Sty hordeolum also known to form within the bacteria invade eyelid gland acute purulent inflammation, infections mainly caused Hordeolum Meibomian glands, hordeolum outer primary infection sebaceous gland, hair follicles caused by the disease It is the medicine of the "eye of a needle" category。So whether sty how contagious it can do to alleviate sty sty stye is a common contagious eye disease refers to sebaceous Meibomian gland or eyelash follicle around by acute purulent inflammation caused by bacterial infection。1, sty not contagious, but because it is the inflammation and infection, I recommend that you and your family life need to be careful not to share the basin, towels and other daily necessities!2, to the sty is caused by infection, such as with unclean hands Rouyan the like, sebaceous glands causing eye infections!3, pay attention to health, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, in order to avoid bacteria into the eye, causing infection。
It can be used chloramphenicol eye ointment。
How remission sty eye of a needle just happened, eyelid swelling available ice and anti-inflammatory eye drops point, if necessary, oral antibiotics。Most of the cases may subside within three to four days; if swollen glands purulent shall incision surgery。
1, sty (hordeolum) is an infection caused by staphylococcal infection generally, generally involving one or more glands of the eyelid or eyelids。
The disease can Trends abscess formation and have puncture the skin, the release of pus。2, can form spontaneously sty, also be caused by inflammation edge face, 1-2 times sties may occur in a person's life, it was repeated。
3, usually pay more attention to hygiene eye, face towels and other open with。Serious, then immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment。

Not only because IE is because the work environment more paid jobs, but many people do not see a lot of people are now living in very envious of white-collar work white-collar hard work, long sedentary, you can not exercise, but added cervical spine disease, and share with you the proper way to exercise。
On line one step, eat two dynamic balance which is the most appropriate description of the image of the movement, he said that the Chinese people to pursue the overall goal of 10,000 steps per day。
Everyone should determine a degree of movement of the most appropriate according to their own situation, the body achieve a healthy balance。Depending on personal health, physical fitness, ability and other conditions, poor health or less daily activities of people can begin to fill from the target instrument knife-step, while ordinary people remain above the recommended level of 6,000 steps。Less than 10,000 steps a day of sport also has a role in protecting health; and greater than 10,000 steps a day exercise, under the premise of a moderate, for more effective health promotion。
Therefore, the amount of exercise is the principle of individual choice.Move is beneficial, hyperactivity better "。You can reach the target by moving three areas, including: ① daily life and work activities, such as sweeping, moving things: ② walk or ride bicycles exchanges, including up and down stairs; ③ physical exercise, such as running, swimming。Living, travel and physical exercise consumes energy, high-intensity exercise time can be shorter, less intense exercise time should be longer。
12 minutes jogging and brisk walking 28 minutes are quite $ 24 thousand steps of activity。If there were less opportunities for work activities, commuting can think of ways to walk a few steps: If the car in a hurry to go to work every day, you can find spare time to supplement physical exercise。View previous chapters exercise estimate table, you can choose a destination based on their current amount of exercise, and try some active time adjustment table movement, informally distributed combined to make your sport colorful。Step by step, step by step feeling strong.Bit safer if you exercise your usual activities rarely a good idea to listen to the doctor's advice to see what activities from the start is right for you。
At the beginning of exercise, choose a little hard to feel relaxed or strength, to give yourself enough time to adapt to changes in activity levels, and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of activity。
Learn to exercise their bodies in life is very important, to have possessions million consistent, first of all have a good body, the saying goes: the body is the capital of revolution, we seized political power is a prerequisite, it is a good exercise it is necessary and very important。Do not eat spicy food, and do not do strenuous exercise, do not do very tired physical labor, should pay attention to bed rest, especially to the cloudy rain, pay attention to properly protect the joints, but also eat some protein-rich the food, the body will slowly healing。

  Also need to maintain the right amount of light, it is best to choose some less fatty foods while also ensuring digestible, but do not eat supper fullness。If the time of excessive intake of nutrition dinner, will not afford to consume these fat deposits in the body, resulting in obesity affect human health。  1 night to eat ginger equal to eating arsenic old saying: "the morning to eat ginger, better than eating Ginseng; night to eat ginger, equal to eating arsenic (the morning to eat Jiang Youyi, night eating ginger harmful)。
"Warm spicy ginger, containing volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch。
Ginger can enhance and accelerate blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, excitement stomach, promote digestion, as well as antibacterial effect。Eat a little ginger in the morning, the health benefits。
But at night to eat, because the original is hot ginger, people will get angry, beverages labor life, so should not eat。  Ginger which contains volatile oil, can accelerate blood circulation; also contains gingerol, stimulate gastric secretion, excited intestinal promote digestive function; Ginger also contains gingerol, can reduce the incidence of gallstones。So both pros and cons, folk and thus left out of bed to go to bed carrot ginger one said, indicating that ginger can eat, but can not eat。Especially in the fall, it is best not to eat, because the fall dry climate, dry gas lung injury, plus eat spicy ginger and easier to damage the lungs, increasing body water loss and dry。
This warning also appears in ancient medical books: within a year, autumn does not eat ginger; within one day, the night do not eat ginger。It seems, autumn do not eat or Eat ginger and other spicy foods, has attracted the attention of the ancients, it is justified。  2, greasy food should reject greasy fried foods include not only food, as well as some of the higher cholesterol content of animal offal。
After eating these foods will increase the intestines, stomach, liver, gall bladder and pancreas workload stimulate the nerve center; affect the quality of sleep。The three high-population should be strictly controlled。  3, the evening should not eat "food flatulence" Some foods in the digestive process will produce large amounts of gas, causing flatulence。Such as beans, cabbage, onion, corn, banana, etc.。Not only the sense of excessive bloating stomach discomfort, also affect sleep。So the evening should also avoid eating such food oh。  4, late night eating high calcium foods caused by stones are not suitable for eating a meal high calcium foods such as shrimp, fish and other cartilage。As the evening all five internal organs have entered a resting state, high calcium food calcium decomposition easy to accumulate in the kidneys and urinary tract, causing stones。
  5, anger Wang, night after night should not drink milk drinking milk will make strong anger, the night is not conducive to the human body detoxification, but also want to make people feel thirsty middle of the night to drink water, not conducive to sleep。
And the milk itself is a source of allergies at night to drink milk, can easily lead to indigestion and other problems。  6, after the dessert is contraindicated many people like to eat dessert after, a meal was feeling so full, but too sweet things very easy for the stomach to digest burden。
On the other hand, desserts sugar in a state of rest is difficult to decompose, and thus converted into fat, likely to cause obesity。Over time also may lead to cardiovascular disease。

What to eat Daquan?Is a velvet, very expensive, but we all know how to eat velvet Daquan what it?Following small to talk about antler with you exactly what to eat Daquan。
Eat antler velvet Daquan sparkling wine is a major Chinese tradition, the drug bubble into the liquor, drugs penetrate the essence of the wine, the wine helps to move qi, drugs will soon play, the line to the body。 After the wine can also velvet, velvet added to the 50 degrees above the liquor soak for a period of time, to be enjoyed。
You may also be required, adding other ingredients soaked with。
Miss Xu revealed a little Cheats, sparkling wine must use raw slices of antler, this wine more effective。 Velvet cooking is a great method of physical health, this is a great tonic velvet good food。 In the south, velvet and other herbs add the chicken, duck, goose or other fine with simmered stew, drink the soup, also has a strong tonic effect。
Not only is the soup, velvet may be pulverized into powder, the addition of other dishes。
Sparkling wine velvet mill no time, no time to soup, there is a way to solve everyone's troubles。
That is the velvet ground into fine powder, before going to bed at night, with wine or salt water delivery service antler powder。 Convenient, and also have a good effect。 Identification of antler velvet antler eat Encyclopedia angle is dried immature male deer or red deer stag head hairs with not ossification。
** large fine precious blood of Chinese medicine。 Deer, red deer after giving birth 8–10 month-old male deer, frontal projection began to form a long dried basis, after the age of 2 feet, bifurcation velvet, velvet 3 – 6 years preferably born。 Antler is a valuable medicinal herbs。 Velvet bonded phospholipids, glycolipids, plastic resin, hormone, protein and fatty acid ,, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other ingredients, more than half of the total amino acid composition wherein component。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, a better physical role。

  Democratic Congressman Zhao Maxim (JudyChu) with fellow Democratic Rep. LucilleRoybal- Arad, recently in Pasadena "Republican tax fraud GOPTaxScam" propaganda meeting, invite experts to explain the significance of the new tax law for the people of Southern California, as well as economic impact of possible future。 Zhao Maxim pointed out that the Republican Party to develop the new tax law is too short, so a lot of people confused, not knowing how to plan for the future of financial planning。
To this argument, professionals believe that the situation "not so serious", and "because of income differences"。   Zhao Maxim said, Republicans hastily booked law will not only reduce corporate taxes and minority of the rich, so that the average family's tax increase up, let the rich more money。 Zhao Maxim stressed, has proposed an amendment to ensure that tax reform can actually be beneficial public, but each time the Republicans were repulsed。 LucilleRoybal – Arad also believes that the new tax law in general have a negative impact on families and middle-class families。   Accountant surnamed Shi said Zhao Maxim's nothing wrong with saying, "but it should be because of people from different income"。 As a large impact on the residents of California, California State because of high taxes, state taxes and property tax is now only arrived up to $ 10,000, will affect the use of some of the original itemized deductions taxpayers, "especially for the high-tech industry in California or high-income bachelor "very unfavorable。   For Zhao Maxim's reference to "tax reform to make the rich richer," said the accountant, Trump want to remove any estate tax in the new tax law has not been completely removed, although the estate tax, but will increase the estate tax allowance to a person 1120 million dollars, which is twice the $ 549 million for a person in the past, "in fact, most people even $ 549 million for allowances are less than" so rich indeed more favorable on the inheritance tax。
But tax reform will cut the top rate overall, there are still people benefit。

  China Association of Amusement Parks on behalf of the president, the general manager of OCT Group Co., Ltd. Yao Jun opening ceremony that the world economy has shown recovery trend, better-than-expected economic growth。 China's socialist entered a new era, social conflicts have transformed the conflict between the inadequate development of a better life for the people's growing needs and unbalanced。 Chinese amusement industry of high-quality development and create more space for the entertainment of happiness, a better life of the people。
At the same time, China's huge market has attracted the attention amusement world, fair after 30 years of development, it has become Asia's largest and most influential professional play event。
  According to statistics, in recent years, to participate in the China International Fair amusement facilities and equipment are supplied from the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, South Korea, more than 40 countries and regions, more than 30 domestic provinces, more than 500 amusement parks and scenic spots , developers and sellers of professional groups, fair turnover of 50 billion yuan。
  As an industry organization, China Association of Amusement Parks adhere to the "service members, service industry," the purpose of the foreign exchange industry, construction standards, member companies brand building, investment and financing, and many other aspects of continuous efforts, and guide enterprises to focus on trends, tight with change, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, promote common prosperity and development of the industry to contribute to the goal of China's strong up。
The next fair will be held at the Shanghai Expo Center on October 21-23。

  Following the first day after the announcement March 13 the State Council reform plan, announced the merger and the establishment of (,) after the Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as "silver CIRC"), this new body of leadership are the "two sessions" end formally identified。
  March 21, the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission related to the former leaders held a meeting in the office building of the original CBRC, CIRC announced the matters related to the establishment of silver。
Securities Times reporter learned that, at the meeting, announced by the Central Organization Department, responsible person, silver CIRC leadership's first born, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission CIRC silver as the first chairman, former vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission four and three former vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission silver as the deputy chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission former discipline inspection team leader Li pleased to as silver CIRC's first discipline inspection team leader。 So far, China Insurance Regulatory Commission to form silver "1 7 1 positive discipline inspection team leader," the pattern of nine leadership。   In addition, the meeting also announced the establishment of several working groups to study specific embodiments of the next restructuring, including the "three" (set functions, statutory body and given preparation) program。   "1 7 1 positive discipline inspection team leader," the CBRC leadership pattern of internal restructuring and consolidation triggered by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission is top-down, the leadership of the new organization to determine subsequent adjustments agencies and departments will have Preface expand。
  At 2:21 on March afternoon about 40 minutes, the Securities Times reporter at the door to see China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing original appeared in the original CBRC door, greet the Central Organization Department, responsible person to come, and then the two together into the CBRC office。     Around 3 pm, the former China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission related to the former leaders attended the meeting held in the conference room 302 of the original CBRC, responsible person at the Central Organization Department announced the establishment of China Insurance Regulatory Commission silver, and declared the former Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing as silver CIRC's first party secretary, chairman。   China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission former original seven have served as vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission silver party member, Deputy Chairman。 Wherein the first former Deputy Vice-ranked CBRC Zhaoxing silver CIRC, Chen Wenhui former Vice-ranked second CIRC CIRC Vice-silver。 CBRC former discipline inspection team leader Li pleased to as silver CIRC Party committee member, discipline inspection team leader, the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission inspection team leader Lin Guohui he is otherwise。
So far, China Insurance Regulatory Commission to form silver "1 7 1 positive discipline inspection team leader," the pattern of nine leadership。   The meeting also announced the establishment of several working groups to study specific embodiments of the next restructuring, including the "three" (set functions, statutory body and given preparation) program。
  Around 15:30, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo, Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing appeared together in front of the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Central Organization Department The official bid farewell to the participants to come。     What may change the larger department?  Founded silver CIRC, meaning that a 15-year run of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission became the 20-year history, "line 3 will be" financial regulatory landscape so far become a "line of two sessions"。   Currently the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission office in front of the original strip cards yet to take off, but the Securities Times reporter learned that the two brands will be off nearly two days and the "Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission," the new strip licensing or formally later this month。
  As for the internal structure, how to adjust the personnel arrangements after the two financial regulators concerned about the outside world combined, it is the task of the working group focused on the next day it was announced the establishment of the。 According to the new financial reports, Guo Shuqing statement at the meeting, will be orderly way to form a new organization of work, do a good job-related transfer functions, in accordance with "fair, just, career-oriented" principle, based on the actual needs, arrange cadres。
  Although there is no definite conclusion on how restructuring, but the former two ministries in their respective departments, you may be able to find some clues。   Internal CBRC has 28 departments, the CIRC has 15 functional institutions and two institutions, while two ministries across the country are equipped with the agency, namely local Authority。
  China Banking Regulatory Commission's 28 departments, including: General Office, Policy Research Office, Bureau of prudential regulation, on-site inspection bureau, Regulatory Affairs, Inclusive Finance Ministry letter by the Ministry of Innovation, Consumer Protection Bureau, Banking Policy, the Ministry of large banks, joint-stock banking, city banking, rural finance, the Ministry, trust departments, non-silver portion, of the non-Office, Accounting Department, international Department, supervision Bureau, Ministry of personnel, the propaganda Department, Party Committee, Party School, systems union, central finance group Working Committee (League system), authorities service Center。   CIRC 15 functions of the body includes: General Office (Party Committee Office), Ministry of Development and Reform, Policy Research Office, Finance and Accounting Department (Ministry of solvency regulation), Insurance Bureau of Consumer Protection, Property Insurance Regulatory Department (Reinsurance Supervision Department), personal Insurance supervision Department, the insurance intermediary supervision department, supervision of insurance funds, the international Department (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan office), regulatory Affairs, statistics Department, audit Bureau of personnel, Ministry of Education (Party Committee organization Department), Party Committee propaganda Department (Party Committee United Front group Industry, including organs of the Party)。
Another two institutions, namely Training Center, authorities Service Center。   Not difficult to see, the two ministries have the same or similar functions of many departments, including the General Office, Policy Research Office / room and regulations the Department of Accounting, Consumer Protection Bureau, International Department, Audit Bureau, Ministry of Personnel, the Party Committee, etc.。
Integration or from these sectors in the first start。
  The China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission within different departments set up, mainly from different regulatory objects。
  CBRC supervision Depending on the type of the object, volume, business set policy Banking Department, Ministry of large banks, joint-stock banks department, city banking, rural finance department, department of foreign banks, trust departments, the Bank and other departments; CIRC this classification relatively simple set of relevant departments only Department of insurance, life insurance department, agency and Treasury Department。
  These institutions and business regulatory authorities, due to the different regulatory objects, or remain。
However, do not rule out adjustments。
  One direction is set CIRC department may be close to the CBRC, such as setting small insurance firms Supervision Department, Ministry of Supervision and other foreign insurance firms。
During the two sessions this year, deputies have put forward the proposal to establish small regulatory authorities, the implementation of differentiated supervision of insurance companies。   "Guo type strong regulatory Tornado" will continue to say, outside of Guo served as the first chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission silver Not surprisingly, known as "Reggie reform", he is also the highest in the previous voice。 Guo Shuqing performance of their duties in early March 2017, the CBRC Chairman, in its more than 380 days in charge of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, according to incomplete statistics, the rules and regulations of China Banking Regulatory Commission publicly released there 36, since the second half of last year, is formed every week five shall be a great press release convention。
Guo came to China Banking Regulatory Commission, also known as the outside world has brought a breath "Guo type strong regulatory whirlwind"。   "Guo transferred from the seat of the governor of Shandong, China Banking Regulatory Commission as chairman, and since then the curtain opened strong supervision, he is a staunch reformist treat severe financial regulatory attitude and resolutely for the regulatory authorities in charge。
"A banking observers say Beijing。
  Guo Shuqing has been more low-key, a public appearance or statement is not much, but every time the release of regulatory signals are very clear, relevant policies fall fairly quickly。 For example, he held office at the beginning of the CBRC Chairman of State Council Information Office in a press conference, at which says that chaos and risks of the banking sector, largely due to lack of supervision system。 'Bullpen shut the cat in "a sound regulatory system is not perfect。 To this end, the CBRC to promote the prevention of financial risks in the work plan, the work is an important regulatory system and practice flaws and deficiencies systematically organize, strengthen the system to effectively compensate for the regulatory short board。
  Then less than a month's time, the CBRC opened the curtain of strong regulatory, supervisory policies make all kinds of short board after another intensive introduction, wins the banking wealth management business, with industry practices and the shadow banking。   After the banking sector experienced a year of "iron fist" management, capital off the real to the imaginary contain the initial momentum。 Among them, special purpose vehicle investment growth on the basis of a substantial decline in the last year, the first negative growth year on year growth rate of only -%, dropped percentage points over last year。 Product balance trillion yuan, the growth rate down to 1%, down one percentage point over last year; which, with the scale of the financial industry continues to contract, compared with a net decrease of one trillion yuan last year。   Guo Shuqing recent public statements during the "two sessions", "minister channel", that time he stressed the need to continue to promote de-leveraging, especially to curb the excessive growth of household sector leverage。   Guo Shuqing said the bank is the main battlefield of the battle to guard against financial risks, big banks scale, emphasis To leverage to stabilize and reduce the corporate sector leverage as much as possible, reduce government departments leverage。
Leverage involves reducing corporate mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, financial restructuring, promoting a series of work。   Guo pointed out that the household sector leverage Chinese residents need to reduce, residents of the household sector is growing very fast, we vigilance is not enough。 "Households buy personal consumption, investment growth is very fast, which is very dangerous。 Because we are a high savings countries in the past and this is the great advantage, the advantage quickly, if the savings rate to borrow money than save money growth will also lose。 Therefore, the CBRC will drop lever as a very important aspect, continue to do this work。
"Said Guo Shuqing。
  The industry is widely expected, after the establishment of the silver CIRC will strengthen the capital constraints as the core banking and regulatory。
March 21 the same day, former CBRC official website also issued a new regulation "employees conduct banking financial institution management guidelines", in the post personnel required to sign labor contracts with the banking financial institutions, financial institutions, banking Dong (Li) thing other staff members, members of the board of supervisors and senior management, as well as banking and financial institutions employ or labor-sending agencies signed an agreement to engage in ancillary financial services are required to follow this "guide", risk-based, focusing on prevention practitioners misconduct credit risk induced, liquidity risk, operational risk and reputation risk and other risks。

  Genoa sporting director Diego – Perinetti has not ruled out the possibility of joining Rome Palin, the face of media inquiries, he said that Rome should ask the Director of Monkey。
  According to previous news, due to the possible sale of Allison, Rome therefore possible to introduce Palin as a substitute, Genoa also did not seem to reject the transaction。
  Genoa director, said: "I think the Monkey should stand up and say Rome wants Palin。 They have a superior strength of the goalkeeper (Allison), which is attractive to many giants of attention, so if Rome sell Allison, we need to know who to go to Rome to replace him。
"" I have said many times, Genoa will try to keep Palin, because he is a great player, but it is clear that we can not guarantee that other European teams joined the fight。 If Palin leaving the team, I hope he can at least stay in Italy。 If you want to Sarah Palin Rome, you better ask Monkey。
If you want to Sarah Palin Naples, you should ask Qiongtuo Li。
"" So far, we have not negotiate with the club Palin, we will not negotiate before the end of the season。
He is a great goalkeeper, he can play for big teams, we do not know which teams will be interested。
"(From the Stanford football off)。

The picture shows the victim's blue picture shows the place where the couple overseas network January 17 electric Texas North Houston an upscale murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple blue margin (BaoLam, transliteration) and Liang Jingjing ( JennyLam, transliteration) was murdered execution-style in the city within a secluded luxury home community。
Local Time Harris County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video of the incident on January 16, and offering a reward of $ 5,000 (about 32,000 yuan RMB) looking for two men appeared in the video。 According to the American Chinese news report, Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez (EdGonzalez) released surveillance video of the trouble at press conference。
Paragraph (NorthgateCountryClub) North Gate Community Forest (NorthgateForest) partition video shows at the north gate Country Club, about Thursday (January 11) 20:20, a black Lincoln Cruiser SUV into the area, two men alighted appear in front of surveillance cameras, and forward toward the door, then crawled under the door from the inside。
Then 8:40, the couple surnamed blue monitored photographed driving a Porsche returned home and parked the car into the garage。 Investigators believe the couple surnamed blue ambush in the garage, and the house suspects remanded。 Investigators said that at 2:30 on January 12, monitoring photographed the couple's surname blue gray Porsche leaves the cell, returned to the community in a short time the car until 6:30 before finally leaving the scene。
January 12, two men multiple entry blue house, the police could not confirm whether the man is to appear on the 12th day after the Lin family to enter the same man。
Police said, SUV's driver is African or Hispanic, tall medium build, facial blocked。 The driver and passenger come together male 6-foot-4-inch (meters), he was wearing a printed with "CC jacket, white pants, a dark-colored trousers, a light-colored trousers, his face was not covered。
Sheriff Gonzalez said: "This kind of waste (scum) must be removed from the streets, their brutal execution-style shot two men, two victims were the epitome of the American dream。 "Gonzales said the couple surnamed blue must have been eyeing person, the murderer is likely know both in private。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston on Jan. 16 said it has expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and pay close attention to these cases。 Chinese Consulate General in Houston Consular Affairs, head of Housing-group representation, are closely watching the case and has expressed condolences to the families of the victims。 January 13 evening, the bodies of the couple's surname blue home police found two hands and feet tied, death was gunshot wounds。
An unknown number of firearms in the home, jewelry and other valuables disappeared, including two of the 2016 gray Porsche car, the car on January 14 was found near a parking lot。 Blue surname couple's son, Richard, told a news conference, the parents of their "super hero" to accompany her every step of growth。
Richard said he thought the killer would know the chain's cash parents at home。 Richard said: "They (parents) should not be treated like this, they should have put everything gave the robber。 "Blue surname couple's daughter Michelle (MichelleLam) said that parents go so suddenly, they have not had time to look at his grandson and granddaughter。
It is reported that the blue and Yu Liang Jingjing from China Taiwan and Laos, respectively, moved to the United States in the 1970s, after the university engaged in excessive job, after the start of business, by business sandwich chain Subway (subway) started。
Both business is very successful in the Greater Houston area operated a total of six Subway stores。 Lin put a couple decades charitable cause, a senior local volunteers Jade Buddha Temple。
Local Chinese media said the couple blue to represent their friends in Houston, friends, couples Blue's family is currently in great grief among, if not necessary temporarily to not disturb them。 And referred to the police not allowed to freely outside their families say anything, waiting for everything to be the case more clearly before they can be released。 According to overseas network previously reported, Houston, Texas, the mysterious murder occurred, a pair of 61-year-old ethnic Chinese couple in the city was execution-style murder of a secluded mansion within their own communities, Houston authorities are investigating the case。 According to the "Daily Mail" reported that 61-year-old Chinese man Yu and Liang Jingjing blue Saturday (January 13) by the police found dead at home in Texas。
Police today received two calls Richard's son, Richard alleged to have been a few days can not get in touch with parents。
Richard said his parents' house, no one answered the door or answer the phone, he looked through the window and saw the house was ransacked, then the police。 Police arrived at 21:00 the two houses, broken windows into the room when the police arrived, the two men found the first floor of the morgue, the bodies were tied together and was shot, he believed that the two had died over three days。
A quiet residential incident in Houston and there is security community, property worth millions of dollars, only 18 houses in the community, and there is gated。
Home has been ransacked traces, firearms and other property have been not a trace。 Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez said: "The scene is very chaotic, furniture was overturned, the cabinet is opened, the police will take some time to sort out the field。
"According to investigators said the case of non-random occurrence, they believe that Blu-ray Yu and his wife drove around the parking garage at the home on Thursday (January 11) 20:40, was ambushed。 It is not known whether the case is related to money, Blu-ray has a margin of six sandwich chain in Houston。
Police on Monday (January 15) has started collecting surveillance video near。
The police office said investigators surveillance video may be released this week, and appealed to the public, if you see any unusual things, please call the Harris County Sheriff's Office。
Killed the couple's son, Richard upload parents of photos on Facebook, along with Wen Cheng: "I can not imagine the pain, I never have a chance to say I love them。
"A neighbor said in an interview:" Then a terrible thing happened, I am very worried。 "Another neighbor said:" He used to always bring sandwiches for us to eat。
I have not seen them for a few days, and now I'm scared。 "(Overseas net Zhu Huiyue)。

Postpartum weight loss diets which have female friends after the birth of a baby is more prone to out of shape, body fat situation, so the topic of postpartum weight loss is a lot of female friends are concerned about。 So postpartum how to eat it more conducive to weight loss following small series to bring postpartum weight loss diets for everyone, so eating healthy to lose weight oh!Postpartum weight loss diet with a cup cantaloupe melon, eggs, carrots and celery。
After cantaloupe wash, dig up the seeds。 Beat eggs add a little water, carrots, peeled, diced celery。
Carrots, celery into the egg inside, then put melon。 Then into the steamer, and steam for the egg to be solidified。 Cantaloupe water content, easy satiety, high fiber is conducive to weight loss。
Prepare some vinegar mixed with lotus root lotus root, kelp, carrots。
Salt, soy sauce, vinegar and spices fructose。
Peel and slice lotus root, Sichuan hot water, picked up the drain。
Carrot slices, kelp soaked with water, brine, and then hot water。 Lotus root, kelp, carrots, add seasoning mix well and serve。
The recipe can be digestion product gas line, the gas Water。 Xiao Bian recommended more than two postpartum weight loss recipes, simple, obvious effect, postpartum mothers who may wish to try Oh!Cold tomato soup postpartum weight loss diet to prepare five tomatoes, half a cucumber, half a cup of green pepper and some onions, olive oil。 Tomato washed in a blender, then add cucumber, green tea powder, onion and olive oil, stirred for 20 minutes, then placed in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to eat。
Tomatoes are low in calories and contains dietary fiber may Colon Cleanser。 Fresh melon soup with mushrooms 200 grams of mushrooms, melon, an egg and salt, sesame oil and shallot。 Pot of water boiled into mushrooms, melon and the like was added three minutes after tumbling water, eggs, and salt, egg and chopsticks to a rapidly stirred dispersion, add chicken and sesame oil。