Closed lower division Xu Zhe’s girlfriend, Lin Yan, is a radio division.This work should be running around, but also to give a long radio wheat.Especially in windy weather, wearing plush windproof cap, it is tired to be soft.Lin Yan recently received a new job, make a file called the radio station to listen to the city’s program, collect and record a variety of sounds in the streets.Her first theme is the city’s night.That evening, she collated equipment, Chol has been waiting downstairs.He opened the door, said: The new group Road, right?The new group Road is the city’s famous landmark, lined with sycamore and you have to die of old houses large leaf.In the evening, bars everywhere, voices.Program set it as the first target.Lin Yan chose a high stone, his long radio wheat, toward the mid-air.The sound of noisy at night, a layer pass into the ear, there clink sound, the sound of pouring, shouts, the music suddenly, unexpectedly emitted a shrill scream woman.Lin Yan stunned moment.Looked around, no one seems to notice, apparently only she heard through the radio wheat.Chol see her weird face and asked: how the?The machine is broken?Lin Yan has made a quiet gesture, holding a straw swimming around.Suddenly, the woman’s screams and came to pass.This time, mingled with men angry curses.The man shouted fiercely: I told you to leave, tell you to leave, and today I am not hacked you!Lin Yan jumped from stone and said: fast, which was in the vicinity of murder!Xu Zhe she was shocked and said: What do you mean?Where is the murder?Lin Yan refused to explain, just holding the microphone looking for, but everything is back to normal.She fell back recordings, put in a bag rack ears on Chol ears.Xu Zhe listened for a moment, his face was showing a strange expression.He said: Lin Yan, this is your record just to?Lin Yan nodded his head.Xu Zhe took out his cell phone to find a place in the first three months of news: 10 points last night, the new group Road 18, there was a homicide.A man named Tong strong stabbed his wife with a fruit knife, but police at the time of cleaning up the scene, and even the bodies of the dead and the murder weapon was missing three months ago, only now to record.This is too scary, right.Xu Zhe aside warily looked around, he found not far behind, No. 18 is the new Mission Road.Villa took the tape to go Chol terror alert, I can not agree with Lin Yan.So outrageous thing the police will believe it?She did not want to get into trouble.But Xu Zhe did not want to give up, had a habit of watching detective, he naturally will not miss.Early next morning, Xu Zhe Lin Yan went to find home.He said: Yan, I want a whole night yesterday.You say, this world no ghosts?Lin Yan one, immediately interrupted him: Stop, stop, you want to check, to check their not bother me.Xu Zhe decided to go look at the road No. 18 New Mission.No. 18 New Mission Road, it is a very old European-style villa.Because the case had just occurred, it has been sealed with.Night, Xu Zhe quietly turned into the walls, no locks from a prison window, climbed into.Very dark house, the living room of the grandfather clock, the sound issue Kaka.Xu Zhe four with a flashlight shining, bright beam of light suddenly stopped on photo.It was a very tacky wedding, a 30-year-old man, is holding his wife.Apparently the woman at least 10 years older than him.This person should Tong strong it is, can a woman at his side let Xu Zhe was extremely surprised.She and Lin Yan so much alike.Just then, suddenly issued a squeak upstairs door open, then heard the footsteps of a string of floating.This house was not sealed yet?How would someone?Xu Zhe quickly hid in the dark quietly peep.TV, wearing a white dress woman walking down.She has long black hair, slim waist and gently writhing.The woman, as if aware of what, suddenly turned back.Black hair, strange actually fell down.Xu Zhe scared almost fainted.Woman’s head bare, his face wrapped around a thick gauze, exposing only two eyes, speckled with different cold light in the dark.He was not sure the woman has not seen their own, only a motionless dodging.Suddenly, the sound of heavy landing upstairs issued.His head and looked at the woman, turned upstairs.This Chol grow the tone, quickly left the villa.The absence of Lin Yan Xu Zhe Lin Yan back home, already late in the night.He has the key Lin Yan family, but at the door only to find Lin Yan is not.He suddenly a kind of very good hunch.Xu Zhe Lin Yan playing phone, the familiar tones, but in the bedroom rang.Lin Yan is gone, even the phone did not take.Xu Zhe decided to go to the police.But the room did not earn traces of fighting, and missing less than 48 hours, the police listened to his description, just to appease a few, there is not filing.From out of the police station, Xu Zhe intuition, this should be a trap.If this is a trap, then certainly no one so vain effort.Lin Yan Xu Zhe decided to start the investigation to proceed.In fact, he and Lin Yan met at the network blind date activities, talk about love for a month.Lin Yan live alone, get along these days, and did not mix friends.Her phone only keep a person’s phone number, that is, Xu Zhe.It’s the starting point, is recorded programs, Chol simply to make telephone calls to radio stations for information.But the person in charge of the station was denied, he said, not only did this show, and even did not know Lin Yan this person.In addition to the room, as if Lin Yan simply did not existed in this world.Xu Zhe Lin Yan sitting at home thinking fees to God, Lin Yan’s phone suddenly rang, he remembered Lin Yan can change the sound of the phone has a magic sound.Then converted into a female voice, answering the phone.The other was a man, hesitated and said: You are Xu Lin Yan of the philosophical tone, strength to say: Even I do not know who you are also called to do?Hey man smiled and said: Miss Lin, you record something still there?Xu Zhe name casual eye, said: that it is a new lump Road.Right right right, right child.Xu Zhe one, gates, and continue to respond quickly: that our convention is also effective, but also effective.Let’s cash on delivery.Money can seal the mouth it Chol and phone men meet the agreed place, it is in suburban Forest Park.Chol arrived early, holding a tray ü Play the tape, quietly waiting.Soon, a fat man wearing a black leather coming out.He wore huge masks and sunglasses, as if afraid someone would recognize him.Fat saw Xu Zhe, stunned for a moment and said: You come up with Xu Zhe Lin Lin Yan shook his cell phone, said: voice-changer.Fat man suddenly said: You can protect yourself kinda thing.I want to do something?money.How do you make sure that only one.Xu Zhe astute to say: I’m a little sound engineer, you have seen my look, I’m afraid you trouble?I just want some money, I do not want to lose his life.Fat man hesitated, throwing him an envelope: count your TIPS.Take the money, the best Bijin your mouth.Xu Zhe to disk ü handed over fat, bow opened the envelope.A hint of fragrance, from the inside to spill out.He felt dizzy, stumble to the ground.To recommend the latest information sauna

She always thought, and he was very nice ring, and high school students for three years, and was admitted to the same university.With his performance, can be admitted to prestigious universities, but he was too proud, and before the entrance also stay up late watching the World Cup, how can we avoid Mashiqianti.She was a little lucky to think, the first time to a strange place to study, but also there is a fellow companion, very good.Moreover, he will take care of it quite.In her eyes, he was a restless person, before vision is to become a football star, to the university, one after another cropped up as a writer, when ideas such as IT elite.After graduation can be, he only had a small sales.At that time, the work of most of the students were set down, a small role like clerks, clerk, salesman of the majority, she has been hesitant to her beauty and intelligence, really not willing to give in a monthly income of only one or two thousand of jobs.He invited her to eat duck fans, she advised, it is better to come to our company, we struggle together.She said with a smile, join us from school to university, it still is not my life with you?He embarrassed lived, buried fans Mengchi bowl, spicy profuse sweating.She does not like him askew embarrassed look, even affection have balked, and what age.Forced livelihoods, she gradually found a few job, but soon regarded boss fired.Later, she and another girl sharing a room, send your resume online every day, bored, QQ and friends to chat with, within the heart vaguely hope to meet magnate in the life.He sometimes also online, will take the initiative to ask her current situation, very concerned about the tone.Her mood is very low, but on the inside he needs more care and warmth, the words more cold and harsh, often take, then stabbed him, he does not say anything for a long time Yede.In fact, she is the heart of resentment, you do not have legs ran over to see me, why should the Internet nonsense.After a while, she was again the Internet, his picture is displayed as busy, and then later, altogether gloomy, missing shadow.Her heart has become more gloomy, plus find a job flow, and more irritable mood.Loneliness, helplessness, simply rely on online chat to pass the time every day, inadvertently know a man named Hua.China is a private owner, thirties, unmarried.She and China is to talk to, Chinese sweet talk made her very popular with.Know soon, she and Washington Mutual transfer photos, all praise for each other pretty good.China also opened a joke: read you, my Palaces Zinfandel no color are the.To be honest, every time China and wanton chat, she always felt that he could hear, every time to see his QQ, never online.Finally, she decided to accede to China to meet with.China to see, it really is a successful man style suits and ties, the Audi A6, as well as two hundred square meters of large housing.In China luxurious room, she took off her coat for China, tenderly, my dear, tiring journey, lived here, everything pack your satisfaction tonight.She instinctively back, and grabbed the bag that I still stay in a hotel bar.China Samsam say about it, he arranged for her a luxurious hotel.At night, she tossed and turned, he thought.If he has half of China take the initiative, she would have chosen him.She is not a vain girl, and never mind if he ate spicy drink at the roadside string bean curd, or even feel so very happy, but, over the years, he may be holding forth on the ideals of flux in front of her, not even a word of love said they do not export.Well, she can not help but sighed heavily.China once again asked her to move over to live, she said, think about it.Go back at night, she had a strong impulse: to give him a call, even if the last time.From the bag and pulled out the phone to look, there are more than a dozen missed calls, all his.There are three messages, but also his: how these days you do not have online?Your roommate girl said you were away, where have you been?How not answer my calls, speed call back.At this time, China phone also came and asked: Considering ready yet?She said to tell you the answer tomorrow.She stare at the wall clock, the second hand tick every moment, she kept repeating one who I love?At the time when the clock struck 12, she gave China back a message: I love that – he.Until then she came to understand that she and China, but is spiritual emptiness of the object with another consolation.When to see him again, he hugged her tightly, for fear that she ran away.He said, I love you from high school, you like Beckham I practiced football, you like I’m going to be a writer Eileen Chang, I want you like the Internet site, but I never love you courage.She cried and asked now how the courage?He said with a smile, not courage, I am afraid you have been cheated by the bad guys, in fact, every day I follow you online, just invisible, see you in two days without the Internet, I’m afraid you began to lose her smile through tears, He quips, oh, so you’re coming out.She thought he was far more than the Internet stealth, over the years, everything he did, not all secretly in love with his own silence.Perhaps, they say love is not necessarily love, but this love invisible, must be the most deep and sincere love.

Her grandfather was a soldier, when she was just sensible, watching the pride of the grandfather handsome uniforms photos, to have such a grandfather particularly proud, determined to grow up and have to do a soldier.Middle School that year December 11, is the 18th birthday that day, she received a draft notice, came to the Second Artillery base, to become a Signal Corps.A year later, she was admitted to the Bethune Military Medical College.Due to the excellent performance, appearance and handsome features, coupled with the height advantage, in a military hospital internship, she received a notice: in mid-2009 to participate in the 60th anniversary of founding of new China National Day parade armed female side team training camp.It was the frosty midwinter, training ground on an abandoned airstrip, open spaces, without shelter block north wind blowing, like a sharp knife put in people’s face, hands, all of a sudden to draw a small hole opened countless.But she and her teammates got a day from late morning to warm the cold and windy and tough confrontation.Because of her outstanding performance, became a team leader, team leader did not say salute the action to be generous standard, stride pace to be accurate and correct, it must be issued only when a password resounding loud and clear, it becomes a real challenge.To this end, she went every day before dawn Dasha river, directed at the other side of the mountain river shouting password to echo through constantly correct their pronunciation.The results of her screaming with pain, can not eat, can not even drink water.But she did not flinch as the mountains across the river, like perseverance, so loud and penetrating quickly excel.For trained psychological well whatever happens will panic, they also practice hand grasping snakes, rats, spiders and other large.Catching snakes when she reached into the container, he was too nervous to not open eyes, but think of the military in relation to fearless!Her eyes wide open, deftly caught the snake out.Even snakes can catch, like other Tannangquwu!Summer surface temperatures up to 56 ℃, and she often let his teammates out of breath.But she is still the greatest strength training.The body began to protest, her long waist belt following a small boils, in order not to affect the training, although two days after the egg looks like a big, but she still does not tell the leaders, just casually buy some anti-inflammatory medicine to take.Later, swelling and pain so she can not sleep at night, she secretly went to the town of Shahe local hospital, after examination, the doctor asked her to immediate surgery.Until then, she had to tell leaders.To the military hospital, she said to the doctor: can not fail to have an operation?Doctors decided to implement her conservative treatment, she suddenly jumped for joy!This jump, as if to make her taller!Just dream about her again and again to bring everyone valiant walked Tiananmen Square, accept the party and state leaders to review when they suddenly notice: not as a leader!The reason is that these months of high-intensity training, her height and long 1.8 cm, so that she stand and two leader uncoordinated.In order not to occupy the position of other players, she declined to let her into the phalanx of leadership arrangements.Parade day, she as well as all good makeup, put on clothes and prepared by reading new boots, standing on Chang’an Avenue to cheer his comrades.When the players with impeccable understanding, dignified and generous temperament, gentle image of the valiant, leading the entire west side team successfully passed the Chinese table, she was moved to tears.Because the body grow taller, she missed the parade, after the end of training camp, because of her high quality full length, was sent to the PLA Xi’an Institute of communication studies.After graduation, she returned to Bethune Military Medical College students became captain.January 2014, she suddenly received a notice: a military honor guard to the interview.It turned out that at the concierge activities, the state should increase the female contingent in the armed forces honor guard.Beijing Military Region selected from 12,000 female soldiers, the final selection of the eight candidates, she is one of them.After a series of interviews and assessment, she finally selected a military honor guard, and became one female captain and retaining the standard-bearer.She was born in 1991 in Shandong Weifang Cheng Cheng.May 12, 2014, Cheng Cheng and her comrades ushered in the first concierge tasks: On President Xi Jinping welcomed the President of Turkmenistan to visit the ceremony, ceremonial 13 female players string together beautiful hair, dressed in a gown fit , distributed among the group flag and the Army, Navy, Air Force, the military services, along with the male guards of honor, the majestic martial music, their ritual action crisp, full Chinese women marvelous grace.In early March 2015, Cheng Cheng again received notice that she was identified as one of the 70th anniversary of the victory parade for the female side team leader republic war.September 3, Cheng Cheng leading players, valiant, out of the national prestige and military might, into the depths of the soul of the Chinese people and the people of the world can not be wrong tall, tough and sweat to continue to grow taller own ability, majestic and glorious will eventually be with you!

In remote Bojiebier a blacksmith, he was tall, the effort is worth two cows.His skin like blackened stove, always disheveled hair with beard grow knee, eyes bright as though the two red-hot coals.A blacksmith who live at home, not allow anyone to step into his threshold.House is next to the blacksmith’s shop, to serve a customer, but no one saw the blacksmith bought food.People thought he was eating coal for a living, so, no one likes the Bojiebier blacksmith.However, his craft has done extremely well, hundreds of miles, no wonder.And the blacksmith was a superb craft jewelry maker, he made silver and gold jewelry can be comparable with the court craftsmen.His only assistant was a big black wolf, with generally high horse, the wolf ran in a wooden wheel, wheel surrounded by bars stopped, wolves turn the wheel, the wheel and then drive bellows.Bojiebier not far from the village there is a Lake Dan village, the village has a poor widow, she had a son named let, let the full age of fifteen, said to his mother: Mom, we have been working in the fields or enough to eat, I want to learn a craft, 拜波捷比尔 village blacksmith, okay!Mother turned deathly pale, and quickly said: children, what would you say ah!The blacksmith had a bad name, he is said to have killed seven apprentice.Mom, do not be afraid, I will not be killed by him!Children, then up to you!The next day, he went to the village blacksmith Bojiebier door, shouted: blacksmith uncle, uncle blacksmith!Blacksmith Blacksmith out, and asked: small young, what are you arguing about it?Blacksmith uncle, I want to worship you as a teacher.Well, would you please come into the shop.Let go timidly.Blacksmith said: Young man, let me see your strength!Let’s grab a heavy hammer, waving a bit, thrown outside shop.Blacksmith said: Young man, let me see your hands whether dexterity!Let go before the corner spider web, the spider silk to unlock, wrapped into coils, a no broken.Well, let me now take a look at your courage!Let grille door open, the door was a large black wolf, wolf sprang toward young people, but young people do not panic a little, caught the wolf head and neck, pull off its tail, the wolf thrown into a cage.Wolf whining pain, could not help licking wounds.Youth, you passed the exam, I take you as his disciple, but on one condition: you have to find another one farmer, room and board.I’m not your little wages.Well, the master!Three days later to work here.Let returned home and said to his mother: Mom, now we can enjoy a better life!I received a blacksmith apprentice, I promise to pay, three days later I went to him to work, but I’ll find a place, you gave me on the way to eat dry food.Mother son burden put a piece of bread, a bottle of wine, I wish him safe journey.Let say goodbye to his mother, secretly came to the village Bojiebier.Let thought: I worked before, first to inquire about, this is what people blacksmith!So he hid in a haystack movement, observe blacksmiths.When the sun goes down, locked blacksmith blacksmith shop, walked into the room.When the clock on the village church bell tower struck eleven, blacksmith gently opened the door, looked something to all sides, and then cried like a cricket as: Kerry!Kerry!Kerry!My daughter, come on, surrounded by no one!Kerry!Kerry!Kerry!After my loafers, you climb out Come on, I’m waiting for you!Grass rustling sound for a while, a huge black snake crawled in front of the blacksmith, shaking its head a black lily, surrounded by embroidered with gold.Snake Q: Father, what is your message?I took an apprentice, he was the son of a widow of Lake Dan village, called to let.Lake Dan village widow’s son?He will be a handsome young man, I will not object to marry him.Daughter, yes!But he must first become a true master.Now go, and the middle of the night, I have to go.After loafing bid farewell to his father crawling away.Blacksmith looked around and walk down along the river, so still behind.In a four round Liu Hazel grass, blacksmith stopped, so hiding behind a tree.Blacksmith undressed, put clothes into an old willow cave, suddenly he threw away the body of the human skin, but a great otter!When the church clock struck twelve, otter – blacksmith jumped into the river, after a child has the potential out of the water, a fish biting his teeth, greedily eating, after eating, they plunge into the water to go.Every time he always biting a fish out of the water and then eat it.After blacksmith eat, on the shore, put on human skin, and clothed, she became a blacksmith.Let hiding in the hay pile of action observed blacksmith, a series of two days.All this, people do not know.Okay, now I know, you are a monster!But now all this is not to say it.After his heart so decided, he went to the blacksmith, said: teacher, hello!I came to learn the craft!Study began, after three years students have exceeded the master.Once the master said to make: I tell you one thing, three months after the Marquis de Fuermagong marry the daughter of King Island.Fiancee are getting married jewelry, I received their orders.You pick up a good tool to Marquis home to his mansion, there are a lot of gold, silver, precious stones, you first done menial jobs, a month later I came to the finish.Ok!Let replied.So the next day he went home to the Marquis.Very well, master, let my heart happy to think that I show their skills day has finally come!Marquis family treasure more than that, let the diamond, sapphire, emerald are polished.No one had to make do see those rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, better than this, no one has seen.The castle of all people, from the Marquis himself until the porter slaves are full of praise for the young master of the craft, only to provoke Na exception of the Marquis of blue-eyed little girl.But let’s hope to get her praise.She just watched silently from morning to night to make work.One day, leaving only two people and provoke Na.The girl said: apprentice, cute apprentice, you did so good wedding jewelry for my sister, so what do you do for the love you girl?I want to make a necklace as she had never seen before.Apprentice, cute apprentice, you talk about the kind of necklace never seen it!I want a necklace made of pure gold, like the sun flash, worn on the head and neck personally I love my girl.Apprentice, cute apprentice, you gave me this necklace it!Jalan Na, Na provoke a small, but the Marquis de Fuermagong never allow his daughter to marry a jewelry maker rely on a live hands of!Let cute, I love you, I’m not afraid of everything in the world: the poor are not afraid, not afraid of busy, afraid angry father.Let seven nights in a row secretly make a necklace, wearing a neck in a mess on the eighth day of Na necklace.The next day Bojiebier village blacksmith came, he looked back to make do jewelry, frowned and said: Now you’re here, I have nothing to learn, and my first time to see the students than teachers.You are free to open their own shop now, but I ask you to join me in doing three weeks together, I am a person able to fulfill so many orders.Let he agreed, and went to the master of both teacher and student.Monsieur the Marquis!Your orders well, we can do nothing, and my students have done better than I.You pay him the wages.His outstanding work, which is the reward of a daughter of Louis.Marquis finished, the sewn bag of money to throw at the foot of let.Put the money to the poor it!Let proud to say.Middle of the night to make the same mess Na secretly met the girl burst into tears, reluctantly bid farewell to wife.I provoke Na, do not cry!Let comforted her, you see more necklaces, do not forget me.No matter what happens, I will come back to you.The next morning, so that together with the blacksmith left the castle, the village returned to Bojiebier.After a week, blacksmith apprentice said: Let today Gongduo Ma village fair, we have to go early, we Hekou wine on the road!Cheers for the master health!Here’s to your health!Let a drink of wine, actually fell, the original blacksmith penetrate the sleeping drug in the wine, so young people sleeping.Blacksmith with a rope tied to make, when to make wake, dry throat burned in general, and in the teeth blacksmith saw the new file.what!Apprentice, you wake up?Cried the master, you think I’d let you take me tied to your belt, take away my reputation?Never be!Now you’re in my hands, listen to everything I command, you have to marry my daughter loafers.Do not!Let firm answer, I fell in love with Na mess.Then the master took a saw, saw off the right foot to make.Blacksmith Q: You promised loafers with my daughter married yet?Do not.Let categorically answer, I’ll marry your daughter different, I love to mess Na.Then they amputated his left foot blacksmith’s apprentice, Q: Now you with my daughter, loafing marry me?I’d rather die, marry your daughter is different!Let cried.Blacksmith understands that it is not afraid of death.So let’s throw blacksmith again tied in a cart, covered with a straw, his own ride, smoked a horse whip, the horse flew away like lightning.In the evening, they go to the snake country, the blacksmith’s daughter loafing on ruled the country.Loafing impatiently waiting for his father, his father said to her daughter all through the whole.Loafing hate whining creak, to let’s say: If you marry me, put you up in a tower: you can only drink dirty water into a pit of water, eat hard as coal, bitter as bile bread.However, if you do one for me jewelry, gold and silver then you want to have as many gems.Otherwise, I will starve you!Let see the coast there is a tower, no roof, no windows, no doors.No, loafing!Let replied, I married you different, even if I want to spend his last few days in this tower where the expense, I love to mess with Na.My faithful servant, come here!Loafing ordered.At this time, from heaven huge two black vultures, let caught, threw him into a ghastly Tarifa.Let in the tower over seven years, he was drinking rainwater pit, eating hard as coal, such as the bitter bile of black bread, is made of gold and silver gemstone jewelry loafing.Loafing climb to the tower every night, only she can crawl in a small hole in the wall.Thick wall of the tower prison, unable to tear down.Loafing advised lets say: you marry me, you immediately end the suffering.Do not!Let replied, I love to mess Na!Jalan Na is my wife!Let the past seven years have been preparing to escape the terrible tower.For seven years he gained a little bit of gold, silver, and later with a handful of silver ax and hook, made of gold two feet, exactly the same with his past.Finally, he made himself two huge golden wings, light and thin, like feathers,.Let well after all the possibilities for escape, put on gold shoes, leaning against the wall, and so lazy to.Loafing head stretched it in, let it slam its head and neck.Loafing creak whining, open terrible mouth and stuck it into poison Nobuko, but the snake’s teeth on gold shoes.Let picked up a gold ax head fell swoop Zhanla loafing.Let again inserted in the back wings of gold, the silver hook child hanging around the waist, fly to the edge of the tower, and then flew to the home.He also swallows fly higher than the light, when the church bells struck eleven, let down the church tower.From all this vividly 里波捷比尔 village.Let’s blacksmith shop to see blacksmith locked the door, I went to the river.The clock struck twelve, the blacksmith stripped naked, leaving the human skin, become huge otters, sneaked into the river.Then let waved her golden wings to take off, he grabbed the monster of human skin, tucked in the waist, and into the air.He flew for a while on the river, to be called: Hey, Bojiebier blacksmith!Ha, ha, ha!Larry, what do you want with me?Bojiebier blacksmith, I brought you your daughter, loafers news!Larry, you were saying, what brought you news of my daughter?I am not a bird, is let your past apprentice.I’ve had terrible pain black tower for seven years, I slept for seven years bare floor, sky when the roof.I drank seven dirty water, eat seven years hard as coal, such as the bitter bile of bread, your daughter I was tortured for seven years in a row, today I killed its head!Blacksmith called up, sounds like a wounded eagle.Bojiebier blacksmith, the message is not finished!You have never been people!Your people have skin on my waist, and you never now when otters!Blacksmith diving, since there is no one to see the blacksmith.Let flew home.He dropped to the ground, put away the golden wings, knocked on his door.Who middle of the night knock on the door?Mom, I!Let your son!Widow opened the door, happy eyes filled with tears, said: My child, you have been away from home for seven years, I thought you was dead!Mom, I’m alive, alive!Mother son clinging to the head and neck, saw his waist human skin, shocked and asked: children, what is this?This is Bojiebier village blacksmith’s skin, he is not a man, a monster.He killed seven disciples, but also want to kill me.I avenged, I stole his human skin, take him into an otter, so that he will never become the otter!Let finish, the blacksmith of human skin thrown into the burning stove burned.Skin glows bright fire, and pretty soon the whole burnt.So that immediately had something to eat, kissed his mother said: Mom, I’ll be right back, and came back not one person.Children, who you get back together with?I got back together with his fiancee provoke Na, mom.She is not the daughter of the Marquis de Fuermagong it?Yes ah, mom!The next day the wedding was held at the Lake Dan village.Let mess and Na had twelve sons, all of them have seemed like culled.Na mess and let live to a very high number of life, to leave the world on the same day.Exquisite craft on foot gold jewelry maker’s honor has been passed now.

According to legend, in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty two thousand five hundred years ago, there was a man named Dukang brewery.He knows, better to cast steel sword, good water into wine to the truth.Thus, in order to create the best wine in the world, he was determined to find the world’s most beautiful spring.One day, he walked out of the goal, along the winding south go to look for water in Iraq, found a small river, the river 100 back one thousand fold more going up, the narrower the river, the more clear the river, the harder they Dukang.He mountains, finally found the source of the river.Saw noisy turbulent stream becomes white as practiced herein, in the near elimination of a small hiding ditch.Dukang ran down the hillside, hurriedly walked in front of a small ditch and saw a small ditch Baiquan spewing, chilly Bitou.Dukang stooped down, dig a handful of spring water to drink it, feel cool and sweet and pleasant heart, he could not help a handful another handful to drink it, drink it, drink your fill, suddenly feel so fresh, spiritual multiplication.Dukang very happy, right here scaffolding Jia Wu settled down and began to make a living wine.Later, the people who live here gradually increased, on the formation of a village.Dukang brewing technology is very high, since he found a good place on this spring, the operation is more strict the finer.He personally screened fine grain, plucking Jiuyao, deployment odd side, lead to the wine sweetness, tasty, delicious, a few hundred miles have known.Later, Dukang wine making things spread when there towards the emperor, the emperor deliberately sent here to requisition Yujiu.This Yujiu transported to the Kyoto Luoyang, the emperor after drinking spirits, Long Yantai Yue, sealed on Dukang as Brewmaster.So, this village is also called the Dukang cents Zhuang.Because Dukang brewing with spring water here, this spring and later was named Jiuquan, the ditch will therefore be referred to Jiuquan ditch.Dukang brewery famous, and later was summoned to the Jade Emperor Temple when the Brewmaster.Heaven only a few days, the world has been thousands of years.Dukang to the Temple, although no long days, already the world can replace the dynasty a thousand years.On one occasion, a Fairchild Temple Yao Chi Queen Mother, as the quiet and the royal wine specially prepared feast for the peach, not accidentally broke a glass Queen Mother’s favorite cup, he was banished to earth to suffer the penalty Queen Mother went.The Fairchild and later became one of Liu Ling Jin Dynasty Bamboo Forest.Liu Ling was sent to the lower bound, still put up a drunken, thousands of cups drunk, and his life in seclusion, not for fame.One day, the Queen Mother wit, Liu Ling will be full of doom, sent down to earth to enchant him immortal Doukan.In this mid-spring season, Liu Ling sightseeing tour away from home, came to the Dukang cents Zhuang Funiushan foothills.Village wine shop, a very striking couplet, the Alliance wrote: Tigers drunk a cup of the mountains; the second line of the road: two submarine sleeping dragon.Streamer: Dukang Restaurant.After reading Liu Ling laughed: Village shop, big tone ah!Words, he went into the store.Him to sit at the table, he shouted and said: fast to get good wine!I saw a white-haired old man inside out, made a bowed deeply in front of Liu Ling, asked: guests are not going to drink it?Liu Ling said: you this little hotel, in the end it saved much altar wine?The old man said: spacious shop in the sale of small businesses, only a jar of wine storage, and no extra.Liu Ling listening, laughed and said: How dare a jar of wine shop, it is to make me a drink, and may not drink enjoyment.Man says: Your guests may not know, I was quite small this wine, but wine is the world’s most famous wine Dukang.Almost all previous visitors, a small amount of worship will be able to meet a small lamp; a large quantity, pour a large glass has enough.Said, told the waiter poured a small glass of wine up.Liu Ling listened, amused, secretly cursed: Well a naive bad old man, the world’s Tavern, how afraid of other people drink?He must look at my tattered clothes, afraid I can not afford the drinks, they fooled people take these words.At this time, Liu Ling small Futami so uneven, filled up a large glass of wine on the table.Liu Ling bad feeling, directed at the old man said: stores, you both say that this is Dukang wine, I pour a drink to get drunk.Get out of that altar wine you moved, I’ve plenty of silver.The old man said: spacious shop meager principal and interest, and do not value the money, they feared bad drunk guests, magnanimous bad, really sorry.Liu Ling said: Do not worry about, you bring the four treasures, I wrote the writings do not you lose life it wants custody.Man had to call a small two moved altar wine.Liu Ling count on big drinker, then reach for the mug, take another and another hearty drink.Surprisingly, three glasses of wine you’ll feel a bit barely Liu Ling, afraid to drink, and Lianlian Chen said: good wine, good wine!At this time, the liquor Chung, Liu Ling quickly got up to say goodbye to the store.He did not realize he had just a got up, put on the ground a reel of jars knocked over, but a jar of wine shed one place.Liu Ling gave a lot, have forgotten to pay for the drinks, stumbled away from the wine shop, arrived home just in, she fell on the bed.His wife to see him so drunk scene, he hurried to brew tea soup.Unexpectedly, Liu Ling drunk this is no trivial matter, water does not enter three consecutive days, unconscious, to the fourth day, then the unconscious.Distraught wife, neighbors came to console are also distressing.Everyone helped, hastily put Liu Ling coffin buried.Besides the hotel that a white-haired old man, it is the original Doukan.Since that day to Liu Ling, flash is three years, he commanded in accordance with the Queen Mother, the math that is a day die from Liu Ling.On this day, still before Dukang dress, his shoulders take up a purse, smug came to the door of Liu Ling.He came even Jiaoji Sheng, Chaifei opened, Liu Ling’s wife came out and asked: looking for man who?Du Kang replied: Will mansion here, but Mr. Liu Ling?Liu Ling’s wife said: It.I do not know what?Du Kang said: Three years ago, your husband was home in my shop drinking three cups, jars and kicked, money has not been paid, I have come to discuss this is to take the drinks.Liu Ling’s wife still can not hear, hear this, can not help but anger from the heart, stepped forward and grabbed the collar Dukang cried: Hurray, this is Yuanjialuzhai, I do not find you, you pour the drinks on-site to discuss what coming.Walk, talk to me to see bureaucratic government, subordinated the lives of my husband, I’ll pay you the drinks.As she howling Tao crying, tugging going to see the official Doukan.Also called Dukang earn earn can not afford.Neighbors heard the noise, came running to ask, the more people around more.Dukang shouted to the crowd: How can the world this and other reasons, her husband drank my wine does not give money, she also sent me official!Everyone Haoshuodaishuo, Liu Ling’s wife this loose his hand.Dukang then the period of three years after Liu Ling to drink wine shop to you about it again, again Liu Ling wrote that piece of paper out to let everyone to see, and said: the people as evidence, I guarantee, Liu Ling is drunk, not dead.Let’s go with the gravedigger Kai coffin, post-mortem face to face, if he was really dead, I am willing to meet official.Everybody listen to him are right, I agree to see what happens.Noisy people, you push me hold, with Liu Ling came to the cemetery, the crowd busy divvying dug the grave, open the casket, look, gave shocked: Liu Ling died three years now face as before!Suddenly, to see he opened his hazy sleepy, stretching his arms and punched a big yawn, an alcohol spray out, suddenly, straightened up repeatedly shouted: amazing wine, Barbara suffocated me!Seeing this, Liu Ling’s wife bittersweet, but also feel confused and then understand, was about to pull Doukan inquire into that, to find that two Purple golden fly through the air, Liu Ling Doukan hand standing head in the clouds, and nodded toward the crowd.Liu Ling’s wife call heaven and earth, shouted to Liu Ling: where you are going?Where you are going?Du Kangshun hand on the shoulders of the next Dawang lost money, take the money becomes a lengthy fall three feet long white silk.People picked up a look that says two lines: For Musical tour of where the Queen Mother Mother visits to the Jade Pool.When then look up, and Liu Ling Du Kang had disappeared, and only two to nine days on colorful clouds slowly journeyman.

Just pan steaming yellow bun, rice wine brewing lingering taste, color, such as amber, Connaught Deng Salt with 3 years before curing Connaught Deng ham made myoglobin white fat, white guitar with steamed meat juice after filling into aroma filled “a Bite of China” launch, unprecedented not only defeated the popular TV series, quickly stood on the hot topic of microblogging charts, and even a lot of people do not watch much TV set does not have a ground view, in the warmth co-flow of saliva and tears.Even more amazing is that it actually caused a sensation at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.The documentary’s director exactly what kind of expert?CCTV documentary directing Chen Xiaoqing, born in 1965 in Anhui Lingbi, the father is a high school principal, together with the natural intelligence of his family early development, you can directly enter the third grade level juvenile prodigy that belong to school before.When the college entrance examination scores good, Chen Xiaoqing was admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute, studying professional photography.After reading graduate student, Chen Xiaoqing into the China Central Television, began his career in documentary.Chen Xiaoqing into the CCTV, the first in the “local stations 30” working with local stations to establish extensive contacts.But at that time he did not shoot the film, stayed a year or two have a chance to touch the camera, to an area of more than a dozen counties in Hainan almost took over, letting things be shot out of a two knives to compile bad since then, Chen Xiaoqing determined to make their own director.Opportunity came in 1991, the South flood, the water of the Huaihe River village surrounded by many small islands.Chen Xiaoqing was ordered to shoot the film with a flood of protest, named “Island Chronicle”, after good reviews in the CCTV broadcast, the State Council Information Office also instructed to have it made in English.Chen Xiaoqing during the “island Chronicle” made in English, but also with colleagues in Anhui Taiwan began planning a new film – “home far away in Beijing”.The film is a reflection of life nanny, on this topic, Chen Xiaoqing early on when studying the idea of moving off.Several times the train to go home, and the girls in Beijing nanny car trip, listen to them deliberately rolled tongue when speaking, he said the Beijing dialect, Chen Xiaoqing find it very interesting, especially in that situation want to use the camera to shoot down.Beijing dialect theory seems a mere change of language habits, but also reflects the fact nannies many psychological, physiological changes in the pursuit of life and even, in a certain sense also be seen changes in Chinese society.Chen Xiaoqing and the crew with the help of Wuwei County in Anhui Province Women’s Federation, found the 22 first went to Beijing nurse girl, from the moment they leave home to start with the film, has been photographed entering Beijing, doing a family since nanny.Crew set up a temporary, limited funding, only when traveling by train, often inside their own posted money.In his spare time shooting is completed, in order to keep in touch with the nanny who sometimes do not want to go take a look at them filming.Mid-1993, “far from home in Beijing” to participate in the Sichuan International TV Festival, to obtain documentary award.Since then, Chen Xiaoqing became famous in documentaries, for about constantly.When shooting in mid-2006, “Forest Song”, he wanted to shoot a documentary with a foreign way.Do you know how to sell the script writers in Hollywood?Sell a 100-minute movie script, you have to convince investors and within three minutes the director, I must move within us too dry –3 minutes, and then tell me how you want to shoot, where the plot points, the climax where, where are bedding.At first he told his men, must take it attractive to do.As a result, each script writers have been at least four or five times to fight back.With the script, director Chen Xiaoqing let them determine the shooting script, until a shooting, shooting rigorous process to develop every day, day to shoot the animal’s claws, day shoot animal fur, written in great detail, but accidents still continue to occur.In order to capture Changbai Mountain wild boar, where the crew of Wild boar voted on extremely heavy corn, and choose the right location nearby and built a bunker.Soon, wild boar appear.Unexpectedly, a sudden gust of wind blowing, the bunker was blown down, man and photographic equipment completely exposed in front of wild boar.Xianshibumiao wild boar, turned and ran.Before filming, he asked the two sets of senior foreign producers, directors and photographers to do the training to the men, and teach them how to deal with ferocious animals.Finally, they will be taken to a very precious wildlife photography, to 60: 1 ratio included in the documentary 11 set, has aroused great repercussion in foreign countries.Super eat goods life Chen Xiaoqing won several international and domestic TV Festival Award, is a well-known documentary filmmaker, but few people know that he was a food columnist.As early as 10 years ago, he did cuisine show guests seventy-eight television, usually a favorite food tasting and research.Chen Xiaoqing phone, in addition to countless selfie pictures of food, also existed data Beijing and throughout China are hundreds of restaurants, including the name of the restaurant, address, phone, and even a list of the various restaurant’s signature dishes.He had a surprising culinary map.Chen Xiaoqing was nicknamed street sweeping mouth, nothing began a blanket search along the streets of Beijing, who looks pretty good restaurant, you should try to find a chance to go in, and the restaurant’s name and address written down.Chen Xiaoqing said, is the Promulgation of the text allowed him to Beijing snacks a keen interest, he even what you want to find a few snacks described herein Liang Shih-chiu.At that time, Chen Xiaoqing often go there Xidan Qingfeng, Gokokuji and Fusi snack bar, sausage, explosive diarrhea, Chao Gan, Lu Zhu, these civilians cuisine, taste a better than one.The most stunning is that, Nanchizi South Side, a small store, in addition to dalian fire thin leather children Dier crisp stuffing incense, doornail meatloaf also done well.There is also a special thing: deep-fried tofu soup.He started not used, but later eat addicted.A bowl placed row diffuse fried tofu, tofu with a spoon into the master shrimp bran floating hot broth in a few light, and then rewind bowl and a spoon small iron piece, sequentially add the juice fermented bean curd children, sesame, green onion, parsley and chives children, put a teaspoon to rely on Wanbian, was le!Beijing dawn in the middle of winter, sitting under the red walls of Huangchenggener, so drink a bowl, aroma blurred down the pipe down, very comfortable.Chen Xiaoqing food column, scattered in a number of newspapers and magazines.He is keen civilian cuisine, so many of which are written in street food, snail powder, beef noodles, Lu Zhu, another common but these snacks in his pen seemed shine.For example a description of the snail powder: the powder cooked, a full bowl, bathed fried yuba.Poke crispy yuba sheet, a thick layer of the lower layer code placed cut very fine filaments and fungus Suansun filaments, susceptor particles thereof are full of peanuts.Red Fentang set off by white rice, and lettuce underpinning.First sip of soup, although no snail meat, but that is certainly the flavor of the product after the snail and pig repeated close contact in the soup pot.Sometimes, even if invited to a number of relatively high-grade restaurant for dinner, Chen Xiaoqing would never write in the column, a good friend there as a cook, will not write.Not afraid of being thought unjust, he insisted on a philosophy of cuisine: good things do not necessarily spend a lot of money.Chen Xiaoqing EATER skill, as a friend of Zhejiang TV documentary senior editor Xia Yanping experienced the lot back.He was in Beijing to eat worry, as long as send a message to Chen Xiaoqing, they will take the trouble to send text messages to more than a dozen recommendations, and he’s also the National Radiation live map.Chen Xiaoqing never recommend the restaurant’s cuisine, mostly street vendors and civil private kitchens.He first discovered the southern station of the time, people do not know Hangzhou.夏燕平 say.To recommend the latest information sauna

She, on each piece of tofu are engraved trademark; she, free shuttle people to visit the workshop, advertising is not worth advertising; she, value of nearly billion last year, two years, opened more than 50 stores soy products; she is Wang Ying tea.Wang Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Tea was originally a British farmer, work in arts and crafts factory, once, she went to the farmers market to sell bean curd day earned 7 quick money, then she quit her job to concentrate tofu.Business is getting better, 1997, Wang decided to do an English tea soybean plants, husband sold the taxi, patchwork financing of 50 million, the factory had been built.Two years later, it has become the largest local soybean plants.She did a good quality tofu, Yiwu, Ningbo and other places nearby customers have her here to purchase.In mid-March 1999, Wang Ying ready to expand the scale of production of tea.But then, suddenly Hangzhou, a soybean plant reached her sell bean curd farmers market.At that time, she’s a box of tofu to sell 18 yuan, 13 yuan and Hangzhou vendors sell.Wang Ying tea prices only fight, but their tofu good quality, high cost, it suffered heavy losses.At this point, she found some of the many years of cooperation dealers back, because Hangzhou tofu manufacturers put the bad day.After tea  Wang Ying began to step out of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou proactive market.But the market performance is not satisfactory, so she came up with two ideas: First, open stores, show their financial strength.In September 2000, the first soy stores opened in Hangzhou.The second is the construction of the factory in Xiaoshan visit the corridor, with a free shuttle got me to the public to visit.Not only satisfy the curiosity of consumers, but also allow consumers eating at ease.The first half of 2005, Wang Ying tea soy products have occupied 30% of the Hangzhou market, but a new problem has cropped up: someone impersonating her tofu basket.Wang Ying tea tofu basket inside engraved with the name of her husband’s ancestral name registered trademark of the word, tofu pour out, there are two words above, the competitors tried their best, at a high price to get her basket, so fake.I did not expect really have no responsibility for the wholesalers reselling the basket out, a time of telephone complaints after another.The desperate Wang Ying tea thought of a way: the dealer to get it back a few baskets, baskets tofu to sell him a few, do not take the basket back, would rather not do business.Basket under control, she regained the trust of consumers.In 2005, Wang Ying tea sales of more than 9,000 yuan, her tofu only occupied the local market, but also out of the country into the European and North American markets.My goal is that there are Chinese, there my tofu and soy products.Wang Ying tea for the future is full of longing.Wang Ying tea very attentive to establish a brand image.Tofu everywhere in China, but have not seen anyone give tofu a registered trademark, Wang Ying did tea, also carved into the brand tofu.In marketing, she did not choose popular way to advertise, but to take a method of marketing experience, allow consumers to visit.Get down to the bean so deep, so thoroughly.Bean is a small goods, but also can do bigger.Designed to small entrepreneurs from small to large, from good to great, big fear is out of control after.Many firms are not down on the market, but fell in a wide variety of temptations, so to maintain a sense of balance.

Explore the ups and downs in mid-1964 was born in Langfang City, Hebei Shengfang town Yusuo, not a smooth road to wealth.Entrance exam three times, so he can not help but disheartened, then dropped out of school to start a small business to do.Yusuo sold sunflower seeds, beer, also sold a female seersucker vest, and later worked in a plastics factory salesman, but did not make any money.Chinese New Year in mid-1986, the business failed Yusuo took 100 dollars, ready to run car transport, people did not think they allowed a Car.King on the occasion of a loss, suddenly thought of the gas and shift to make money, so halfway diverted to Renqiu.Renqiu after the first king to live down the street at idle rpm, see a company selling vegetables cylinders, asked a surname Fan Lao Dajie there is no gas, and made an appointment to meet at night.Night, Wang bought a shopping bag just down the apricot, riding a rented bicycle to find elder sister went surnamed Fan.Wang shocked to see, sister’s husband turned out to be a man he saved the.The man said: jade lock, how do you come up, how can you not say hello ah?Wang said the brother, how is your family?Big Brother Yes.Since then the issue is resolved.Wang also from vista.Big Brother let Wang picked up a set of equipment back, and then the responsibility of the big brother to the king of air links.Yusuo riding a borrowed bicycle, the device will pull back home, home to a small shop selling a put, posted a notice.Posted notices, immediately flocked to the customer, when it registered seven or eight sets; Wang a few days to sell more than forty sets, netted one thousand yuan.In the late 1980s, the state began to implement the national pricing and liquefied gas market float dual pricing system.While doing business is not easy, but the price of the two-track system also left considerable profit margins.As the market continues to expand, a few years time, Yusuo won the pot of gold to create wealth.West-East Gas opportunities in 1989, Yusuo established Xiali taxi company, began his first journey to make a living from the wealth of meter.In Yusuo view, bottled gas obviously can not become their own career, when fortune does not mean business.When operating taxi companies, fueling his car from the huge overhead saw the huge market of petroleum products.At that time the oil is monopolized by the state, but Yusuo still see the market trade in the petrochemical space.Although the petrochemical business and do not have much direct wealth brought it to him, but as he has accumulated intangible asset in this industry – including popularity, the market is sensitive to the industry and thinking of the future market.The early 1990s, the downstream natural gas industry began to relent, allowing the state-owned gas wells scattered with the outside world to develop.Yusuo after hearing the news, ventured in Huabei Oilfield pack a few mouthfuls of gas well, officially entered the natural gas industry.At that time, coincides with the Langfang Development Zone was established, with a good reputation and experience in business liquefied gas, without the use of government investment, Yusuo every year set up a new Austrian Gas Co., Ltd. in 1992, and then to market-oriented approach to Langfang Development Zone for gas.Mid-1994, Yusuo extend the advantages, the introduction of piped gas projects in Langfang, Hebei Langfang City became the first city to spend natural gas pipeline.At this point, other domestic gas company has just been born, the new Austrian in Langfang success has been achieved through the accumulation of a lot of professional experience, training a large number of professionals and resources.

Middle-aged man was diagnosed a decade ago have infertility.But ten years later, a young woman has led a child broke into his life.Why infertility patients have a son?The child’s arrival, how will unlock a secret?Male infertility has biological children Beijing Li Zhiyong is a trading company manager, 43-year-old his heart out for business, the company will take care of booming.One day, the secretary into the office to tell him in May 2009 of a young woman with a child looking for his.Li Zhiyong asked the secretary to please the guests come.Soon, a woman holding a boy about 4 years old, went straight into the office, a door, they took Li Zhiyong, said: Brother, I see you.Li Zhiyong shocked look closely, he suddenly think of it, pleasantly surprised to say: You do not Jiangmei Yu?Li Zhiyong and Jiang Meiyu met in 5 years.That day, Li Zhiyong to the bar for a drink, to accompany a friend to talk about something, suddenly heard a cry came, he turned to look, to see some dubious mouth foul-mouthed man, bully a girl, one of the men grabbed the girl, at the very start hit a few ears.Li Zhiyong year young blood, rushed to grabbed the man’s neck, put him thrown to the ground.He looks morally, put the number of men scared off.Girl named Jiang Meiyu, looks handsome, like 20-something, is the name of the northern drift, in this bar waitress.Since then, she was grateful whenever Li Zhiyong to the bar, she will take the initiative to talk with him a few words.Over time, Li Zhiyong moved compassion, at a friend’s company to Jiang Meiyu arrange a job as a clerk.Since then, the two from time to time to get together after work, eat dinner, drink alcohol.At that time, Li Zhiyong and no other ideas, just as she would a little sister.However, Jiang Meiyu my heart but then he had a feeling of love.Once, when the two men midnight snack, Li Zhiyong drunk, Jiang Meiyu active gestures.The next day, Li Zhiyong woke up and saw surprise, he not only guilty but also worried about his wife to know about it.He gave Jiang Meiyu money, let her leave Beijing.Li Zhiyong and Jiang Meiyu no understanding of tangled, her love for Li Zhiyong’s deep in my heart, quit his job, Li Zhiyong completely disappeared from sight, as if she has never been the same.Each Mindful of this, Li Zhiyong are filled with emotion, her faint some guilt.He never thought, five years later, Jiang Meiyu will led a child, appeared again in front of their own.Li Zhiyong Jiang Meiyu Q: Are you married?Father of the baby is Zuosa?He asked, Jiang Meiyu started to cry, she said, brother, you save my child, his father did not suffice poor, and very ill now, I took him to Beijing is to see the doctor.Now, I do have the money ran out and could not raise hospital charges, and you come to an impasse,.You’re a good-hearted people, I believe you will help us.Li Zhiyong looked at the little boy, watching his pair of clear eyes, his heart suddenly touched something, he give birth to countless sympathy in my heart, almost in an instant, he decided to help the mother and son.Under the auspices of Li Zhiyong, a Beijing hospital successfully to Jiang Meiyu suffering neuroblastoma child had surgery.After a month of rehabilitation, the child’s body gradually improved.As a result, Li Zhiyong told Jiang Meiyu, since the child has recovered hope Jiangmei Yu took the children to go back to a previous life.He whispered to Jiangmei Yu said: My wife and I still do not know your business, you’re here to stay a long time, there is always a will in her being found.Jiangmei Yu nodded, but could not stop the tears to flow out.She said Li Zhiyong: Are you a good look at him, he is your child ah!You lie, I simply can not give birth!Li Zhiyong rage, he believes Jiangmei Yu to take the opportunity to blackmail.You do not recognize, I have no idea.I dare swear to God, this is your child.”Jiang Meiyu cried: I leave you back home in Guiyang, find themselves pregnant, want to go to knock down, but I was reluctant.Li Zhiyong’s have a big head.Middle-aged man to his many years of marriage, has no children.Years ago, a doctor at the hospital with his wife to the hospital to have her work done and the test prove that he was sterile.Later, on the advice of friends and relatives, he and his wife adopted a social welfare boy.Although there is no flesh and blood always some regret, but his wife is very virtuous, very well-behaved son, his life enjoyable.However, Jiang Meiyu suddenly appeared, that he is a child’s biological father, is not some absurd?After Li Zhiyong angry, the remnants of reason tells him, Jiang Meiyu not like lying, but he obviously unable to have children, how will she was pregnant with the child of it?Thought to want to, Li Zhiyong decided to do a paternity test.Female infertility doctors concocted husband Li Zhiyong run the relevant procedures, quietly took the children to the center to do a paternity test paternity test.A week later, DNA identification results came out, blood is indeed child with Li Zhiyong.Looking at the identification of the book, Li Zhiyong heart weird smells.To further confirm the authenticity of the blood, he went to a well-known hospital in Beijing to do a physical examination, the results showed that his sperm survival rate up to 99%.Healthy people like you how it will be unable to bear children?The doctor’s words echoing in the ears Li Zhiyong.It is undeniable that the child is his biological.Suddenly had a son, he felt that fate played a trick on him.He wanted to, then do fertility testing, arranged by his wife full Xiuying, in the hospital where she works, is it dirty tricks from her?Back home, the whole Xiuying and adopted son is playing a game, Li Zhiyong silent will pull her into the bedroom, she asked: When do fertility testing, is not your own arrangements?Yes.Full Xiuying did not understand, ask what this?Have you done anything?Full Xiuying moment, then denied that and said: What nonsense you talk it!You must know that they can not get pregnant, afraid I divorce you, so I took the written test results no fertility, right?He looked at his wife panicked look, Li Zhiyong knew a little.In fact, as a doctor of wholly Xiuying before marriage to know that they unable to have children, she was afraid of her divorce and Li Zhiyong do this, so he figured out a way: married, with her husband at the same time to do inspections, by falsifying medical certificate, conclude husband no fertility, because his wife’s trust, coupled with the psychological impact of low self-esteem, Li Zhiyong did not go through the referral.Looked tearful wife, Li Zhiyong said angrily: your behavior into too much damage, you should bear legal responsibility for it, we get a divorce.Not only to see her husband divorced, she also sued, all Xiuying anxious, find a lawyer in private to discuss countermeasures.He always felt that she can not have children, and now he knows how you lied to him of it, maybe he fathered a child outside, if so, we can prosecute him with bigamy.Full Xiuying feel lawyer was right, he began to trace her husband, looking for evidence.Soon, she learned that Li Zhiyong recently to help a child heal things, but also to take a photograph of him and Jiang Meiyu alone together.June 26, 2009, Jiang Meiyu son discharged.Li Zhiyong Jiang Meiyu mother to rent a house in the city.Mother and son settled life, Li Zhiyong began to consider their own lives, he believes his wife against their will, used his position to secretly himself characterized as congenital sterility, his behavior constituted a denial of reproductive rights, suspected of crimes committed, he should to have a say.Just as Li Zhiyong in full swing to prepare a lawsuit, he suddenly received a phone full Xiuying, asking him to hurry home.Surprisingly, he had just entered the house, the whole stack of photos Xiuying will be placed in front of him.These photos are all life, as he and Jiang Meiyu’s mother, Li Zhiyong was shocked: You’ve been stalking me?Full Xiuying said: I do not want this, you force me to do so!Was referred to this point, they also do not go too.Li Zhiyong insisted his wife to court, but lawyers told him: If you can not find full-Xiuying used his position to qualitatively you are suffering from ‘infertility’ evidence, sue sue is white.Although you do not form a common-law relationship with Jiang Meiyu, but you had an extramarital affair and the fact that there had children, if the other party by virtue of legal action, against you.Li Zhiyong confused and in the occasion, he was surprised to find a full Xiuying hidden in the suitcase of a diary, which records the whole complex psychological process Xiuying use his position put him as infertility.This time, Li Zhiyong treasure.Lawsuit war there are no winners June 4, 2009, Li Zhiyong to reproductive rights are deprived of the grounds, the whole Xiuying court, ask the court to pursue her responsibility, and filed for divorce.Just received a court summons that day, the whole Xiuying to be outdone, her husband to commit bigamy on the grounds of his court.August 27, 2009, due to the full Xiuying Li Zhiyong sued a case involving a criminal offense, the court decided in advance Li Zhiyong bigamy case hearing.In court, Li Zhiyong its conduct does not constitute an excuse not guilty of bigamy, and submitted to the court a full Xiuying diary to confirm that the situation today is a wholly Xiuying own making.Full Xiuying have given back, the two sides war of words, each side.To recommend the latest information sauna

11th century, when the British army in the ancient city of Jerusalem against St. Jean Nasdaq, the Nasdaq was St. Jean man desperate resistance.Lao Shi siege off soldiers, long time no progress.British commanders wheat bridge school this headache.While wheat bridge school worried, with good reason when.One day, fellow soldiers asked to see Lang of: Mr. Colonel, I have something to ask to see the siege as your.Oh, my little fellow, what are your opinions on what this thing siege?Not any suggestions, but I think this way is pretty worth a try.Lang heard talk of siege strategy, Maiqiao colonel happy to open.Soon, the British right again organize a new siege warfare, with the previous difference is offensive, first in the queue is a former brigade soldiers by a group of soldiers led by Lang of many bees carrying boxes of beekeeping people.Troops quickly rushed to the edge of the city of St. Jean, Lang immediate command of those beekeepers throw the beehives on the city wall.All of a sudden, thousands of bees from hives Shuaikai, the overwhelming fly out, people will encounter thorns, the soldiers guarding the city of Jerusalem thorn open eyes, one wah-wah barking, they instantly lose the ability to guard.The British siege troops to attack the momentum, and soon occupied the city.It turned out that the soldiers in the army of Lang is an outstanding beekeepers ago.He came to Jerusalem with the army, the silk of beekeeping interest is not reduced, the gap when fighting, he will love the nearby beekeepers association.After local bees siege plan reported to Colonel Maiqiao, he soon got the weapons needed.