuing hard and busy? What to pursue? I rarely ask myself, and I don’t necessarily know myself. In 2010, I was busy from spring to summer and then to autumn. I was too busy to read many books, write many words and ignore many things and people.. On the eve of the Mid – Autumn Festival, when I thought of sending greetings to friends and relatives, I first got a lot of care and blessings.. At that moment, in addition to joy and guilt in my heart.     It turns out that we can only walk out of sight but not out of caring heart for our loved ones, relatives and hometown.. The same is true of true friends. Sometimes, when we walk along the road, we break up, stop and get together again. But life is not so? There are good things between gathering and gathering, stop – and – go, good things between gathering and gathering, and true feelings in the clutch. There are always some good things and sincere things in the world that time and dust can’t escape.. Although it takes time to realize these things, I believe that you and I can both.     In this life, people will inevitably experience ups and downs, and life will bring a little coolness from time to time. As long as our hearts are empty and our hearts are light and happy, we will have the heart to look up at the moon.. With the heart of looking up at the moon, the rain and shine in our eyes will be a kind of beauty. Beauty can be supernatural or low in dust. Most of us don’t have beautiful faces, but each of us can have a heart of dust. When we can see ourselves as low as the dust, we can laugh at the time, wait for the wind and rain, watch the tide rise and fall, and our life will be more abundant and full because of the calm..     On the 16th of the evening, I watered my flowers and plants on the balcony and inadvertently looked up. I found the night sky in the city very quiet and occasionally saw a full moon and bright stars next to it.. Clouds keep coming. Sometimes they are just small pieces, but sometimes they are dense layers. It is not clear whether clouds pass through the moon or not.. To be sure, if there is no cloud, the month tonight must be very bright and bright, and the stars may be much more than they are now … ah, there is really no cloud, is this month still so delicious?? When it emerged from the thick clouds and smiled at each other with the little stars around it, I felt that it was at its best at this moment!     In this way, I stood on the balcony for a long time, looked for a long time, looked at it and remembered what my friend had said. I also accidentally received a photo of the moon from another friend in another country. The moon above me also brightened a lot.. Yes, as long as there is a grateful and contented heart, every day can be a good day! A bright moon can be seen every night.     However, how many people can slow down like this, stop looking up at the moon and looking down at the grass? How many people are willing to give up grudges and smile at one another?     Do you have that heart that looks up to the moon?[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]

Some say: The benevolent Leshan and the wise enjoy water. I was born stupid, but I just like water, especially the vast waters with surging atmosphere. Unfortunately, so far, I have not seen the sea with my own eyes. It’s true that when I was young, I used to cross rivers in small wooden boats and became a memory that I couldn’t forget in my life..     Because my grandmother lived across the river from us, my seven-year-old brother and I started a trip across the river without my parents during the winter vacation when I was just in grade one.. At that time, transportation was inconvenient and communication was even more inconvenient. What happened to my grandmother or mother was a message from an acquaintance.. It is more convenient for my mother to send a message to my grandmother than for my grandmother to send a message to my mother. Because grandma lives in yellow mud lake, where vegetables are mainly grown, people often take a boat from Li jiazhou to yueminglou to the dock to sell vegetables. Mother is easy to meet acquaintances when she takes to the streets, and when she is lucky, she can also meet a neighbor on the team.. The day we went to grandma’s house, we agreed with grandma in this way through a message..     On the day of departure, it was a bit dark, although the wind was not strong, but it was a bit chilly. We woke up early in the morning and told our mother to do it again and again. It was nothing but to be obedient and pay attention to safety and so on. We were excited and took what Niang said as a deaf ear, but promised it was loud and clear for fear that Mother would not give us the chance to change her mind.. It’s about seven or eight miles from our home to the Huangxi Bridge ferry, and my brother just ran to Huangxi Bridge step by step.. Arriving at the river bank, Niang pointed to a vague figure on the other side and said, ” Well, Mom is waiting on the other side.”. We jumped up and held our hands together to trumpet and shouted, ” Mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm – mmm.. ‘ I wish I could jump into the water. Huang Xi Bridge, a place called a ferry, actually has neither a dock nor a stone platform. It is a gentle slope stepped out day after day by people crossing the river and leads to a relatively gentle water edge.. The ferry’s Han Guo lives on a platform on the river slope. There were two or three people crouching in the sand and waiting to cross the river. Seeing our arrival, they shouted to a small house by the river, ” Han Da, the people are about the same, cross the river.”.     A gray-haired old man came slowly down the slope, and his mother rushed forward: Han Cheng, I am no longer a river, and my two children will trouble you.. Han Cheng took over the ship’s money from his mother: Don’t worry! Han Cheng put our brother and sister on the partition in the middle of the boat and smiled: Sit tight. Adults are sitting on the boaters on both sides. When the wind blows, the small wooden boat swings on both sides and the boaters cling to the surface of the water high and low, like a ladle for scooping water. As long as Han Guo changes pulp one second earlier or one second later, he may scoop water into the river.. I was so nervous that I was afraid that they would be thrown into the zijiang river if they could not sit still.. However, they talked leisurely about their daily life like nothing. Some of them asked, ” Han Da, if this is a storm, will the ship still be stable?”? Han Cheng smiled casually: ” Why do you have to rush across the river in a storm when the days are long?”? Han Cheng, have you ever had any trouble with this little wooden boat? The accident was all man – made. How could it have happened if the nearest river, paddling deep in the water and punting shallow in the water, did not take this wooden boat to hit somebody else’s big boat?? Han Cheng, you have spent so many years crossing, Mi Da’s eyes are passable. Killing pigs and beating tofu is not a good idea for the old master and shoring up a boat and crossing people. It’s a life of life and worth a lot of money. You can’t change it without changing it.. When the boat docked, Han Guo inserted the pole deep into the river sand, and the bow firmly leaned against the shoal. We got up and rushed toward grandma’s arms.. Han Cheng laughed: People kiss bones and smell sweet. Happy grandma held our hands tightly and refused to let go. His mouth was bound to scold his daughter for her return trip. Grandma refused to take us across the river in a small wooden boat anyway, saying it was cold weather in Leng Yue and the wind was not safe.. Grandma took us ashore from Lijiazhou by iron barge to Yueminglou. The motorized iron barge was very large. When the three of us were crowded in the center of the planking by the stream of people selling vegetables and vegetables, the boredom was a torment. The noise and bustle of the scene always felt the head buzzing and the wood was in a terrible mess.. Fortunately, when she landed, Grandma made money from selling vegetables in her daily life to satisfy our gluttonous appetite.. As long as we can eat wonton, rice noodles, white pellets, baked bread, fried dough sticks, candy bars and other snacks, grandma will definitely be willing to empty her purse.. At that time, it was not easy for children in the countryside to go to the streets. Grandma made us feel as prosperous and superior as possible..     Many years later, I crossed from this shore to the other side by boat countless times to see my grandmother, or took her over from the other side. When I went, I would choose to take a small wooden boat. The gentle turbulence or quiet smoothness would always give me some mood for no reason.. However, with my grandmother, I will miss the rush hour and choose the iron barge, which is safe, stable and fast. From being a child bride to starving two young sons in the Great Leap Forward, Grandma watched her grandfather die of jaundice. The sufferings she suffered in her life were not borne by a small wooden boat..     The small wooden boat sat much longer and no longer feared, but felt an incomparable comfort and comfort.. Sometimes I put my hand under the help of the boat and plough the waves gently. No words can express exactly that wonderful feeling. The kind of small wooden boat that paddles with two oars, the quietness of the boat as it glides over the water, the comfort and flying that it brings to the heart, the quietness and the remoteness. If the wind is a little stronger, the small wooden boat will bump on the river with irregular undulations, and people will sit on the boathouse like a water swing.. When the scenery on this bank becomes dim and unreal bit by bit, the scenery on the other side becomes clear and clear bit by bit.. If one or two birds fly across the river or soar under the blue sky, that picture will always sway the landing mood properly.I’ve always wondered how I felt lonely and empty in my heart when I was so young.. Is it the fate I have set in my past life that I should make up for my stupid, dull, introverted and self-abased body with a state of mind that I can’t express in my heart?.     Life will always be a ferry, or swimming, or rowing, or striving, or leisurely, speed has nothing to do with width, but the tools we ride are inextricably linked with mentality, fate, and intelligence quotient.. I am a slow – thinking, ignorant and dull person, unable to adapt to all the high efficiency, high IQ and high rhythm ferry ways. Only the calm of the small wooden boat crossing the water and the slowly receding or clear scenery along the way have gone through all the joys and sorrows of my life!

The feeling of this year’s New Year’s Day adds some novelty and joy to the insipidity.     After eating two meals for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, I went back to the county seat from December 29 and stayed in the hotel for a night. I rented a car with my little sister to drive home at noon, because the new house built for my parents last year was next to the second sister’s house, and the second sister arranged Chinese food, so the two families ate the reunion dinner together. Such as pasting couplets, laying a new bed, preparing to set off firecrackers, preparing dinner for parents, and having reunion dinner together in the evening.. Although not as good as the red tape of the Chinese New Year when I was a child, stewed pork and sprinkled wine to worship ancestors, this year’s reunion dinner was innovative, with two families. In the evening, the children’s nephew of Dajie’s family also came along. The three generations of ancestors and grandchildren, a pair of twin nieces, grew up, and everyone enjoyed the New Year together..     At home for the New Year, I was the most free to do. I didn’t have to do a lot of things, such as being a guest at home, asking me to eat when the meal was ready, and warming up when the meal was ready. The only thing I like to do is to set off firecrackers and not play cards. Even if there is a shortage of three to one, there is no choice. I only played mahjong during the whole New Year, and I still think I played slowly when I lost money.. At night in the fire pit of the second sister’s house, the two families opened two tables, one mahjong table and one flower card table. I don’t understand the flower card. After watching mahjong for a while, I still can’t lift my spirits. So I went to the living room of the new house to watch the Spring Festival Gala with my mother. Although this year’s Spring Festival Gala was held against the backdrop of the ice and snow in the south and the show was shown, the humble performances did not mention my spirit, only saw the appearance of ten o’clock and my eyelids began to fight, so I went to bed alone.. In the middle of the night, the elder sister’s nephew ran into bed after playing cards, and I woke up and went to sleep again.     Ma Liang of Tianma woke up from urine. It was already the first day of the New Year at 6: 30 on the mobile phone. I thought of opening the door and setting off firecrackers. When I just put on my clothes and opened the bedroom door, my mother was just getting up. I said to my mother that I was going to open the door and set off firecrackers.. Mother said she would wash her face before opening the door. ” Really? I asked doubtfully and quickly washed my face and then opened the living room door. At the gate of the courtyard, I started firecrackers more than three meters long and lit them with lighters first, but the wind was so strong that they couldn’t be lit.. Kid sister said smoking was more important. I said I quit smoking – starting from January 1, 2008, and I couldn’t quit smoking in the past – so I lit a cigarette, smoked only one mouthful, lit firecrackers again, and Mars popped up suddenly and resounded through the morning.. In the noisy firecrackers of the new house, in the smoke of the smoke, in the first ray of dawn of the new year, a new year has begun..     On the second and third day of the next year, younger brothers and sisters came back from the county seat and elder sister’s brother-in-law came to pay New Year’s greetings. They took turns to have meals at their parents’ home and second sister’s home, but the main activity was playing cards, or opening two tables, one mahjong table and one landlord table. The sun played in the courtyard of the new house during the day and the fire pit of the second sister’s home at night. Even eating was in a hurry, younger brother simply stood eating and said he had been doing activities for a long time.. When I think of the New Year when I was a child, my relatives came to pay the most attention to eating in New Year’s Eve. In the upper room, they put on generous tables. How could they gather together ten bowls of food, big fish and big meat, elders sit on the table, fill the wine, toast each other, lift their arms, hold the cup in their right hand, hold the glass in their left hand, and do not clink the cup, say ” dry” and just drink it.. In the process of drinking, one must ask about the harvest, family matters and the New Year’s plan.. Eat well, the host invited the guests to ” sit in the fire pit” and continue their daily life while warming the fire, or talk about state affairs, or talk about the past and the present.. But now in addition to playing cards, what else can I do?     Very not easy to stay at home for two days, during which one or two friends came to pay New Year’s greetings, all of which were usually helpful, thanks, including the head of the township station and village cadres.. By the morning of the third grade, the childhood playmate and the new village party secretary came to talk about his ideal of governance, strive to repair the village road, repair the electricity exhaust port, and then consider the next project. He said he also wanted my support – provincial reporters have the convenience of finding provincial leaders and departments – to approve some projects and some money. I instilled in him a view that village cadres should lead farmers to find the money they need for infrastructure construction rightfully.. For example, which road and which school in the city require the citizens to raise funds, while schools and electricity in rural areas are all farmers raising funds. As a result, farmers not only have no property rights, but also have to pay for school, install electricity and pay for it.. It is also an investment in public facilities construction. Why is it that there are two days between urban and rural areas?? Therefore, we need to find the above money rightfully, and the rest is to make good use of and manage the money and projects that have been approved.. No, he was deeply impressed, inspired and approved.     At this moment, I said I would go to the elder sister’s house for dinner together, and my parents all went to her house. I couldn’t cook by myself. I only took out some snacks and poured a cup of tea.. He said to eat well, but also to go relatives, simply send me to elder sister’s house. So he took his motorcycle to the elder sister’s house, and his brother-in-law gave him a pack of cigarettes, said nothing to stay for dinner and went away..     If I keep a running account, I will play at the elder sister’s house, where two or three tables have been opened by relatives at both ends of the family and the husband’s family. As usual, I only look at cards. After a night at Dajie’s house, I got up early in the morning of the 4th to take the early bus to the county seat. Together with my nephew, he went to work in Changsha. After I sent him on the bus, I went to my friend’s house to pay New Year’s greetings..     Let’s talk about the next story later.