Kohiki evening, breezy, good early rise, a man I take the time to climb the roof top, not to shade, nor is it like to visit other Kunlun vast, ancestral Lang Ching Wan Shan bear the heavy snow of wonders, And that makes Xinjing sway, proud afterglow of sunset, gorgeous sunset.Only one reason: Which is hanging dried apricots.  I was born and raised in Shaanxi Guanzhong baby earth, seen overwhelming, contiguous rows of a variety of persimmon tree, home walnut tree, red jujube, not how great orchard.But, like along an infinite, gigantic big apricot, moving the Qianwan Mu, moving the production of one hundred thousand tons, Ying-day blocks out the sun, which is rare occasion vast knows no boundaries.As long as the experience of picking apricots drying season, the whole orchard floor carport, whole wheat fields and squares, as well as roadside and pasture roof, green everywhere dense, glistening, chubby, such as gold jade, such as mountain sweet Hairuo tired tired, fragrant, golden yellow butterfly strokes provoke bees, bright as platinum, Canruo sunset apricot dry, really moved by the occasion, people suddenly sigh experienced and pious people of South Xinjiang majestic mind and Taizhiruoyu.    Classification and rumors summer Meteors in July, has come to the middle after the southern end of apricots still have not got the meaning of.Apricots large family, variety, quality, taste, color effect is not the same.All I know is dedicated to dry apricots apricot color Amat, such apricots flesh hypertrophy, less water, high sugar content material.The fresh and presented their loved ones, entertain friends, there are huge physical, flesh plump, sweet juice large apricot; there are a lot of popular varieties of its fresh and delicious, full of meat thin, carefully peel off, will be bright colors, such as the potential Crab, fragrant.Its benefit-core (non-stick wood core); also flesh and core sticking very close and difficult to separate; as well as sheep Stan as thin delicate, this is a local apricots retain varieties, low yields, though not the way good-looking, but chewy environmental protection, as well as eggs in soil nutrition, taste fresh, stand, Gaorenyichou.There are many called on the name of the variety to choose from.  He said: “eat peach, apricot wounding plum tree dead lift.”It is a bit alarmist, I think any good things, eager for their appreciation, so long addicted addiction binge drinking or overeating, exterminate gluttonous feast, it will provoke the mishaps.It is because of the time and place of or lack of health knowledge, the occurrence of pesticide poisoning or perhaps.Normal tasting and appreciation will not appear much of a security problem.  Rather eat a fresh apricot, do not eat rotten peach basket.Righting a wrong to be too positive, this is my beads Hui insights for insights.I had not belittle the nutritional value of peaches, apricots and out of thin air to raise the special status of the.Celery, radish, all have love.Since the Xinjiang this three or four years, was invited to participate in the Apricot Festival several times, picking apricots and walnuts festival harvest festival, I would like here apricots and walnuts thin-skinned.    Accept gifts apricot my home was a wooden horse called the mention of Uighur apricot owner gift, each have several large cardboard box, about dozens of kilograms.Eat and eat, want to give it away, and everyone has felt less rare on the market, only one to two yuan one kilogram.Want at home dry shade, in fact, it is also impossible unrealistic.Because even the best apricots, as long as mature, it will naturally becomes soft, sweet until bad, even rotten ulcers occur attract gnats, air pollution.After washing with water it can not ted, it can not be expected as the water evaporates quickly as pipeline.Because, apricots Xinjiang because of special lighting and weather conditions, abundant, its high sugar content.There is also a very meager water, air and light must be in place to dry, so the sun has a strong role to absorb moisture, quick drying and ripening sterilization, there is such a hot-air swimming warm, clean and comfortable environment, optimum drying.Less than one week or slightly longer time, the original rounded fullness of fresh apricots will gradually become wrinkled, and then close the water concentration, and the colors are bright, the texture soft, lingering aftertaste, the essence of apricots will not have too much of dissemination and lose.    Dried apricots drying tower where my family Kashgar, the floor is not too high, only six.The design features a straight-through, you can go directly from the roof ceiling.This design has many advantages: it can expand the scope of activities, broaden their horizons, but also for fitness venues; can be drying clothes; things can be in full bloom, enjoy the scenery, flowers boxing, cock fighting, dog-walkers.Of course, there is such a good environment, not to use air dried apricots, it seems a pity.  Sun roof on top floor, there are a few square meters of the small platform, both subtle and smooth, high four sides, intermediate level, up from watching other parts of the roof, is not easy to find the most suitable air dried apricots.My horses are dried apricots time to take advantage of the early morning air is cool, the sun is not how vicious put up until careful observation, flip, stir a few times, when fully meet the collection standard is down to pick up collection.  Dried apricots drying frighten most worried about the cold weather or hail encounter rainy.When this kind of weather when overcast sunny, sometimes thunder and lightning, sometimes torrential rain, the rain feet like hemp, once dried apricots are injured or are prolonged soaking rain, there will be spots or mildew, become contemptible hair feces garbage even barely dry, its quality and taste will be greatly reduced, but will lose many nutrients.    Harvest pride sunset, red sun sink Ruxikunlun cove of a mountain, colorful, colorful, splashing out ten thousand stunning sunset backlighting, reflects the distant mountains steep Leng lofty outline.And not far away in the south, within reach of a series of snow-like white barrier Kunlun Mountains, the Asian tournament angel teen idol, Qionglouyuyu, stands in Yunshan amid the fog, the tall Cui Wei, watching from the side glance.The famous Chogori, the “tip of the father” reputation Ata peak, kongur nine other on the show in front of the Peaks.Whole sky is blue, such as washing, there are a few belated wild geese flying.At this time, the full moon is also eager East, I can not wait to be cited frivolous soft white clouds high care, with a large retinue, the hustle and bustle to climb out of the horizon.She is big and round, like most of a beautiful girl handsome face, thoroughly dazzling in the warm evening breeze, elegant, charming fresh.While I speed up, he kept picking up the fruits of labor, while multi want to look at this light and shadow, day and night, brilliant and utterly still thousands of miles long days in the transfer of ever-changing interpretation of gorgeous scenery.  At this moment, I feel very open, happiness was straight to jump straight to burst into tears, feel dizzying, not enough heart, two hands completely suck the sweet dried apricots in syrup, just felt slimy fragrant, sweet white Sang Sang, carrying a bag of dried apricots time downstairs, I step back, like a miss as every Sanqiu lover, reluctantly looking back, lamenting this summer the most wonderful scenery, really want to enjoy the cool air upstairs family about the experience, so that they again share a memorable return to the moments of beauty, bearing in mind this very moment rapture.    2011-7-16 (about 2200 words)

One night, a large passenger airliner was flying en route.Marshals found a suspicious middle-aged man, he stepped forward to cross-examination, the man suddenly violent revolt, but was quickly subdued marshals.  Just when marshals handcuffed him, the man said coldly: Do not get too excited, I would have placed a bomb on the plane wing pressure, as long as the plane fell from an altitude of 10,000 meters to 2000 meters altitude, the aircraft will be blown to pieces by bombs!  After examination, there are really two bombs under the wings!How to do?At 10,000 meters altitude impossible to dismantle a bomb, but not landing aircraft can not always.Mangjiang marshals told the news to the captain, the captain thought for a moment, turned decisively the course.  An hour later, the plane landed safely at an airport, crew safe and sound.The man stunned, he can not think, how will sensitive pressure bomb did not explode?  Since the pressure bomb explosion at an altitude of 2000 meters, then simply select above an altitude of 2000 meters of altitude landing can from danger.For example, Mexico City up to 2300 meters above sea level, where the plane landed is safe.

Let me be a burst of cold sweat and manic burst of heat will not flow out and will not let the cold cold inside my heart and bone marrow air conditioning guarding a confusion between a calm air conditioner with a person with love and care racked brains turned down belly gut is not able to get what they want it to himself hung upside down the air conditioning it also learned that it seize people’s ascetic side of the wall in order to be able to see through the house and the house of the people, “Oh, you can then cold a little “, ‘Oh, it’ ‘Oh, you can reheat it,’ ‘Oh, it’ it is more than a person’s heat in the winter Hachu greater certainty at this time of the doors and windows are closed but who is we turn off a broader air doors and windows will not let our enthusiasm in vain who discovered a round spring with the air conditioning so that we may no longer be as eager to migrate long distances, like a migratory bird endure a tired it contracted the air conditioning unit and extend the human imagination for the bizarre earth a spread of air conditioning is not given to another reality between us and the air is able to take away and to reconcile the people of an air conditioner, it can be One Another person family and friends

[REVIEW] is a miracle created by human beings, in the rapid development of modern science and technology process, no idea is not implemented, I believe that in the near future, will be available real air car traffic in the city will get a real sense of stress reliever.      I remember growing up seeing a movie, What the film can not recall now, just remember that where there is such a plot: a hovercraft away from water to land, unimpeded opened from any obstacle, and those car house, etc. after it opened, but all intact, remains the same.At that time I thought, if the car is equipped with such a cushion, you can mountain foot flying everywhere, no longer limited to what the highway, even pressure to hit people who do not bloodshed that nice.    I remember that year, the country is still work day, and did not know turn to such a message on which the magazine: Singapore police equipped with air cushion police car, the car can take advantage of car air cushion generated when there is an obstacle, helping the car easily across an obstacle, especially when highway traffic jam, it can fly directly from the front of the car, compared to a helicopter, this car driving away to chase criminals are most effective.It is said that the Singapore police out of the police when an emergency call is not starting, but called an emergency take-off.  But today when I search the Internet, but can not find this information, I do not know if this is a year of information science fiction.Not to mention that this information is true, even if it is science fiction, the idea and we are now living closer to much, after all, after all, can not be identical with the hovercraft air car under a layer of rubber plus stuff like inflation, the real air car should be with the help of gas to complete normal car can not complete the action.    With the growing popularity of the continuous improvement of the human condition, continuous innovation and development of technology, automobile and other means of transport in the next world, the urban development pattern will change a lot.  Size of the city will become increasingly large, high-rise buildings everywhere will be the time scales than the comb, endless traffic city roads, woven into a giant network, the city together into one network.  Of life, dealing with every day in this city with the car and the road network, traffic jams have become a common occurrence, the city has become a commonplace accident, security issues become problems of modern society are most concerned about.  How to reduce and avoid accidents, and has become a hot topic in modern society, of course, relying solely on the traffic police day and night to keep filling the fine alone on the roadside, have been behind the future of urban development, we should start from the car itself departure, be taken into account in terms of safety, convenience, practicality, development and production of new automotive products.  Air car this vision is in line with the trend of the future of urban development, of course, we do not like can be seen in science fiction movies like, you can let the car everywhere, but at least at the time of urgent need, the use of air cushion across any obstacles was solid for the automotive plug in a pair of wings, take off to achieve the effect of a certain sense.    Just search on Baidu readily to such a message, that is also the future of the city and the world of cars.City of the future is kind of how it, the United States, “Popular Science” reported that according to “Future City” design competition winner, in the future of the city, the city will no longer use the car fuel in the traditional sense as a propellant, and with alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, the city will be full of fog collection and utilization as a supplementary source of human life, city life was full of people in the future will be skyscrapers, intricate lines of communication.  Finally, the winner of this game is a company called IwamotoScott architectural firm, they are specially designed for this purpose called “hydrogen network” urban underground transport network, using the Internet and computer networks similar principles, the overall network uses distributed architecture, network no connection hub or central station.The tunnel is made of a carbon nanotube network, capable of storing large amounts of hydrogen energy, where people can open circle filled with hydrogen fuel automobile, an automobile can always on the tunnel wall to inflate.  Of course, these are just the future of urban life and the idea of traffic conditions, but also can be seen on modern concerns the future of urban traffic generated, it is also the future sociologists, scientists must be concerned with the problem.    The ancients saw the birds, I think you want to have a huge pair of wings, fly freely in the sky.  Today appeared the aircraft, spacecraft and other aircraft to achieve the aspirations of mankind for thousands of years of flying.  Modern urban traffic congestion, the germination of the people some new ideas for the future means of transport, the demand for air cushion vehicles is no longer just imagine the problems, and become a modern city, an urgent need for the future of transportation.  Miracles are created by human beings, in the rapid development of modern science and technology process, no idea is not implemented, I believe that in the near future, will be available real air car traffic in the city will get a real sense of pressure, ordinary people off the dream will become a reality.

Nanshan beans, mining Ju Dong, the night comes licking wine, leisurely fall asleep, I also know how the ancients living a comfortable leisure!    This person holding the mouse, eyeing big screen, they travel outside the thousands of years, is this not the great saphenous between downtown and enjoy the minute of leisure!    Tori Nanshan, bustling today, not clean.Hermit distant era is not without a trace, change is hidden in the house, the same is off from the downtown World.    Bliss stolen half a day!False leisure!    I do not know too busy the rest of the!Really idle!    True that of free space.    At the moment there is no time, empty nothing, time of accumulation can not break in, who know the years of the geometry!    Busy busy to forget, only so-called empty!    Buddha said: empty even color, sex is zero.Until the space-time does not matter, it is the true idle.    None of the mining Ju, on the virtual network!    No idle, idle too!    Leisure does not matter, so naturally idle!

1, Adam and Eve should not be empty Tousijinguo Eden no longer quiet a crying crying away from another what they require evidence to wealth and status or nothingness regardless of addition and subtraction, or the answer to modern technology this law of life, after all, even a zero brilliant meteor that’s just indicative of imminent ruin on the eve of the fall is the real reality of all of every mast scull Huifei nothing concrete Zen meditation is a return to basics that enlightenment is only five aggregates emptiness 2, in addition to space for an ideal world there a virtual space, how many people were captured his thoughts in a chat with fans snapped curse discussion at the forum called feelings on the site boring to walk a little attention might also release some virus which is a typical geek Grasshopper composition of the team from the real world into the virtual world is not good enough in this splendid return to and from virtual reality is a kind of helpless flesh occupy our souls the reality of the world we greedily plunder virtual space where the real waste of very limited resources Unfortunately, each page behind every domain is a wonderful world we can in Law edge of walking in vacuo

The woman broke into the office of Interpol captain, was in 2007 when the New Year bell sounded about.At that time, Lu Qi busy living hand, looked out the window being opened.The window to a police officer apartments, the old Secretary of dormitory lights are still lit.Old director has been carefully nurtured him, he also admired the old leadership from the heart.Tomorrow, Secretary to retire the old, to go back to his hometown in Zhejiang.What souvenirs to send it to the point?Lu Qi reluctantly thought, shoving the old director wrote often mention protectors words on New Year’s day calendar.Just then, a young woman rushed in spite of arresting, looked flustered, incoherent, repeatedly said: My husband is gone, gone Lu Qi managed to calm her down.It turned out that she called Xiaoyu, opened a curtain draper, husband Palestinian people to work in the county power company, from work after helping food business.Eight o’clock in the evening, Palestinian people riding electric car to go out for a long time did not return, nobody answered his cell phone Xiaoyu hit the streets to find a few hours gone forever, so he came to the Interpol brigade report.Lu Qian Wei said, although it is now the middle of the night, but still very lively street, a man Palestinian people, there would be no danger, you may encounter a friend went drinking.Xiaoyu hastily shook his head, said she and the Pakistani people married only a year, usually always together, go out to the Palestinian people have talked about a good, middle of the night did not come home like this, sure something was wrong.Lu Qi Q: Pakistani people, and go cycling or playing?Xiaoyu said: he was riding electric bicycle.Lu Qi heart of a dynamic, fifty thousand population of the county has more than ten thousand motorcycles, who can not tell when it will crash, then call the traffic police force, and sure enough, they say, nine at night accident occurred, a motorcycle and electric vehicles hit by a car, the two men went into the hospital.Listening to Xiaoyu started crying and ran.Lu Qi one did not stop, will be followed to the hospital.To the hospital saw no wounded Palestinian people.Just then, the phone rang Xiaoyu, showing a text message: your husband was kidnapped, limit you to take ten thousand yuan ransom tomorrow morning at eight, not to alarm.Or just missing now become kidnapped!Qi Lu Xiaoyu back to the panic of the police made a record, tune out the caller ID, ask Xiaoyu can recognize the phone owner, Xiaoyu shook his head blankly, Lu Qi said the stranger how have your phone number?Xiaoyu explained, doing business is the number of cards spread everywhere.Lu Qi and contact the communications department to verify, but found that the registration of identity card purchase is false, that is to say, impossible to find this person!No clue.Lu Qili namely old director made a report.Old Secretary decisive set up a task force, and personally, he wants to run the final one case before the hand over power to his own painting to a successful conclusion.He ordered Lu Qi, all police leave canceled, the unified command of Lu Qi, to go all out to solve the case as soon as possible, so that the people live a peaceful years.After starting the emergency procedures, Qi Lu Xiaoyu continued to be questioned.Lu Qi asked the Pakistani people are doing it out?Xiaoyu told him that a young man to buy curtains, to the Palestinian people to volume size, and the Palestinian people want to go with Xiaoyu, the young man said only six windows, one is enough, just like he went to the Palestinian people.Lu Qi Q: The young man looked like?Xiaoyu understand what he meant, saying: That man but twenty years old, wearing glasses, thin and small, a head shorter than the Palestinian people.Lu Qi asked: Palestinian people riding electric cars do not have any marks?Xiaoyu said: In order to Geely, I tied a red cloth on a handlebar.A skinny man to kidnap a tall man on the street is impossible, it can only proceed from the electric car.Lu Qi decided to diverge, a team went Xiaoyu relatives, neighbors investigation, another team to conduct an intensive search in the city, looking retro red cloth tied to the electric car.If criminals hijacked the Palestinian people, the car certainly remain in place, there is the possibility the crime scene.Lu Qi has been in turn the brain, any crime is a causal relationship, criminals kidnapping, for love?Enemies?For money?After a child, the survey information is fed back, Lu Qi has surprised.Xiaoyu and never had improper dealings with other men, and the Palestinian people is recognized as an honest person, they have no enemies, grudges with people.If it was for money, adventure criminals kidnap a person for only one yuan, it seems unlikely.Despite extensive experience Lu Qi, but have never met such a purpose without committing the crime.He baffled, perhaps only the Palestinian people can get to the bottom to find.At this time, Lu Qi can only hope the other team officers.When dawn came the good news in the Phoenix area two kilometers away Building III found the Palestinian people of the electric car!Lu Qi lift your spirits and immediately arranged for district residents, renters personnel investigation.This quickly identified, 205 rooms were rented to a stranger, according to the situation of the homeowner, in full compliance with the physical characteristics Xiaoyu said, but it is the false ID card registration when buying cell phones!Criminals have surfaced.Lu Qi reported the situation to the old director, then bring people toward the Phoenix area in Building III.They opened the security door 205 room, living room and no one has a cell phone on the coffee table.Xiaoyu took a look to say, this is the Palestinian people’s phone!Careful Lu Qi busy motioned her not to speak.He found the left there is a small room, it has also the placement of the security door!Door to door, this is a coincidence cloth authorities!Lu Qi to understand the situation with homeowner.The owner told him that people are renting from Zhejiang to do business, the man said when the little financial room to room, usually keeping bills in cash, so to install security doors.Homeowners also said that the city has more than a thousand foreign businessmen, we are doing so, gotta be careful away from home.Lu Qi door still feel suspicious.No trace of the house to do business like that with what anti-theft locks?What is hidden behind the door?Lu Qi waved, everyone immediately aimed his gun wickets.A policeman stepped forward to open the door and cried, Freeze!Policemen!After a child, a man from the house, strange to say, you want to do?Xiaoyu cried, Pakistani people!He rushed over and hugged the man began to cry.It turned out that person is Palestinian People.Pakistan Xiaoyu patting people on the shoulder and said, do not cry, do not cry.Does anyone bully you anyway?Police find so much to do?Xiaoyu said, oh!The police are here to save you!Pakistani people somehow say, I do save?It was all right I?Lu Qi put away the gun.The famous mountain town detective is confused at the moment.Lu Qi told the Palestinian people, he came here with that amount of client window size, the amount of finished outside, he entered into this little room, I do not know how, small room security door snapped shut.Customer explained that he accidentally hit the door, the door is reversed position, open on the inside.Customers outside with a key to open the open, no, it said it might not be the key, he went to get people to the Palestinian people do not worry, just wait in the house.Pakistani people not to wait until midnight to see people come to the sleepy, to sleep in bed until I have been awakened.Lu Qi Q: the customer does?Pakistani people shook his head: I do not know.Lu Qi said: Palestinian people, that person is not a client, he is deliberately kidnap you!Pakistan People neck stem: Impossible!He did not kidnap me!He did not beat me call me, just do not accidentally shut the door badly, how this is kidnapping?You police overreaction!Lu Qi was about to explain, then they sent me a text message, Xiaoyu will be 10,000 yuan of money into the designated account, Xuanwu District, Nanjing Bank is a bank.After Lu Qi asked the old director, Nanjing and contact the police surveillance, while people rushed to Nanjing with net in order to be twists and turns, and finally in the Nanjing Railway Station to arrest criminals, immediately report the good news to the old Secretary.However, Lu Qi was a little uneasy.He said in a phone call to the old Secretary of criminals in the case, which is a twenties young man, Wen Wen quiet, not like a criminal record, but killed him not guilty, kept saying that he did not break the law, I do not know not a novelty.Old Secretary uncharacteristically no further instructions, simply put, know.You come back to say it.Having hung up the phone.Back to the Force, Lu Qi personally Tushen, but the young man was not guilty, he said something that surprised Lu Qi, I do not sin!This is not a kidnapping, but a bet!Lu Qi confused, bet?There are so bet it?It turned out that the young man is a master of online games, the story of a passion for the detection of reasoning, he said criminals stupid, if I commit a crime, the police can not certainly break.Others say he was bragging, he and others bet, bet 10,000 yuan.Lu Qi lad oblique glance, you say I have sinned, it is merely an intellectual game, which is called Cool!Do you understand?Besides, my father is the police, I’m going to do a crime?Lu Qi was about to say something, old Secretary livid face came.See a young man, and quickly stood up and said, Dad, you say to them, I am not guilty.Lu Qi suddenly ignorant.what?This is the son of the old Secretary?I saw the old Secretary teeth, majesty said, shut up!I command you in the name of an old policeman and father, plead guilty!Having turned our backs went to the window to go.Frightened young man said, Dad, you’re my son, you can not die no matter what I!He said, but also on land odd splash about knees, and cried gaffe, Uncle, you say something!You save me ah!Lu Qi walked in front of the old Secretary.Old director burst into tears, he took out his handkerchief and wiped his face, no doubt to say, continue questioning!Lu Qi snapped a stand at attention, is!He knew that the old Secretary hearts bleed.This is the last piece of the old Secretary handled the case, he used this unusual way for three decades of his own police career painting the holy period!

Throughout the ages, Yin flowers, Yong spent countless poems and songs, the title of which were multi-Mei.Over the years, Plum has been the object of literati contention Wing brush.Yin people or their clear all forms of God, or chant their charm alone wins, or song that Day parade faithful.    Mei, is one of the three friends of winter, ranking first in the four gentlemen of.It muscle that nowhere else in early spring, not afraid of cold, frost fighting Aoxue, elegant and noble.It “tall and graceful color coated in ice, in the cold heart Chen Li Tao”.Plum it never failing to follow the bees and butterflies around depressed and lost, too thin drift peach, plum it is always “no intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealous” do not learn from it, selfless, no complaints, no regrets quietly in bloom among the cold.    Plum natural beauty Fang- having its beautiful flower diverse and colorful elegant color, beautiful flower position polymorphic, floral fragrance very hot.Our forefathers plum with four virtues, beginning Rui Yuan, flowering as Henry, knot into, mature into infidelity, so many who Aimei world.People not only love their Shuyinghengxie elegant charm and pleasant fragrance, but also love their Aoxue fighting cream, humble and fearless spirit.”Number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.”Say is this spirit.Since ancient times, it was a gentleman plum delight by those who, in their hearts, it has long become a noble, tenacious symbol.    Other flowers are usually open only in the spring, but can plum different, even if it is blowing cold wind, shine it is winter setting sun, still single plum blossoms branches, clusters of flowers in the cold the charming swaying, dancing…The more cold, more wind bully snow pressure, plum open spirit survived, the more beautiful, elegant plum faithful to the attitude demonstrated a quiet and elegant and indomitable people to the United States.Aimei believe world, because people came to realize that plum spirit and strength of character plum, plum appreciate the character and temperament, so they are extremely loved and fishes plum preference.    The ancients said this sentence: “plum blossom from the bitter cold,” Plum afraid of cold, wind, rain and snow after a temper, so the flowers do not become more beautiful, more fragrant.Bach Mai, immaculate; bloom, pure and lovely; Plum, elegant; Plum, beautiful and refined, plum unique charm and fragrance that can help people captivated, it is to bring joy to people’s lives enjoy the beauty.Plum is not only a master in the elegant demeanor appreciate the ancient and modern love Mei Renshi praise it, but also to its plum The muscle, Ling Han fragrant and has been hailed as the essence of the nation, is respected and respected the world.    In fact, the very young, I fell in love with the plum.A “Hongmei Zan” Listen to always make me excited, I cousin Mei situation of Chinese classics “home” inside I had a kind of plum blossom difficult to express feelings, since then, I Aimei deeper.    I remember when I read junior high school, in our school campus there is a bloom, I remember when a winter garden trees bloom, scent the air, I was sitting in a classroom far can smell its fragrance.Bloom is really beautiful, it blossoming glamorous fragrance, pure and lovely, with that pro with dew haze, then pour love Yurun charm, always makes me Anna, like extremely.Remember that time, until the school campus Azeri scattered later, I still secretly fold a few branches, home inserted in glass bottles, placed bedside, I sleep with it so that Mei Xiang.    Later, after I got married, I bought a bird market in a bloom, planted himself in front of the house home, careful irrigation, care, growing on the bloom seems to know what I was thinking, growth was particularly good, every winter, I bloom near the tree, found blooming flowers bloom for me smile, or their belief, or leaning, or thought, or language, or dance, posture odd anomaly scene, splendid garden trees.Then winter morning, there is always a plume of fragrance bloom floated to me from the window.    Mei Xiang Yun snow that memory is a light in my life, it is always reflected the most beautiful and brightest color.    Plum, there is a rhyme, but there is a soul, spineless.Plum she only boring winter bloom, she was decorated with winter ice and moving, extraordinary mood.Not with plum flowers Zhengchun, but forecast the arrival of spring to people in winter season.I always forget Chairman Mao’s “Plum Blossom,” a poem: “Qiao Zheng Chun is not only the spring report.Until the time when flowers are blooming, it leaves laughing.”Yes, I love plum, I love it and innocence, I love it Ling Han alone show, gritty I love it, I love it selfless dedication.    ”If not some cold biting, which fragrant plum blossom?”Mei, is to spend the firm’s highest integrity.Plum is a winter elves, snow sister, messenger of spring, plum excellent high quality, tough and tenacious spirit Mei always worth every one of us to learn and develop.    I love plum, I would like to do a plum like the same person, I want to be like that forever plum virtuous, modest, strong, indomitable, determined to forge!

You seem to always miss seems tired of always busy when flowers are blooming in the spring to see their hidden colors so beautiful but you do wash Magnificence hang some flies you write the years in the twinkling of an eye the other end of life’s fleeting bloom youth entangled in a dream you dream indifferent crazy how many stray outside the blame to turn the tide just fell in love with foliage dependent eternal life in the rain you sigh pity to let go of it and that is the sad fate that no one can not escape the change in the cycle of changes outside the Red We are changing each other of the original appearance of piety in the past filled with memories of the oath heart of the eternal moment only delivered to a pure color that the color of spring earlier than accompany the lonely snow cold season added a touch of elegant the fragrance of pure ice ice is not sad that you do not like plain beautiful face to make you proud and independent breeze frost do not mess this world

REVIEW sky became blue, high, clouds become white, and pale, and the autumn.Heaven noisy gradually died down, a lot of gentle thunder and lightning storm, and occasionally noisy brought a modicum of autumn.  Autumn just arrived, very much like spring hidden in the winter in the same, it’s still shy cheek buried in the hot summer of arms.Reincarnation suona sounded, out of the boudoir of time to, told the sound of autumn in the summer of embarked on a palanquin.Seed crops, ripe fruit, yellowing of trash, chirp of insects, just as colorful wedding dress bridesmaid shallow sing, autumn light Prostitute to the hallowed halls of the season calls, the arrival of the fall of the town.    Summer and fall too close to the boundaries of any significant return, but added that insects are sensitive to seasonal cattle are a reminder of the arrival of autumn.Cicadas, chirping in the trees height of some hoarse, long hot tune in with how many tragic tremor; Grasshopper, squatting leaf screaming Huan, green color tone gradually filled with thick brown-red; knives mantis, green transparent posture dormant in Caojian and jujube trees son, forearm huge demonstrations waving staggered manner; flocks of sparrows in the grass after landing to catch a flight before, his own interpretation to catch insects stunt.The grass is not lonely, carapace length to be the ‘cattle class’ crawling’ Gadfly ‘lazy basking fins off, the underlying roots are also noisy, grasshopper’ Tate ‘flat’ multi-up, when the sun twilight down when the depths of the field quiet corner of the old hospital children have heard the crickets sing jack.    These creatures, locked up this season, the interpretation of the afterlife this life, obsessed with his own fall.    Spring Green yellow autumn, winter snows Hsia, walking his own season in the same steady pace.Early autumn, the earth’s crop is still green, and some are still filling, still pregnant seed; fruit of the tree is still green, still growing smear the blushing; pace of the fall sometimes go so hasty Zhuomang, it seems night the effort put into a bright yellow field.”Spring planting one grain, seeds Autumn Harvest million units,” nourish the earth, God of rain, hard work, mature into a harvest, the harvest turned into joy.    China is a farming nation, for the foundation of this country, people still insist to remain.We have always seen the yellow is noble, because it was a flash of bright gold, once the royal color exclusive to this, as a people, is the dream of the yellow, because that is the hope of the people desire the fields.    Autumn in the true sense, comes after a cold autumn rain washed the.Everything has lost its desire for rain, rain sucking thing of the past, just the morning dew still so tough Zhaxian forward, so there is even a little while, it has been difficult to wet the people’s legs.Has felt the cool morning and evening meaning, it was a trace of skin refreshing, with a hint of skin Qinru cool, by definition, the term cool is tailored to the fall.    Cover crops cut the lake, the lake becomes deep blue ink, shake a stick lake Po, white spray shore, mountains, streams emerge from the lush grass, river rock stream also in stretch.Earth perceive the fall of body temperature, from the foot of the slopes, weaving colorful leaves of autumn dream.Autumn is the season of Chrysanthemum open this autumn love flowers, light fragrance, yellow purple flowers, covered hillside, connected into a film, visible, in the noon sun as well as bees butterflies dancing among the flowers.    Blue sky becomes high, the clouds became white, light, clear and crisp the.Heaven noisy gradually died down, a lot of gentle thunder and lightning storm, and occasionally noisy brought a modicum of autumn.Deep lofty sky, the outline of the mountains against the background of the curve, geese flying south herringbone elegant orderly ranks, and even sunset glow red tassels are so bright.Sun far enough away, autumn close, getting a green vision, came to the front of the vast.This land, full of green time is so full of vitality, red yellow when exposed is so open mind.Growth and reproduction of all the earth came to live the rest of paragraphs, come taste the fruits of a memorable time once again faced with the growth of dormant.    Pious look at autumn, candid look at the leaves scatter, awe watching the brown grass, we feel fortunate with a cycle of the seasons, watching the creatures to fend for themselves.Where appropriate, come to savor, with different angles to see the fall, sentiment varies, this force of nature, this autumn and autumn chapter, and like everything else we perceive the.The only difference is that we can still enjoy the grace of all things at the same time review things in the world.And they, that were born of its territory, sadly, people live I, vegetation of a fall.