In recent years, vigorously promote the development and utilization of natural gas, gas storage peaking capacity building is also increasing attention。
PetroChina chairman Wang Yilin during the two sessions said that as China is in the early stages of development imperfect gas industry, pipeline transportation and other infrastructure, and our use of natural gas has a big difference between peak, unbalanced consumption characteristics of a huge valley poor corporate peaking capacity and a higher requirement。
  During the two sessions, a number of representatives and members from the petrochemical industry are concerned about the problem of the current development of natural gas storage peaking industry, and gives recommendations。
  Assistant general manager of China Petrochemical Corporation, Shengli Petroleum Administration, Executive Director and General Manager Fan group suggested that further refinement preferential taxation, land use, gas prices and other policies to attract more enterprises to participate in commercial construction and operation of gas storage facilities, speed up commercial gas storage facility development。   Qie Jing said the gas industry is peaking short board market development of China's natural gas, is also an urgent need to improve the rapid development of the field is about, how to improve the relevant mechanisms and peaking gas storage system as soon as possible, for the rapid development of the gas industry paved the road is urgently needed to resolve the premise of the policy is expected to implement the relevant norms have been introduced。
  (Lichun Lian)。

Tonsil inflammation of the tonsils which are taboo disease is often accompanied by sore throat, colds and grades occur together, it is a very common disease, most people have been suffering from tonsillitis。
Then you know suffering from tonsillitis, then what are you following small taboo to tell us something about tonsillitis taboo, these things do not touch Oh!Tonsil inflammation Jichi What tonsillitis due to streptococci and staphylococci caused by bacteria in the secretions accumulate will make the tonsils swollen tonsils itching, foreign body sensation and pain occur when tonsillitis, it should be a lot of attention to diet, can not eat Here are a few foods。 1.Avoid spicy food spicy food Xin heat through, when there is heat syndrome should not eat, eat spicy food easily endogenous fire, toxic heat occurs, thereby increasing the tonsils。
Common spicy food: chili, pepper, chives, ginger, star anise, onion, garlic, spicy strips, etc.。
2.Avoid smoked roasted food taboos tonsils when making barbecue easily burned, when meat fat dripping charcoal, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons generated with the smoke will adhere to the volatile food, but also a strong carcinogen。 And barbecue is extremely easy to get angry foods, inflammation when eating these foods is not conducive to disease。
Common grilled smoked food: skewers, bacon, La Yu, etc.。
3.Bogey hot tonic tonsil inflammation, the body heat more prosperous, this time not to the tonic, because too much heat will nourish internal resistance, thereby increasing anger, so that the original becomes severe inflammation of the tonsils。 Common heat tonic: ginseng, deer horn, Acanthopanax, kinky raise beans, angelica, Cordyceps, Astragalus, etc.。

  Field sharing rebounds and assists plus steals, seventh in the league the first three data ten, and firmly occupy the throne of scoring, to carry out 60 games of the season, when Harden produce a near perfect answer。   Since the summer, Paul joined the Rockets, sacrifice and running between two people and not, as widely expected, camel disrupt their rhythm, on the contrary, good chemistry and a family-style basketball atmosphere but let it all become perfected and complementary。 Even if they had never deliberately pursue their own data, the Rockets still show a strong combat effectiveness, development of the plot as a matter of course, looks very natural。
  As the players headed here, Harden's performance is undoubtedly phenomenal。
  His PER (efficiency value), the league 1; WS reached, far more than ranked No. 2 in the Downs; BPM11, Union 1;, Union 1;, Union 1;, league 1; RPM less able to Paul, placing him second in the league。   And all this is done within minutes of playing time – which is the lowest value since Harden joined the Rockets – the arrival of Paul Harden who share the pressure, so that he becomes higher efficiency in the field。 And when the team re in trouble, he is still here, the most trusted players, the Magic scored 60 points against the Big Three that night, he once again proved his unparalleled offensive talent。
  Now Harden is the best on the planet singles hand。
  Every game he has a complete offensive end by one round of singles, each field can be divided in this way, each round scored points, hit rate%, as well as% probability foul free throw line in this basis, he singles effective hit rate%。
  Harden the ball singles is perhaps the most league defensive player of headaches。
Many of his singles changes, the most common way is to use a continuous front body crossovers and change direction to mobilize defensive player of pace, rhythm changes after several strong dribble, extremely rapid first step will immediately swallow the opponent's defensive focus, or straight after killing the basket or shoot retreat, are able to create enough space for the comfort of his own offensive。
  His transformation as much, so difficult to control their defensive players in the defense of the sense of distance, easily posted strong process, it is easy to step back from the Harden opened the defense with a direct step back, but too radical personal defense, Harden is also very easy on the when, the foul stand and sent him to the free throw line。   In the whole history of the NBA, season, averaging more than 30 points of the players, the effective hit rate Harden can be ranked No. 12 history, and true shooting percentage is able to squeeze into the top ten, ranked seventh History。
  In short, Harden excellent ball feel and a strong ability to vote after finding the rhythm, always make defenders heart concerns, such as the lingering nightmare。   But clearly, Harden is not a selfish player, he knows how to use his ability to create opportunities for teammates。
Last season, he had proved himself to be able to attack with a pass to pull the whole team players during the regular season, but this season, joining Paul, did not change that。
  Harden Each game can be sent assists, ranked No. 3 in the league, as well as times of potential assists in the performance, ranking fourth in the league。
When his presence, the team's offensive efficiency can be achieved, second only to Paul, the team's true shooting percentage is to reach 61%。   When the ball is in the hands of Harden when he could find in the air when the player and the ultimate pursuit of offensive space rocket team built the opponent's defense thinking can pull very open, after a single-point cut cause severe contraction, as long as defend the attack, always Harden ball out the first time, and then to fill bit rotation, easier said than done。 For example the following round: Cingular-man defensive ability is clearly unable to limit Harden personal attack, after continuous adjustment of rhythm suddenly had to start off the first line of defense, Grant just inside the defense, gave the ball to Harden Capella follow-up, after everything that happens is that we most loved "eating bread" part of the。   Despite the offensive end of the aura, even on the defensive end, Harden's performance is not so Nabuchushou before。
This season, when the opponent with Harden bit of time, their overall hit rate will drop percentage points, while the data in the darkest 2015-16 season is +%, especially in the area reached from the basket, or within 6 feet the% rated nightmare。
  "This is probably the best team I worked at, and from top to bottom, our chemistry, including chemical reaction with our coaching staff, we're really happy。 "When you are able to lead the best team in the league, the kind of responsibility will fill every cell of your body, your sense of exhaustion sweep, led you to continue to climb up。
  "James – Harden and Chris – Paul think we will beat the Warriors。 "Morey says。   "(Champion) is the time, for sure。
"Harden versa。
  Win, most valuable player, championship, after a hardship, depressed and questioning, Harden finally arrived when "I Want It All" of the。   More exciting content concerned about the number of public (Code 9527) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。

Oily skin is most women do not like summer, because summer skin susceptible to oil, which requires the job to find ways to control oil。
The following is a good way everyone a few summer oil control oily skin, you want to say goodbye to shine, we might have to look at it。Relative to the dry skin and normal skin, oily skin, I believe that many of the crush of summer is also very tough, skin love out of oil, makeup is easy to spend, sticky skin, oily skin, these are more difficult to care performance, and the situation will be more serious so hot in the summer season。
The summer how to care for oily skin it?Quickly take a look。1, will require a thorough cleansing oily skin in the summer because of the oil serious, usually need to wash the face three times a day, wash your face in the morning is best able to help with the re-use of facial cleanser remove the skin surface dirt and grease after wet face with warm water 40 degrees Celsius。
You can also use a brush or a cosmetic beauty soap effects of dirt or grease on the skin completely clear。
In short, be sure to do a thorough cleaning。2, attaining a hot towel oily skin be a very important method is to improve the conditioning of the skin surface covered with a hot towel。Hot towels to help bring the temperature of the pores of the skin and subcutaneous vascular dilation, increased permeability of water, thereby increasing the function of skin capillaries, promote skin metabolism。Every day with a warm towel attaining ten minutes, can balance the skin's oil secretion, skin out in summer to reduce oil situation。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

  Since many office workers are sitting in the office, therefore, the accumulation of abdominal fat more, over time became pregnant, belly is like to lose a lot of people want to do things, then, by abdominal operation are what it there is no simple and can effectively reduce abdominal weight loss exercises it?Here we take a look!  What about abdominal exercise minus minus abdominal exercises, there are many fiery reduce abdominal exercise method, the most famous is the multi Yan Zheng exercise to lose weight, then, in addition to multi Yan Zheng exercise to lose weight, what weight loss exercises do reduce abdominal night net collected some exercise to lose weight, here we take a look。
  T25, pumpitup, Yi Haiyan Latin exercises to lose weight, abdominal Ripper, insanity, L'Oreal weight loss exercise, curvy dance, Yusen Yoko RPB weight loss exercise, cat-style diet, exercise MM Britain, warkathome, these are relatively effective , provided that the sites you want to lose weight what for, so choose the right。  By abdominal operation simple, but also more complex, but for busy working people, reduce abdominal exercise too complicated, too much a waste of time, it will affect the work, therefore, here we take a look at this three simple reduction of abdominal exercises, allows you to easily cut abdomen。  Simple abdominal exercises to lose weight stretch the leg movement 1, inspiratory: slowly lift the action lying down, and relax muscles。At this time, the right foot to the chest of the pull holding vacated, not ground。  2, exhaled: Step 1 assumes a posture of。The upper and lower abdominal muscle force at the same time, pull the right foot straight to the chest, hands and embracing his knees, upper body propped up as much as possible。  Feet together swivel movement of the pelvis 1, inspiratory: back of the hand facing up and hands straight and shoulder in a straight line, the legs, the down-folded, as close to the ground to stimulate the muscle side of the waist。
  2, exhaled: arms up to the head while standing close together two Tuiqu Xi。
At this time straight waist dry, we will concentrate on the trunk and above the knee。Tiptoe heel force to make the inner thighs, helps maintain muscle contraction。  An extension side of the waist motion, the intake: take the first posture of Step 2。
Opposite upper and lower body in the direction of steering and the pressure stays on the ground right hand, left hand straight forward, that the side of the waist and trunk muscles to stretch。  2, expiratory: upper left leg of the dip direction, the extension side waist and trunk muscles as。
At this point, arms straight and shoulder in a straight line。Note: lower body stationary。
  Legs crossed extension side waist movement 1, the left arm into the hip, the right arm held high, the upper body is inclined to the left to take advantage of the side of the waist muscle stretching as far as possible。Pelvis and the knee fixed and held tight buttocks pushed back buttocks and thighs of the breath strength concentrated in the abdomen muscles。
  2, inhale, exhale: left foot as the axis, right foot forward so that the body upright legs crossed, holding the left arm and upper body to the right as possible tendencies。
  Ten minutes by abdominal operation of an operation 1, feet apart by about 1 meter wide, and squat, palms legs folded in the middle, slightly curved upper body, look up front was ready position。  2, take a deep breath, body jumping up while your feet together, jump back to the ready position after hands over his head upward。
Repeat this movement 15?20 times。  Action II 1, riding abdomen, upper body slightly to the back, legs straight forward, both hands on the rear side of the ear was ready position。  2, lift the right foot and bent 90 degrees, upper body slowly left lateral bending, and then repeat the action in the opposite direction just。This action is a set of left and right, repeating groups 15-20。
  3 (1) operation, sitting mat, back straight, curved legs, toes tiptoes, the hands encircling the thigh。
  2, inhale, slowly lift your legs, and then try to straighten his left leg to the front, for a few seconds, and then try to straighten the right leg。
After a few seconds, slowly put down his legs。
  Action Four 1, squat horse, fist with both hands, shoulders elbows bent 90 degrees split side, fist upward, holding the upper body posture, shown in Figure 2, is rotated to the left waist and abdomen, rotates once per second, the mouth open relax and let the natural air out of the lungs。
  Action Five 1, the body lying on the ground, hands at your sides, palms affixed, attached to the top of the left foot to right foot。
  2, inhale, lift your feet and the ground to form a 60 degree angle, action adhere to 10 respiratory, breathing, waist forced to lift with your hips to your feet and position。
Action adhere to 10 respiratory。  An operation six feet bent to about 100 degrees, crossing legs, the front right foot, left foot off the ground and, after slightly curved hands, palm stays straight, left front swing, the swing right, upper body is slightly bent forward, look up front was ready position 2, the body remains immobile, hands and feet about exchange action。
This action is a set of left and right, repeating groups 15-20。
  Summary: For many people, reducing the abdomen, are more difficult, not easy to cut down, eat a few meals and fat back, in fact, reduce abdominal mainly rely on movement, can not rely on reducing food intake, do so only a temporary solution, then reading the contents of the above, surely we simple actions to reduce abdominal operations have understanding, then quickly open practice it!。

  When, in warm stimulation, vasodilation limbs and body skin, the body surface causing pooling of blood, gastrointestinal blood flow will decrease, reducing the secretion of digestive juice。
If bathe often after a meal, the passage of time can cause indigestion。In addition, take a bath immediately after a meal, but also lead to cardiac insufficiency, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease。1 meal?Bath 2 hours more appropriate。
  The first is we all know, there are clean function, because all are basically germs cause or are caused by bacteria, all frequent regeneration can effectively prevent bacteria so as to achieve the role of disease prevention。  Furthermore is regular with warm water can effectively clear the cell an effective our veins to promote blood circulation, but if too cold or hot water, then there may be damaged or stimulate the body and thus can not be achieved effective。  The last is the most important thing, to eliminate fatigue, we all know that with hot feet can effectively eliminate fatigue, the fact is the same, the day's work; we will be with many of us who can not see with the naked eye radiation, etc. , wash will be very comfortable。  Note flood damage will not take a long time we had better not take too long, the grease on the skin surface bath time will wash away too long, so that less skin layer of protective film, make skin more vulnerable。Can also cause severe allergies, skin itching phenomenon, so we should pay attention to bath time in ten minutes just fine。
  Do not heat water in the hot water。
If we take a bath with hot water, make the skin becomes dry, red and even peeling phenomenon, which is not conducive to adapt to climate change。  Many people like a hot bath, especially some chicken skin sister, the "hot water wash away the chicken skin" mentality。But in fact, too high will destroy the fat of the skin surface, so that telangiectasia, exacerbate dry skin。Recommended that the water temperature at 24 degrees to 29 degrees Best。
  After every meal should not eat three square meals or fasting, the body part of the blood from the body to mobilize to help gastrointestinal digestion。Immediately after a meal, due to less blood flow to the digestive tract, it can hinder digestion and absorption of food, causing gastrointestinal diseases, in addition, cardiac insufficiency and other parts are likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident。  Suggested time should be about 3 hours after a meal preferably。

Sty hordeolum also known to form within the bacteria invade eyelid gland acute purulent inflammation, infections mainly caused Hordeolum Meibomian glands, hordeolum outer primary infection sebaceous gland, hair follicles caused by the disease It is the medicine of the "eye of a needle" category。So whether sty how contagious it can do to alleviate sty sty stye is a common contagious eye disease refers to sebaceous Meibomian gland or eyelash follicle around by acute purulent inflammation caused by bacterial infection。1, sty not contagious, but because it is the inflammation and infection, I recommend that you and your family life need to be careful not to share the basin, towels and other daily necessities!2, to the sty is caused by infection, such as with unclean hands Rouyan the like, sebaceous glands causing eye infections!3, pay attention to health, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, in order to avoid bacteria into the eye, causing infection。
It can be used chloramphenicol eye ointment。
How remission sty eye of a needle just happened, eyelid swelling available ice and anti-inflammatory eye drops point, if necessary, oral antibiotics。Most of the cases may subside within three to four days; if swollen glands purulent shall incision surgery。
1, sty (hordeolum) is an infection caused by staphylococcal infection generally, generally involving one or more glands of the eyelid or eyelids。
The disease can Trends abscess formation and have puncture the skin, the release of pus。2, can form spontaneously sty, also be caused by inflammation edge face, 1-2 times sties may occur in a person's life, it was repeated。
3, usually pay more attention to hygiene eye, face towels and other open with。Serious, then immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment。

Not only because IE is because the work environment more paid jobs, but many people do not see a lot of people are now living in very envious of white-collar work white-collar hard work, long sedentary, you can not exercise, but added cervical spine disease, and share with you the proper way to exercise。
On line one step, eat two dynamic balance which is the most appropriate description of the image of the movement, he said that the Chinese people to pursue the overall goal of 10,000 steps per day。
Everyone should determine a degree of movement of the most appropriate according to their own situation, the body achieve a healthy balance。Depending on personal health, physical fitness, ability and other conditions, poor health or less daily activities of people can begin to fill from the target instrument knife-step, while ordinary people remain above the recommended level of 6,000 steps。Less than 10,000 steps a day of sport also has a role in protecting health; and greater than 10,000 steps a day exercise, under the premise of a moderate, for more effective health promotion。
Therefore, the amount of exercise is the principle of individual choice.Move is beneficial, hyperactivity better "。You can reach the target by moving three areas, including: ① daily life and work activities, such as sweeping, moving things: ② walk or ride bicycles exchanges, including up and down stairs; ③ physical exercise, such as running, swimming。Living, travel and physical exercise consumes energy, high-intensity exercise time can be shorter, less intense exercise time should be longer。
12 minutes jogging and brisk walking 28 minutes are quite $ 24 thousand steps of activity。If there were less opportunities for work activities, commuting can think of ways to walk a few steps: If the car in a hurry to go to work every day, you can find spare time to supplement physical exercise。View previous chapters exercise estimate table, you can choose a destination based on their current amount of exercise, and try some active time adjustment table movement, informally distributed combined to make your sport colorful。Step by step, step by step feeling strong.Bit safer if you exercise your usual activities rarely a good idea to listen to the doctor's advice to see what activities from the start is right for you。
At the beginning of exercise, choose a little hard to feel relaxed or strength, to give yourself enough time to adapt to changes in activity levels, and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of activity。
Learn to exercise their bodies in life is very important, to have possessions million consistent, first of all have a good body, the saying goes: the body is the capital of revolution, we seized political power is a prerequisite, it is a good exercise it is necessary and very important。Do not eat spicy food, and do not do strenuous exercise, do not do very tired physical labor, should pay attention to bed rest, especially to the cloudy rain, pay attention to properly protect the joints, but also eat some protein-rich the food, the body will slowly healing。

  Also need to maintain the right amount of light, it is best to choose some less fatty foods while also ensuring digestible, but do not eat supper fullness。If the time of excessive intake of nutrition dinner, will not afford to consume these fat deposits in the body, resulting in obesity affect human health。  1 night to eat ginger equal to eating arsenic old saying: "the morning to eat ginger, better than eating Ginseng; night to eat ginger, equal to eating arsenic (the morning to eat Jiang Youyi, night eating ginger harmful)。
"Warm spicy ginger, containing volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch。
Ginger can enhance and accelerate blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, excitement stomach, promote digestion, as well as antibacterial effect。Eat a little ginger in the morning, the health benefits。
But at night to eat, because the original is hot ginger, people will get angry, beverages labor life, so should not eat。  Ginger which contains volatile oil, can accelerate blood circulation; also contains gingerol, stimulate gastric secretion, excited intestinal promote digestive function; Ginger also contains gingerol, can reduce the incidence of gallstones。So both pros and cons, folk and thus left out of bed to go to bed carrot ginger one said, indicating that ginger can eat, but can not eat。Especially in the fall, it is best not to eat, because the fall dry climate, dry gas lung injury, plus eat spicy ginger and easier to damage the lungs, increasing body water loss and dry。
This warning also appears in ancient medical books: within a year, autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, the night do not eat ginger。It seems, autumn do not eat or Eat ginger and other spicy foods, has attracted the attention of the ancients, it is justified。  2, greasy food should reject greasy fried foods include not only food, as well as some of the higher cholesterol content of animal offal。
After eating these foods will increase the intestines, stomach, liver, gall bladder and pancreas workload stimulate the nerve center; affect the quality of sleep。The three high-population should be strictly controlled。  3, the evening should not eat "food flatulence" Some foods in the digestive process will produce large amounts of gas, causing flatulence。Such as beans, cabbage, onion, corn, banana, etc.。Not only the sense of excessive bloating stomach discomfort, also affect sleep。So the evening should also avoid eating such food oh。  4, late night eating high calcium foods caused by stones are not suitable for eating a meal high calcium foods such as shrimp, fish and other cartilage。As the evening all five internal organs have entered a resting state, high calcium food calcium decomposition easy to accumulate in the kidneys and urinary tract, causing stones。
  5, anger Wang, night after night should not drink milk drinking milk will make strong anger, the night is not conducive to the human body detoxification, but also want to make people feel thirsty middle of the night to drink water, not conducive to sleep。
And the milk itself is a source of allergies at night to drink milk, can easily lead to indigestion and other problems。  6, after the dessert is contraindicated many people like to eat dessert after, a meal was feeling so full, but too sweet things very easy for the stomach to digest burden。
On the other hand, desserts sugar in a state of rest is difficult to decompose, and thus converted into fat, likely to cause obesity。Over time also may lead to cardiovascular disease。

What to eat Daquan?Is a velvet, very expensive, but we all know how to eat velvet Daquan what it?Following small to talk about antler with you exactly what to eat Daquan。
Eat antler velvet Daquan sparkling wine is a major Chinese tradition, the drug bubble into the liquor, drugs penetrate the essence of the wine, the wine helps to move qi, drugs will soon play, the line to the body。 After the wine can also velvet, velvet added to the 50 degrees above the liquor soak for a period of time, to be enjoyed。
You may also be required, adding other ingredients soaked with。
Miss Xu revealed a little Cheats, sparkling wine must use raw slices of antler, this wine more effective。 Velvet cooking is a great method of physical health, this is a great tonic velvet good food。 In the south, velvet and other herbs add the chicken, duck, goose or other fine with simmered stew, drink the soup, also has a strong tonic effect。
Not only is the soup, velvet may be pulverized into powder, the addition of other dishes。
Sparkling wine velvet mill no time, no time to soup, there is a way to solve everyone's troubles。
That is the velvet ground into fine powder, before going to bed at night, with wine or salt water delivery service antler powder。 Convenient, and also have a good effect。 Identification of antler velvet antler eat Encyclopedia angle is dried immature male deer or red deer stag head hairs with not ossification。
** large fine precious blood of Chinese medicine。 Deer, red deer after giving birth 8–10 month-old male deer, frontal projection began to form a long dried basis, after the age of 2 feet, bifurcation velvet, velvet 3 – 6 years preferably born。 Antler is a valuable medicinal herbs。 Velvet bonded phospholipids, glycolipids, plastic resin, hormone, protein and fatty acid ,, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other ingredients, more than half of the total amino acid composition wherein component。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, a better physical role。