”I am just afraid YuZhuo still frightened, Queen Goddess can help me and the emperor put on a mouth, etc. After years, I intend to stay for a while daughter to the West, and let her own dear father, to get along.”The old lady immediately Pei requests, she was door-ching, Pei Naochun even mention the emperor would not mind, but this risk, or to drop it down, now take a little girl in the house, almost own cousin pushed into the water, I can not go find my father?Besides, the Queen, unable to have children, in good condition, has always been very popular pet, pillow wind blowing, for Xia Rendi very useful.
  ”Yes, of course the line!”Queen thought wh深圳桑拿网at mattered thing, she agreed immediately,” and two days, and I will mention His Majesty!”
  ”Then thank the Queen Goddess.”Pei old lady drinking a sip of tea, said no more.
  She believed that her baby granddaughter will not be scared that something, normally in Yanwu practice, much more than this.
  The past few days, Xia Rendi some bruised and battered, first year to the end of the year, the concubine of you on the rivalry with each other, have to Bibi, who this New Year and he’s in a long time, plus all kinds of hair down to annual ceremony, written word blessing, even if the audience was off, busy enough.
  Finally finished their day, over and over again what the Queen said Pei general’s only daughter, almost off the water in the house, she did not say specifically, only vaguely say what side of the pond rock out, and bla苏州桑拿网ck road at night , it is said that the girl not scared Pei, less than nine years old girl, said to be the imperial doctor diagnosis and treatment of a fright, Pei said the old lady granddaughter wanted to go to the West to see his father, Xia Rendi so how do not agree, direct grant , and if someone is Kurtis himself, he also广州桑拿网 intends to send point Guards to protect it.
  No matter what, do not be an accident in the house, or two days in court, it is necessary to flying a memorial.
  That he just sat

  In the end matter how it became so?
  Before she could say, my cousin do you harm!When I woke up, be sure to let everyone know that your mind is how vicious!
  At this point consciousness is not clear Lin Shu Mother does not understand, the house in Queens, whether lords, Pei old lady, or the Queen, have learned that the whole matter, witnessed the scene, the less ladylike ten, everyone eyes no blind, after clearly see a shadow, somehow run up, telling them that shadow side of Wang Qianmian hit, just in front of that shadow dodge quickly, can do nothing.
  Lin Guojiu sweating cold sweat, how he did not think his daughter, was actually to murder his own天津夜网论坛 niece, you know, to Tianchi is running water, winter and fall once the water for a healthy body bone is not for little girls but to Half-Life, and his own hand distressed girl was wounded, on the other hand a little bit lucky – this is not his ruthless, if it is injured niece, estimated that their own daughter, you had better by a lot of punishment, which he bit brother, out campaign, only child out of trouble at the court, the emperor is not necessarily the gently.
  Pei old lady who had just been nervous, and she is now quite calm, but typical understatement: “Never mind lords, since nothing on the line Yuzhuo.”What would she say it right?She is not what charitable people, no matter Yuzhuo was not injured, almost killed, she was scared enough of, but she is not now ask this.
  ”The old lady, your mother is not sensible Shu.”Queen Mother busy for Lin Shu speak, my 杭州桑拿heart sigh, she wants people to probe the palace, beside the pool all day is certainly something fishy piece of land, combined with behavior Lin Shu Mother this time, the truth has long been clear, I do not know this young age, It is engaged in the effort and who does, really so many years when she was in the palace Baihun.
  ”Nothing, just.”
  ”Just what?”Queen busy questioning, she did a son, loved by the emperor, for fear of this thing to her an

  Perhaps she too fast flash, Lin Shu Mother was actually a foot on the stone, so then a thud, fell down, one after another screaming, thump and the sound of water, wrapped together, particularly harsh.
  Pei Yuzhuo failed to react, to grab people, cousin has down, she never learned to swim – this year, the general did not learn this, she did not know the depth, not any tools around, can only squat, reach out Pull –
  ”Yuzhuo, what do you do if pulled down how to do?”Gu Yu Niang came from nowhere, shook her head disapprovingly at her, she was screaming, ‘someone out of the pool, ah Come on people -‘
  Gu aunt too late to stop her sister and Pei Yuzhuo their own dealings, and she knew the identity of the mother of Lin Shu, quickly make a girl cry eunuchs came, fortunate深圳桑拿网ly, it is not far away and banquets, and soon there are eunuchs over, scramble rescued the trembling of Lin Shu Mother, the Queen sent to the palace, while the women of that, it is already a boil.
  ”Yuzhuo, I will help you to tell the truth.”Liang Gu Gong table quickly,” we have seen, is that the forest girl you have to push you out of the way, she fell off, and you have not even met encounter!”She complacent, very proud, with such a half saving grace, after she finally tied to the top of the warships Kurtis!
  This response came Gu aunt, sister cheeky busy pulling over, and agreeable authentic: “If asked, we will tell the truth.”To see too many people, for whom they are unable to lie, but this Lin Shu Mother, how silly?Pushing people are not pushed it in?If this one was not, why do so many different things a.
  Has been sent to the pal深圳桑拿网ace of the Queen Mother Lin Shu like a monster, is spitting water, she was shaking badly, winter water all day long, really cold, she could not find a little cold

  This show, like the soon to beit has started.
  ”Cousin, you better yet?”Pei Yuzhuo stand up straight, walk these many roads, her head for fear that a further shake up the fight, if not because of dress jewelery, chances are she really out of a tiger style, too boring, she began quietly in her own mind persona杭州夜网论坛lly she wrote to her father’s teaching the art of war, his father said, and so over time, and they put a mouth on His Majesty, to take her to the border for some time.
  Lin Shu Mother voice softly: “Much better, I’ll rest will be just fine.”She pointed to the front,” Cousin, you look at the lights for a while, I take two steps on the line.”On the pool, a lot of vertical floating lanterns, which is arranged in the New Year, but also put a number, she quietly walked behind their own cousin, the hearts of the Pan nausea and so on Lantern Festival, she do not understand, her the good cousin, how can this be born burly, you know, when is fragile woman to look thin, look at her, then look cousin, who believe that they are actually a year of life, one is the end of the year students.
  Pei Yuzhuo very obedient, she quietly watched the head南宁夜网 of the light, began to wonder in my heart, I do not know that the father in the West, so nice to see the lights do?Altogether this time, with the Boxing send some just do not know good delivery, to ask Guards who she is very sensitive ears, hear the wind coming from behind –
  ”Ah -” I heard a long scream, a Lin S北京桑拿hu mother, and she was thrown forward.
  Pei Yuzhuo a Ji Ling, Wang Fuji when she was teaching martial arts, often practiced behind this assault, of course, the mast

  Lin Shu Mother sly smile, she Shaoai some of the sub, did not let Pei Yuzhuo see her face, she would have let the maid in fact ready, after all she is the daughter of lords, the queen’s palace servant girl is holding she, Imperial Garden surrounding this scene, she had a clear and tangible, in the past this trail, then turn two bends, then to become the Tianchi, that water has been very deep, two years of time in the last generation, Xia Rendi there are two concubines happened in this dispute, a fall into the pool, and later fin杭州桑拿d out, it was actually a few cobblestone street, I do not know when to become loose, human foot slip, it will fall, Lin Shu Mother in this life early began to prepare, and soon found the exact place, today the palace did not take long, put on those stones is anointed with oil, is leveraging.
  She may not like the last gener深圳桑拿ation, as in the feast, silly pushed her good cousin, she finally this body is clearly very good healthy cousin, actually just a drop of water, they begin to pretend to be sick, she had to go to the temple harmful practice, and later Zaoxin marry that thing, loss of body and perennial angry, a few years after marriage, life is gone, of course, enemies one by one newspaper, the good is her first cousin, do not know in this life drowning in the palace banquet, she has brought up a drowned rat, but also as the last generation do the same good luck?
  ”Sister, I want to go there to see the garden.”Gu Yu Niang came to the temple several times, and she noticed the direction of Lin Shu Mother to go immediately and sister report, making potential should play.
  ”No.”Gu aunt very much opposed, for fear of what this sister and nonsense, 杭州桑拿can not stay, she would watch stood up, there is no way she can keep up with, the two together, a lot of annoying little lady sitting too now over, say so wh

  He dared to do?He can do?Gu Chengxiang immediately knelt down and apologized as he says he is hearing rumblings outside, and even sell a position sev上海419论坛eral sects disciples, to the Prince of loyalists with reading, just to care liang words, what he lost, and more went.
  Gu Yu Niang naturally still want to fight, she just thought that his mistaken, may be the father slapped, she would say a word, and finally was sent back to the house, began in solitary 南宁夜网confinement, in addition to excuses Buddha simply can not get out the door, if you want to see Pei Yuzhuo, it is no way of things!She had to pretend cute, dormant now, today palace banquet, before they get out of a chance.
  She had thought well, his stubborn father, she had to act on their own, today palace feast, look for opportunities and Pei Yuzhuo certain sets of cotton, not just Pei Yuzhuo time, she noticed Lin Shu Mother and maidservants in what is commanded, and later on Pei Yuzhuo laugh strange, Gu Yu Niang after guess who the other is the rebirth of the heart with the number, which Lin Shu Mother likelihood, is going to hurt Pei Yuzhuo, Oh, she should not even think to succeed in this motherfucker Lin Shu!
  It is also just a chance, can in front of Pei Yuzhuo, then brush face.
  ”Cousin, you can accompany me to look at it that 南宁夜网garden?”Lin Shu Mother little face pale, West Peng Xin do like,” I played little in poor health, and perhaps too many people, some stuffy chest, few people want to go to a place to take a breath.”
  Pei Yuzhuo hesitated for a moment, should be directly under, she was alert, does not mean nothing can be done, Lin Shu

  Although his father did not believe, you can hear her say pretentiously, but also what the Prince has been spent, but also what the two princes to the throne, is what he and Dairo were both killed the Prince of drag, much deliberation, there have been doubts emotions.
  She build on the progress, brains, think of those who have heard of the legend of the last generation, Prince began became public, she has married into someone’s home, her husband, just official career soon, get first-hand what the message, such as Hugh was later abandoned back home, things about Prince, is home to the forbidden word, she did not dare mention did not dare to ask, but 杭州夜网论坛for the father to shake, she must hold back my heart, since his father is intended to be dynamic, that is willing to have hit the snake with a stick Gu liang will say a few well-known thing, what Prince Palace murder people, flogging eunuch.If you remember correctly, these things should have happened this time.
  Then Gu liang will not look at his father, frowning, he said he would go to confirm those days, Gu liang simply too proud, in her view, can stand as long as the father of the team, her father had a prime minister, but also a promising brother, which would be the same as the previous life, met a ruthless husband, and finally come to a dead ending work.
  Can not Lehe Two days later, the father will overcast with a straight face back, he shouted to her study, severely rebuked the meal, told her, she said, everything is simply 南宁桑拿non-existent, what Royal Empress cats, but also a good in the animal park possessor; father Prince around, all of them are no reported injuries reported dead; even the Prince of Orient House spending, but also completely not high, very frugal, did not appear anything extravagant, shoulder to shoulder with

  Ruan Guohua born British Gas faces, even has several of the thirty, temples give birth to white hair, but conceal the body of the spirit, he lowered his voice, “to wife also should spend more!”
  No woman does not like a gift, and no woman can stand their loved ones to say words of love.
  Even Fang Xiulan and Ruan Guohua married almost ten years, but the feelings of the two remains the same.
  Fang Xiulan had to mouth the words blame, Ruan Guohua to be blocked a tightly, Spring House.
  Next morning, Nguyen rain get up, staring at Fang Xiulan looked good glances, how she felt up one night, the sound of their own mother looked a bit, especially the eye brow suffused with gentle water, really is not nice the.
  Nguyen stared to rain.
  Fang Xiulan gentle smile, put up in the morning to rain Dion eggs Zaotang pumping out privately and gave it to the girl, “to see what?”
  Nguyen rain grinned, “Mom look good!”Fang Xiulan facial features on the students of this good, oval face, big eyes, eyes a bit wrinkled, but this sort of wrinkles but added a bit feminine, plus Nguyen rain these 北京兔兔体验网days, intentionally or unintentionally, by manna to their own mother conditioning the body, so Fang Xiulan skin, even a little better than before.
  Early in the morning it was to praise their own daughter, Fang Xiulan give birth to a little embarrassed, she laughed a little, “I have a good long, my daughter also looks good!”This is the truth, and perhaps some time ago sick with fever, their own daughter suddenly sprout a lot of other people can not see it, but also to see if the mother does not change out of their own daughter.
  Nguyen rain smiling, “that is my parents who let a long good-looking!”The original body is lug advantage Ruan Guohua and Fang Xiulan to two long, the foundati

  ”No, I was wondering who the ghost is.”
  In a sense, the case of Zhou Yan Suxin character and quite like jade, can not figure out what she did not want the.
  Here is where its care, she wondered if anyone else has something, and.Who is the ghost in the end.
  ”Oh?Who do you think is?”This kidnapping to be successful, whenever there is a brain knows there must be the ghost, but Yang night a little curious, this person can not face reality.
  ”The Ghost at least two,” said Yan Suxin, listening to quiet down for a while, then eyes fell on a pole not far after, “then tried to kill my son is a man, there is a.People are hiding behind pillars.”
  She said the last part, the sound more freely light.
  In fact, she did not particularly angry, angry for what it?Disappointment came to a head, there is no need for the angry.
  ”Your own mother, you okay?”Seeing the Qinhuai An out from behind the pillar, Yan Suxin did not hold back and asked for such a sentence.
  Qinhuai An hesitated, confused eyes flashed: “What did you say?What biological mother?”
  ”You do not know?”If the mood in front of Yan Suxin fairly stable, where she heard of

  ”The incident afraid not enough strength, not get them to give up hope.”Du said Assistant.
  Shen Xiao eyebrow, taking a cigarette point, after pumping the two, only narrowed his eyes and said: “If so, then again the next strong medicine.”
  Shen Xiao waved his hand, said: “When this thing is not to talk about it, after all, is a risky move, can not to do.”
  Thought, he told Du assistant: “You go to check out the white Mu Qing He Liyuan Hui is what this woman is not a fool, and if she was coming down on us, and she blew the whistle with Liyuan Hui put the matter to let her having failed in the entertainment industry, and if it does not matter with us, do not ignore her.”
  Du assistant quickly nodded yes, th苏州桑拿网en added: “I have taken this information, sent early in the morning, before you let me check Miss dance class, incidentally, I checked the other.”
  Shen Xiao frown, snappily said: “You just can give me!Bring!”
  Du assistant handed him a file quickly, very aggrieved to think, he came in, he was asked Lai Shen Xiao grabbed things, never even mention the opportunity to other things, and it will say, it will not be too late.
  Du assistant, said: “The result of the survey, a bit strange, she did not miss on any dance classes, whether before or now, have not.”
  Shen Xiao squinting, then turned and began to read the information carefully.

Chapter 101
  In fact, much of the contents of that information, Shen Yu single life, two first-line, even if she usually check communicative, just a few words to.
  Can precisely because it北京桑拿 is too simple, it seems more suspicious.
  Shen Xiao quickly read two pages, is caught after a long silence, Du assistant dare disturb him, after passing quietly make way behind