December 11, according to reports of the sound of diplomacy, immigration to the attention of a small partner!December 24 to 27, Beijing will be suspended for all inbound and outbound traffic, forensics date postponed。 Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration to suspend immigration service announcements according to the unified deployment of Ministry of Public Security, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration will enable the national information system。 At 0:00 on December 24, 2017 to at 4:27 on December 2 days, the city's public security organs immigration documents acceptance point, self-service area, "the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau 'immigration act hall' 'website and mobile phone APP platform, because switching system will be suspended。
Since December 28, 2017, back to normal business transaction。
Please foreign applicant timely adjustment of processing time。 The inconvenience, please understand, thank you for your support。 Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration of December 6, 2017 Date of evidence suggesting accepted date for December 11 – 16, the applicant's attention to it: the cost of exit documents for the 2018 list of holiday arrangements announced, many people began quietly plan next year's holiday, want to go abroad, go outside and see?No immigration documents of little friends, to tell you good news, handling fee from July this year to cut prices, and a list of documents for entry and exit fee to send you: Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Each girl has a dream, even if not pure, they still maintain a naive at heart, I would like fireworks general innocence Love!Some girls, Huaxin Love still like to dress up Barbie dolls; some like to watch the meteor shower, there's like a playground carousel, although not the same, but do not have a fleeting memory of ignorant youth。    Recall childhood, I have actually been deliberately archive。I know, warm and simple time is no longer possible turning back, so I never excessive luxury, but did not think much, just occasionally through school age campus life a little more bleak feeling nothing。As a result, when you see a few character cordial and very congenial friends with girls in different ways to miss the innocence of childhood, how much has this curious, but also very curious。    I remember approaching birthday, and I have other friends that want to celebrate for her, so she asked to:“By the way, tomorrow your birthday, what kind of gift you want it?”“Buy me a Barbie doll, right!”She replied with a slight whine gas naive tone。“what?No, how old you are, but also likes to play as a child stuff?”“Oh, is it so?I feel very good。”Although to hear her answer, I feel very naive, but people birthday tomorrow, she maximum, or in accordance with the right people!Also not to mention, this“Barbie doll”Also against me, she wants that section“Crystal Bride”Really can not buy, finally bought, or at a fast city, packed some dirty, let me good brother rubber seal Dayton graze in pencil in the only change its color, give gifts that day, I said to her :“It seems that you really like the Barbie ah, no wonder you have to wear this bridal makeup doll, like you, are bristling fringe!”She smiled and said to me:“Like me, so I like。”At this point, I really feel confused, shouted:“I give up!”That day, sleepy, just after the stroke of midnight a few seconds, a burst of musical ringtones thought, I saw a friend, was going to attack, but found that was a girl friend, she said:“In a few minutes there will be a meteor shower, you do not open the window and see?”I am speechless to open the windows,“Whirr!”The wind blew in, it is still winter, but where's the meteor shower,“what……sneeze!No, cheated, really small woman!”Is planning to shut the window, suddenly a few light across the eye from the occasion, it seems that there are so mean meteor shower, but I will now swift windows closed, wash my face immediately asleep, thinking:“What a silly interest!”Just rolled over, I want:“No, can not just forget, you have to give her a surprise job!”So a child, I was not sleeping I called her and told her:“Yes, I was standing on the roof just see a lot of meteor Leonid meteor shower, or you can also look up!”After I do not know how to talk, but that night, I finally settled down to sleep, and good Shen。    Maybe just have a chance, my friends and I go to the playground to play。Strange to say, in particular, played a stimulus“Brave wheel”After that, she even went to“Carousel”A district game。I am very curious and asked her:“How old you are, how also like to play this?”She said smiling:“I just love this!”I have some helpless crooked nod, he said:“Girls really unpredictable ah!”She sat looking at a brown-red at once with joy ringing ups and downs, was both envious and somewhat lonely。Envy, because her heart Wan Hui quality, until JobHunting still have a childlike heart; lonely, perhaps on their own terms, because it is always calm their own performance in reality, very calm, but the actual always afraid to own their own vulnerability foot forward, so very tired。She turned around to look at me smiling all he seems to have became an instant space with imagination, or is also a driving force。A life that is relieved only threw himself down the burden, will show the!    Every moment spent on the happy, I always have the treasure, if you want to write these stories pure soul in the autumn leaves start to fall, caught in a piece of notebook。When I was maybe seventy years of age then open this notebook, you will not have some feeling in it。Emotional world, I never expect too much, but also after spending the young, understand a lot。I am also very cherish this hard-won stories brought to every red leaves, because sincere, but also implies innocence, so it is worth more appreciative!Perhaps a woman's mind, we always see through a man, but one thing, I really understand the true feelings of sincere and mutual exchange and communication needs, bit of life also needs careful care!Perhaps in the future, there will be a favorite to do“Carousel”Girls, there will be like watching a“Meteor shower”Savage girl, or also still a favorite“Barbie doll”The woman, this time, I would really say to her:“You're Hey, I also to the force!Because I also began to understand!”

What is a healthy diet recipes, today's society is very fast-paced, so a lot of people are not eating for special attention, in fact, this is wrong, then what is a healthy diet with recipes and night network to see what a healthy diet recipes have introduced it!There is a factor of what a healthy diet recipes With the accelerated pace of life, many people work pressure and stress as well as increase the pressure of life, not the normal diet in accordance with the law, but also affect health, along with improving the quality of life more and more people begin to pay attention to adjust the diet, how to adjust the diet of healthy eating has become a key to be how many people choose a healthy diet recipes to adjust the diet to achieve the objective of protecting the health and quality of life。Healthy eating is the key to life now, a lot of bad eating habits for many of my friends is a great harm, such as daily smoking and drinking often eat spicy food, it is easy hazardous to their health, so a healthy diet is important, What is a healthy diet recipes we briefly explain。As shown, a total energy limit: to gradually reduce energy intake, while the amount of the auxiliary physical activity。Healthy Eating mildly obese adult what recipes, weight loss per month?Preferably, a reduction of 125kcal per day?250kcal of energy intake。
Moderately obese adult than 2 kg weight loss per month?Preferably, reduced 510kcal per day?1280kcal of energy intake。2, moderate protein: while taking low-energy diet, the supply amount of protein should be 20% of the total energy supply?30%。If it blindly excessive intake of protein, can cause damage to the liver and kidney function。

Source: Chinese Life Network January 3 electric Earlier, an American Chinese American couple killed his 5-year-old daughter caused extensive hot。 Chen Mingming charged with murder, tampering with evidence and offenses against children, but at the time of sentencing, Stark County Prosecutor minus involuntary manslaughter in her plea agreement and initially accused of several charges。
According to previous reports, police said the Chinese mother to daughter fist Maul head repeatedly as the main cause of death。 At that time my father to see her daughter out of the mouth of green liquid in a hurry to take her to the toilet to wash your face, no longer find the breath, and immediately applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but in the end still died。
Defense lawyer Chen Mingming Drucker said the defendant told the police statement has been suppressed because of her limited English and American judicial system to understand, do not understand the Miranda warning content。 But prosecutors believe that psychological expert assessment records were not found Chen Mingming has battered woman syndrome。 Prosecutors also hope that defense counsel did not mention Chen Mingming battered case in court。
Ming Ming Chen also told the psychologist that she did not want to tell the real truth hurt her husband, her husband said, as long as she pleaded guilty, he can take care of their eldest daughter out of jail as soon as possible, otherwise it will be forced to live year-old daughter with others。
Chen Mingming before the time of investigation, the police say, she was only two hands, not four hands, but also work in restaurants and taking care of the children, so many things。
She also told police mentioned that Ai Xu Li is very obedient。
As for why will play daughter?Chen Mingming said, "I forgot, is very angry。
"Chen Ming Ming Zhao Liangjie husband had admitted tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, abuse of corpse and children in danger and many other charges。 He was sentenced to 12 years in prison after the guilty plea, and after having served six years of a chance for parole。 (Chinese Life Network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Suspended more than a year of a new shares issue, IPO restart so that everyone had the urge。 As of January 13, although there is not a listed company intends to complete the last step of issuing and listing; landing Exchange, but stalled more than a year of new shares IPO, after the gate opening has become issuers, underwriters eyes of the "official told us, "。。。China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document said it would launch historic stock of blue chip investment policy policy, risk capital dozen new GEM will soon have a new action。
Such as placement under the net inquiry Chutian Technology in a "people's livelihood Life – Traditional insurance products" figure, livelihood insurance claims two prices, total 200 million shares。。。As the main force to fight the new fund managers is how to participate in the new play?Wang Di (a pseudonym) Shanghai, a fund manager after the execution of the new shares shouted, "good luck."。
Turning dozen new tips, he said, one previous study of the fundamentals of the company, including research rally new process is very thorough, followed by issuers and underwriters as well as very good communication…On Saturday, Gujing Distillery announced that in order to further improve the efficiency of the company's own funds, the rational use of funds, the company's management to be no more than one hundred million yuan purchase of new shares。
Within the scope of this amount, the funds can be recycled。 All sources of funding for the company's own idle funds…Liu investors trading accounts morning to open the computer, he got hit new quota of 20,000 shares, the full amount of funds required to purchase nearly 400,000 yuan。
Funds are set in the stock market, where so much money to purchase it?On balance, Liu sold off their shares, funds for new play…January 7, A-share initial public offering (IPO) stock first single release available after the restart, I-Biological proposed public offering of 11 million new shares, four former shareholders of old shares public offering of 1425 shares。 Disclosure announcement the same day issued a new treasure all of the shares issued new shares。 I-Biological be the first implementation of the old shares of listed companies transfer program…。

Xinhua Rio de Janeiro, February 6 (Reporter Zhao Yan Chen Wei Hua) 6 Brazilian Federal Police to take action according to the command of the judiciary, the former Brazil's richest man Eike Batista's home property confiscation。  The action did not check the date of the CPC six cars, a piano, 16 watches, paintings and pieces of a 俄罗斯法贝 hot eggs, there are nearly 90,000 reais (about US 20.20,000 yuan) in cash and more than 3.70,000 reais (8.30,000 yuan) of other currencies。6 confiscated the car, including Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne limousine。  Not checked these assets do not include previously frozen total deposits, stocks and bonds of 1.2.2 billion reais (2.700 million yuan) in assets。  Assets Batista relatives also were frozen this week。  According to reports, last year in early April, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate requirements of the Brazilian Federal Police investigation Batista's OGX oil company under the name of, and found that listed companies suspected of hiding important information, defraud investors。The survey also found himself face Batista in private sale of shares they hold, side by personal Twitter account to promote the company operating in good condition, to encourage long-term investors and shareholders hold shares。  The 59-year-old Batista to mining started, to get involved in infrastructure, real estate and entertainment and other fields。In 2011, he was named Brazil's richest man and the world's eighth richest person with a net worth of $ 30 billion, "Forbes" magazine。  Since the failure of investment in oil, from the beginning of 2013, Batista's many enterprises have declared bankruptcy。Last September, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate formally charged Batista, on charges including providing false information, alleged manipulation of financial markets。Batista If convicted, he faces 13 years in prison。

  Guangdong Province, the Consumer Council that the defendant riding Wyatt Company in "Little Ming bicycle" APP on deposit in return instructions are standard terms developed by the defendant unilaterally limit the consumer's property rights to the deposit, in violation of the "Consumer Protection Law" Article 26 hereof also in violation of 10 departments such as the Ministry of transport issued the "guiding opinions on encouraging and regulating the development of the Internet rental bike" Article IV, paragraph (l) requires companies to establish and improve the user on a deposit refund system, accelerate the realization "that That charge rent, that is, that is still out "provisions。 Wyatt ride before the company did not establish a reasonable, feasible and adequate return a deposit guarantee mechanism, in order to avoid the follow-up to more users of a threat or property damage, the defendant respond to consumer adoption of newly registered deposit-free way to provide services。
  Guangdong Provincial Council believes, riding Wyatt's infringement caused extreme inconvenience to consumers in the Internet rental bikes process of consumption, processing and negative refusing to return the deposit to the consumer behavior also caused mental distress and unnecessary the burden, the defendant should be a public apology。   During the trial defense, the company said Wyatt ride it did not rule out the deposit address consumer, labor, tax, suppliers and other debt issues by way of liquidation bankruptcy。 Meanwhile, the company said Wyatt ride company has stopped operating, and no new users to register again, solemnly apologize to consumers and the community。
  According to the facts found in the trial, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court found as follows, and the court verdict, the defendant company as promised Wyatt ride refunded to consumers if they can not meet the commitment to return the deposit, the registration of new consumers pause a deposit, at the same time the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days without charge a deposit refund will be deposited with a notary public "little Ming bicycle" to operate according to law, and not refundable deposit of consumer advisories。
  Wyatt riding company on the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days to the public enough to know the way to the consumer true, accurate and complete disclosure of information on the deposit balance of payments, the use, refund and other related mechanisms, and processes involved in consumer security deposit, will be disclosed content to registered notary public notarized and registered with industrial and commercial administration departments for the record, etc.。 (Finish)。

  In response to the Commission's regulatory concerns, BlackCell also committed except in accordance with the relevant provisions under the "SFO", otherwise the design will not enter into or promote any constitute "collective investment schemes" program。
  The SFC found that, BlackCell open to the public in Hong Kong through its website to sell an ICO in order to sell digital tokens to investors; and in the marketing process, pointed out to investors will use the proceeds of the ICO to develop a mobile application program, and token holders will be entitled to redeem the shares BlackCell。   The SFC believes in the circumstances, these arrangements may constitute collective investment schemes。
  Hong Kong SFC pointed out that if the ICO made to the Hong Kong public offer involves buying equity collective investment schemes or participation in collective investment schemes, unless otherwise exempted, or must obtain prior approval or compliance with licensing requirements in accordance with the "Securities and Futures Ordinance"。
Interests in collective investment schemes are considered "SFO" definition of "securities"。   Persons or organizations engaged in activities such as ICO have questions about applicable legal and regulatory requirements, should seek legal or other professional advice。 Commission again reminded investors should exercise caution before deciding to invest in ICO。
(New Jingwei APP) Following the new latitude and longitude public micro-channel number (micro-letter search for "new latitude" or "jwview"), to see more exciting financial information。

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing at 23:00 on June 19 usher?Group matches in Poland and Senegal, also means that the World Cup first round group stage ends。World Cup first round upset many games, so fans by surprise。Bayern fans after the match online ridicule, Bayern I am afraid to make the official declaration of players ahead of the World Cup back to plug Benner Street prepare for the next season game, return to plug Benner of you players were cried together, encouraging each other。Bayern's defense is almost the German team's defense, Neuer, Jimi Xi, Hummels, Boateng, polyethylene Le, joined together with the midfield Muller, Rudy and gray next season Bystri?ka are lost along with the German team; to usher in a second spring of Columbia Bayern star?Luo, also last night 1-2 loss to the Japanese team; Bayern front Pa Levante 1-2 defeat of Poland led by Senegal; Tiago is where Spain 3-3 draw with Portugal; only the "Chosen One "Tuo Lisuo where the French team to a 2-1 victory over Australia。This record, only brothers Premier League Arsenal can fight with one。Arsenal did not get the winner in addition to other Welbeck England players, including Germany where Monreal Spain, Ozil is located, failed to win。Since Welbeck in this game even a second of playing time are not, therefore, a bit embarrassed。Arsenal Specific record: Aierneini (Egypt) lost, Monreal (Spain) flat, Ivo ratio (Nigeria) lose, Zaka (Switzerland) flat, Ozil (Germany) negative, Campbell (Costa Rica) negative, Ospina (Colombia) negative; Welbeck (England) wins。 Netizens have joked: "the effectiveness of Munich, away from the World Cup", "confirmed the eyes, are their own benevolence", "World Cup so far Arsenal and Bayern could run for the most toxic Department Award, not worth between Jen Sen gas "" If only a group of loyal players for their club, and that is the Arsenal…After all, as soon as possible to prepare for the new season is not even win the World Cup. " ……

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO July 28 news, Venezuela's currency devaluation seems to enter free-fall, its exchange rate against the dollar in early 500 Bolivar against the US dollar plunged to 683.26 Bolivar。  According to the British "Financial Times" reported that in the past year, Venezuela's money supply rose 85%, while Bolivar on the black market value of less than 1% of the official rate as。  This is a crisis for the Venezuelan President Maduro (Maduro), the same is true for the Venezuelan economy associated with foreign enterprises, such as the US airline industry。According to reports, American Airlines (American Airlines) has been slashed for the Venezuelan Bolivar service and no longer accept purchase tickets, and warned the value of their holdings of 6.$ 2.9 billion in cash Bolivarian risk of further impairment。  Venezuela currency Kuangbian endanger the solvency of the country。Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in emerging markets fixed income analyst Robert Tancsa pointed out that Venezuela's foreign exchange reserves over the past three months the average monthly decline of $ 1.6 billion to $ 15.5 billion。Recently Jamaica can get about $ 1.5 billion in debt after Venezuela, "but the recent debt agreement with Uruguay for a period of only a few days of relaxation, further options seem very limited," said Morgan Stanley report the case。  Morgan Stanley did not think China will rescue Venezuela: "We support China in view of the above to provide further financing cautious。According to previous reports, China has approved $ 10 billion in financing, including $ 5 billion for Venezuela's state oil company (PDVSA) capital expenditure projects, and the remaining $ 5.0 billion will be the sequel to the loan-for-oil deal。However, we must emphasize that these funds are often used for project cooperation with China, and therefore may not be used to pay off debts。"(Shofu compilation)