"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing at 23:00 on June 19 usher?Group matches in Poland and Senegal, also means that the World Cup first round group stage ends。World Cup first round upset many games, so fans by surprise。Bayern fans after the match online ridicule, Bayern I am afraid to make the official declaration of players ahead of the World Cup back to plug Benner Street prepare for the next season game, return to plug Benner of you players were cried together, encouraging each other。Bayern's defense is almost the German team's defense, Neuer, Jimi Xi, Hummels, Boateng, polyethylene Le, joined together with the midfield Muller, Rudy and gray next season Bystri?ka are lost along with the German team; to usher in a second spring of Columbia Bayern star?Luo, also last night 1-2 loss to the Japanese team; Bayern front Pa Levante 1-2 defeat of Poland led by Senegal; Tiago is where Spain 3-3 draw with Portugal; only the "Chosen One "Tuo Lisuo where the French team to a 2-1 victory over Australia。This record, only brothers Premier League Arsenal can fight with one。Arsenal did not get the winner in addition to other Welbeck England players, including Germany where Monreal Spain, Ozil is located, failed to win。Since Welbeck in this game even a second of playing time are not, therefore, a bit embarrassed。Arsenal Specific record: Aierneini (Egypt) lost, Monreal (Spain) flat, Ivo ratio (Nigeria) lose, Zaka (Switzerland) flat, Ozil (Germany) negative, Campbell (Costa Rica) negative, Ospina (Colombia) negative; Welbeck (England) wins。 Netizens have joked: "the effectiveness of Munich, away from the World Cup", "confirmed the eyes, are their own benevolence", "World Cup so far Arsenal and Bayern could run for the most toxic Department Award, not worth between Jen Sen gas "" If only a group of loyal players for their club, and that is the Arsenal…After all, as soon as possible to prepare for the new season is not even win the World Cup. " ……

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO July 28 news, Venezuela's currency devaluation seems to enter free-fall, its exchange rate against the dollar in early 500 Bolivar against the US dollar plunged to 683.26 Bolivar。  According to the British "Financial Times" reported that in the past year, Venezuela's money supply rose 85%, while Bolivar on the black market value of less than 1% of the official rate as。  This is a crisis for the Venezuelan President Maduro (Maduro), the same is true for the Venezuelan economy associated with foreign enterprises, such as the US airline industry。According to reports, American Airlines (American Airlines) has been slashed for the Venezuelan Bolivar service and no longer accept purchase tickets, and warned the value of their holdings of 6.$ 2.9 billion in cash Bolivarian risk of further impairment。  Venezuela currency Kuangbian endanger the solvency of the country。Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in emerging markets fixed income analyst Robert Tancsa pointed out that Venezuela's foreign exchange reserves over the past three months the average monthly decline of $ 1.6 billion to $ 15.5 billion。Recently Jamaica can get about $ 1.5 billion in debt after Venezuela, "but the recent debt agreement with Uruguay for a period of only a few days of relaxation, further options seem very limited," said Morgan Stanley report the case。  Morgan Stanley did not think China will rescue Venezuela: "We support China in view of the above to provide further financing cautious。According to previous reports, China has approved $ 10 billion in financing, including $ 5 billion for Venezuela's state oil company (PDVSA) capital expenditure projects, and the remaining $ 5.0 billion will be the sequel to the loan-for-oil deal。However, we must emphasize that these funds are often used for project cooperation with China, and therefore may not be used to pay off debts。"(Shofu compilation)

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 20 report: Beijing June 20 morning, Russia's World Cup group match in the first round of the Harding Park。For the traditional giants of international football, the World Cup first round results are mostly disappointing。The world's top-ranked defending champion Germany unexpectedly lose broke big cold, the second of Brazil, Portugal, fourth, fifth Argentina did not win。The world's top 10 teams, only Belgium and France to win the opponents。Although strictly speaking, in addition to defending champion Germany 0-1 loss to Mexico can be said to be upset, the other team's results are much expected, but not cold summer in Russia, the results of the first round group stage somewhat surprising, the Yankees into the World Cup is obviously a bit slow pace and state。According to the latest FIFA world rankings, ranking the top 10 teams in the first round group stage, there are only two teams to win。World No. 3 Belgium 3-0 victory over Panama, the only outcome of this game is clearly the strength of relatively normal。No. 7 French lucky, relying on each other's own goal, 2-1 victory over France but uncompetitive average strength of Australia。 Ranked No. 4 in Portugal and 10 in Spain a draw is a normal result, the game would have been who wins all normal。World No. 2 in the fifth World champions Brazil 1-1 draw by Switzerland, from the results disappointing, but considering ranked sixth in Switzerland, it's not so strange。Messi missed a penalty, 1-1 draw with Iceland was somewhat disappointing to know that Argentina ranks fifth in the world rankings!World No. 8 Polish lose but not so surprising, they lost 1-2 to Senegal African football。Although Lewandowski such a world-class center sits, but Poland's overall strength is far higher rankings。The biggest upset of the first round group stage of the competition and the most incredible result is the defending champion, is also the world's No. 1 lost to Germany 0-1 in Mexico, Loew's team exposed a lot of problems in the game。FIFA World Cup group match in addition to the first 10 at home watching # 9 of Chile, the first round of 2 wins, 5 draws and two losses has been disappointing.!But it might also encourage them to find the state in the next group stage spirit, fans around the world to bring good game。

Almost six weeks before the Washington Wizards had to accept the loss of key players – John Wall of the facts, but coach Scott – Brooks quickly gives the response measures to reshape the capital team this system – sometimes it, so the injury problems the team had become a catalyst for progress。
Washington Wizards after a relatively poor start to the season they have to solve problems in their locker room。 End the New Year, the team was back on track and return to the ranks of the playoffs, and headed toward home-court advantage in the playoffs。
But then they have to face a shock: – John Wall at the end of January had to undergo knee surgery, like a bolt from the blue hit the Wizards who。
Lost the absolute core of the team figure, coach Brooks had to change the team's style of play under his command: scoring burden will be spread over several players on the shoulder, and then focus on running the ball。
It now appears that such a deal is not bad, since the Wall absent, assists overall figures but rather the entire branch Wizards up。
Since Wal injury, the Wizards can send assists in each game night, during which time the league's leading performance。 Earlier, the Wall occupied in the team a lot of the ball, dribble every time he touches the ball every time, every game to singles times, although this is a strong point, but also hindered the game of fluency。 In both of these data, the Wall are ranked third in the league position, but only his efficiency level of the middle reaches of the league。 In addition, the Wizards in the early games of the season are sent out assists, "only" ranked eighth NBA。 Wal negative impact on the Wizards?This argument seems to be illogical, because he averaged sent out assists。
In addition to Maji Fu – Morris assist average figure increased from time to time, Bradley – Bill, little Otto – Porter and Thomas – Sartori Lansky these three men appear no small change。
Bill became a team leader is not next to the Wall, Bradley – Bill completely become the leader of the Wizards: Bill currently lead the Washington Wizards game play time (minutes), scoring (points ) and averaging the number (times) of the assists rankings。 Although the average score per game fewer points than before, but now no longer play the role of Bill 3D players, and became more of the ball and the team leader。
"Days without the Wall, he made rapid progress。
When the ball in his hand, he reads the game point of view are not the same, "and after the game between the Wizards and Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade praised Bill。
Such a thing to change the team also occurs in small roles Otto – Porter body。
In addition to Bradley – Bill Porter is now the team's second offensive option, he also took over part of the duties of the ball。 Now Potter's scoring average stabilized at the points – before a sub – shots and averaged only increased by 2 times。
In addition, Porter averaged also sent out nearly three assists per game。 Currently Wizards offensive efficiency as high, can enhance the presence of nearly 10 when Potter。
Kelly with small – Wu Bulei different, Potter when the ball is very good。
In this season, Wu Bulei made a leap of progress, but there is no Wall clever passing, his efficiency has become a low。
Since Wal absence, Wu Bulei averaging shot five times in the perimeter, shooting just 29%。
Thomas – Sato Lansky: great strides in true shooting percentage terms, only Wu Bulei%, only Bidi Mu -% Fraser a little better。 So who is the team the Wizards the highest true shooting percentage of people do?Thomas – Sato Lansky, he reached 68%, which is by far the biggest bright spot in the Wall injured since the team。
Wall to long-term truce since the news spread, many people are going to think the Wizards signed Yuedelike – Ross or Thailand – Lawson as an emergency field after the ball, but Sato Lansky proved the best Waugh Seoul has been a substitute in the team, he can make are more accurate than any other point guard in the decision。 This is a Titans team bench stand out。 The bench is often considered Wizards in the last few seasons the worst weakness。
Experienced anything like Brandon – Jennings, Trey – Burke or Ramon – after linebacker such Sessions, Sato Lansky proved their worth。
Each game, Sato Lansky debut just 30 minutes, you can use% shooting to win points, including three-point shooting as high as%。 In addition, Sato Lansky also smart enough to find his teammates, is averaging assists。 "His every night looking for his teammates on the court, he knows how to defend each other's good defender, but also know how to attack," Bill told CBS Sports reporter praised his teammates, "he intention and the will to play。
"After the Wizards lost Volta, starting five data。

  Beijing March 21 (Reporter Liu Changzhong) China will release library in Beijing 21 "Chinese White Paper Library Wills (2013-2017 years)" shows that the testator trend is clearly younger, will give priority to real estate。   China will library is China Aging Development Foundation and the Beijing Sunshine Elderly Health Foundation in 2013 co-sponsored welfare projects, the elderly aged over 60 will provide advice, drafting free of charge, registration and custody services。
Five years, the project has been handled will for 82,177 elderly people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Nanning and other places。
  Data show that the period from 2013 to mid-2017, China will go through the library of older people will decline from the average age to 50 years old, the testator crowd gradually getting younger and younger。   In this regard, China will CMC main Renchen Kai library analysts believe that one of the reasons is gradually accepted the idea with a will, more and more people tend to make a will as soon as possible, in the case of population aging faster growing, more and more people grow old, these new "army," the elderly are often more advanced concepts, tend testator as soon as possible; the second is Chinese opposition library will testator's physical condition has been requested, but many think the testator body does not meet the conditions of the elderly in China will not make a will the library, under the superposition of these factors, the average age of the Chinese elderly testator library will decline more obvious。

Rome had won the Serie A championship Batty said he was optimistic about the Roma out of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final, a moment of silence for the death of Astori。 Batty as a charity game, after a lapse of 15 years appeared in Rome's Olympic Stadium。
"Back to the Olympic Stadium, I'm excited。
"Batty told" Gazzetta dello Sport, "the interview said," This is the first time back here after I left Rome, I'm looking forward to。 Over the years, Rome has been the top teams, but something is missing。
Led by Di Francesco, Roman worked out very well。 The only reason Rome did not take the trophy is Juventus, Juventus too strong。
Barcelona out of the Champions League?Roma have the ability to Rome can beat any opponent in the quarter-finals。
"Prior to joining Rome, Florence Batty was in effect for many years, Viola he must mention the topic。
"Time to give small Simone years, he'd scored more goals。
He scored full of desire, and in front of it is very cool, small Simone is a young man interested in people。 Astori death?For all the recent events, I do not know what to say。 Really is a very heavy blow, no words can express how I feel at the moment。 Regardless of the club encounter any case, we must unite。 Really make people sad。 There is no need to say other words, the only moment of silence。
"Batty a player in Florence effectiveness nine seasons, 333 games and scored 207 goals, he is Viola's soul, but also the hero of the city of Florence。
In 2000, Batty turned to Rome, and Totti led Roma to get together with a third club in the history of Serie A championship。 (From the Stanford football off)。

The disease mostly hot and humid summer, the disease often lead to anger, more older people will choose to use Cassia soaked in water to drink, can be considered a goal, and cassia seed soaked in water along with some other medicines can be a goal, because the Cassia special effects, then the compatibility of some other traditional Chinese medicine, summer can completely eliminate the disease。 1.Quhuo。 Available honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, astragalus three kinds of Chinese herbal soup to drink。 Production, the first of these three medicines soak for several minutes and then washing clean into the pot again, into the water, boiling the mixture gently boil for about 30 minutes, the concoction be drunk, but also in the concoction add honey or sugar in the drink, can play a role in clearing away heat。
2.Dampness heat。
Sultry summer weather, the body prone to symptoms of heat。 In view of this situation, the available Renhe barley porridge jujube drink, barley kernels are cracked is better to stay up all。
Barley kernels has a clear hot and humid, antiviral effect, but there jujube fill the stomach role。
3.Liver eyesight。
In the hot summer, if not promptly dissipate body heat, it is prone to head pain, irritability, gum and more, red or itchy eyes, poor sleep symptoms。
In this regard, chrysanthemum, Gou Qi, and Prunella mulberry leaves can be mixed with boiled water to drink, can ease hot flashes, reduce anger。
4.Laxative。 In the season of high temperatures, the body sweat more, faster water loss, dry stool prone to constipation situation。
At this time, Cassia soaked in water to drink, can play a very good eyesight, laxative, bowel role。
Cassia soaked in water before, it is best to Scoop yellowish as well。 Cassia will become relatively crisp fried after, more conducive to the dissolution of the active ingredient, and can prevent diarrhea。 Fives.Hot cold prevention。
Heat stroke, the situation is prone to heat a cold summer。
May be appropriate mulberry, bamboo, crushed mint, chrysanthemum put together with the boiler or jug with boiling water to drink, the heat of throat pain, and other symptoms Fengreganmao can play a role in the prevention and treatment。 At the same time, there is the role of Shufeng solution table, heat fluid of。
Health Chinese Xiao Bian Tip: Cassia efficacy results is good, but drinking the dose must control each herbs are best not more than 10 grams, or can not some people's body will accept the other elderly, infants, mothers or menstrual women are not fit to drink。

  Sina Wall Street 16:00 GMT (Reuters) Russia's Interior Ministry on Friday announced that they have destroyed half a ton of banned black caviar。 These expensive caviar last month in a hearse which was found in the Russian Far East。
  According to Tass, the Interior Ministry spokesman said that these caviar is near a garbage dump Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk) destroyed。   These are collected from black caviar from endangered sturgeon fish。 Last month, this time loaded with a full half a ton of black caviar hearse is at high speed in the Khabarovsk region near the Chinese border were forced to stop by the police。 The driver and its partners claim that the car pull to the things they know nothing about – no one in the coffin, filled with caviar, caviar is also part in sacks, hidden under several wreaths。
  Tass reported that the two men are facing criminal charges。   Caviar production in Russia currently is under strict supervision。
In the Amur River (Heilongjiang) – Sino-Russian border is a long – arrest sturgeon behavior but was banned in mid-1958。

  , Chronic constipation, smoking, drinking, meals uncertain……These unhealthy lifestyle, are the major causes of。Once colorectal lesions, cancer will dramatically accelerate。Lifestyle, regular checkups to detect polyps in time, is the most effective way to prevent colorectal cancer。  Female friends lose weight and beauty of science, constipation patients in addition to quantitative eat some doctors out of laxatives, can eat more crude fiber foods, achieve catharsis through improved diet, in addition, the recent popularity of the treatment of colorectal world constipation, clean the intestines have a good effect。Colon hydrotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of ulcerative colitis results are obvious reasons: 1.Chinese medicine with detoxification, blood circulation, remove rot myogenic effect, can rapidly improve symptoms, mucosal repair damage。  2.Administration of the drug and increase the depth of the contact with the intestinal range, the drugs directly to the lesion, and the protective film is formed in the intestine, promoting edema, inflammation, ulcer disappeared。  3.By effective cleaning intestinal mucosal injury helps to clear the intestine and the intestinal mucosa harmful microorganisms and toxic substances generated stimulating factor, and more easily absorbed drug acts locally。  How to care for the large intestine 1, the first day is the sun, because the sun can help our bodies better produce vitamin d, vitamin d helps to change the intestinal cell growth, prevent intestinal cancer we will appear, so stick the sun is to protect our stomach every day。
  2, the second is appropriate to eat some curry, curry contains because you can suppress some tumor angiogenesis, when we eat curry, when some of the cells of the stomach in the face of curry, there will be many will be killed, so also can protect our stomach。
  3, the third in the diet is to eat maize because maize contained in the cellulose is more and more, and the cellulose is prevented our gut likely tumor, inhibiting tumor growth, the cells can be secured in the state。
Further well protected stomach。

You say I'm gazing water, let you drunk for a thousand years; I say you face the moon, I make you crazy Britain; you say I Su Yi gown, let your life nostalgia。    You say to use the car dragon phoenix chariot, I welcome flowery Meijuan; you say gives me Jinzan jade pendant, decorated with my fleeting rush; you say I executed flourishing the hand, to accompany me to the highest power。I believe, and I jealously guarding its boudoir, crumple Acacia thrown into the moonlight, let the breeze heal Heart Lake folds, so that the geese Red to the Juan Juan Wei Mindanao majestic Forbidden City or vice versa; I believe that I lean on a railing overlooking the stretch to look over the numerous hills, watching the glittering hear water gurgling, I want to turn into lopsided boat light boat, innumerable twists and turns floats around you flow into your heart。    That day, rain Xie Fei, he could feel the breeze blow, I drive a leaf boat, insisted on paper umbrella, across the Bi Tan grass, picking lotus in the lotus flowers。Suddenly I heard the melodious flute, such as drop jade plate Yudabajiao。I look up to the side, a glimpse of you standing on the bow behind with only two followers。Your prime handheld flute, personable, any Xiupao flying, rain wet white skirts。I hit the boat is in the hands of a wooden stick, and beat you with croon。Your life entourage turned the bow, singing escape the oncoming direction, I looked at your shadow is coming, you see the handsome face。You've made valiant jade tree, two black as ink eyes twinkling light burst out。You lovingly looked at me, eyes like water-like flow into my chest rattling deer。You standing on the bow, his hands to encircle me deeply Shi a ceremony。You ask my name, who lives where, why rainy day a little girl wandering sail boat in the water?I shook braids hanging down, sip Nuzui laugh, grabbed a lotus flower with a little bit of light raindrops hit you, you do not pulled in folding the waist, waved his right hand,“Snapped”Bang, folding open, prosthetic make lotus fell on top of your folding fan。I hope you looked at the empty fan, asked:“Big, your fan Why is empty?”You lock light brow, long Yi Tan, Tan sockets that are a bitter lonely melancholy rain-fed Next game, you say I do not understand your worries silk melancholy, you do not understand the bitterness pass bowel。My efforts Nuzui, put on a Han Chen Liu Mei stood almond-eyed look, said something“Guzuogaoshen”。You do not get angry, but I am looking soulful,“The girl did not answer my words?”I then remember, I said:“Chunhuaqiuyue two apart, drops of water flying down from heaven infinite Bi, sunny day, if I'm fiery red bloom。”You said“Summer charge。”Hey I smile,“You'd very smart!”    Your mouth Dangqi smile, clap said:“Well a 'fiery red bloom if I' poem paintings, painting in the possession of poetry。”Your bright smile like a confused springs to dissolve in my heart。You said:“There are two questions unanswered。”I snorted and turned away, but looked at you with his eyes,“We two have never met before, to tell you why?”You still shallow skim laugh, two dimples in full possession of the man's breath, refined but not frail, domineering but not overbearing, romantic but not hang around, but not delicate harassment。You handed me off jade waist,“This jade in Xinjiang and Tian crafted, fine gourmet masterpiece。”I took the jade, looked Fang sets round, square circle sets, crystal clear, very nice。I was stroking jade, with skirts wiped drops of rain above, I quietly watched entranced。“If you like, give a hello。”You rather abruptly sentence shocked me, I will readily flung your boat jade, jade sell the moment, I feel I was so reluctant to part。You see what I was thinking, he picked up the jade, jade grabbed my hand into my palms。I was clenching my jade hurried close hand,“Hello frivolous!”You said:“Your hands really soft, like every now and then, like catkins。”I Dangqi two shy of his face flush, you Diediebuxiu praise turned into a thousand years of brewing nectar Yulu, point drip into my belly。I interrupted you, clutching his ears,“Wordy Rory's sick of it。”You smiled,“Girl, there are two questions I did not answer it!”I pointed to a manor shore,“That is my home, my family served tea to tea for a living, the rain is the most fragrant lotus lotus leaf, if this mixed with tea, naturally full of aroma, Mao Zhaoyu I came Picking。”You take off the gloves,“I see the girl wisdom dexterity, can not cook a cup of tea to niche?”I pointed to a shore pavilions surrounded by flowers and leaves,“The little tea pavilion will be able to, of us in the past it!”I was twenty-eight unmarried girls in the women's apartment, you are handsome and elegant in their prime, as you tilt tea Amidst the hazy mist of the pavilion, if the passersby saw, how much I have to bear the mortal world how much secular gossip strange look hot。However, looking at your tall and burly body, listening to a request made by you cut sincerity of those Confucian ethical code of all the constraints in the end I could not withstand the hot blood bubbling flow of young girls, I mysteriously mouth agreed, grinning full the boat pulled the shore of happiness。    I use fresh lotus petals, tender leaves, lotus seeds, sugar and Longjing you to cook a pot of tea, you suck up a light, repeatedly said:“Tea!Tea!”You sit next to the stand looking at the stone of Guqin, smiles,“Girl, can Fuqin and singing?”My eye brow seemed very happy。I was born like playing the piano。I play the Yingge Yan sings a spring full of vitality, but could not play-by-line wind shadow moving weeping willow Liu Suifeng leave; I play out Ming Zen frog called Firefly little poetic, but not bombs flower butterfly butterfly is open for the lovestruck sweet flower dance; I play cool and comfortable in the cool autumn osmanthus fragrance, but not bombs meteor chasing the next month companion left not abandon; I play out cold chill north wind whistling silence, but not bombs snow to find La meme left lingering fragrance of the heart have。I sat bluestone bench, one-handed wave, I would like to use miyasho angle only embellishment XiXi yo rainy season, I think rhyme of ancient incense rendering lotus with a light silk thin string, I would like to refer to Haowan soft line drawing of fish light and lively, but looking at your tea is gentle, thinking of you Huishan elegant chic, I actually pop the Millennium kindness West Lake Expo Museum engraved, pop-up butterfly butterfly unfailing sense of heaven。I show Qingtu mouth, actually somehow throw a“Mountains edge, of Heaven”。I Xinjing swaying fluttered, like a peach blush fire clouds ripe, I“Snapped”Is heard playing the piano in the hands burst into shy ran, you hurriedly got up,“Girl stay behind!”, But knocked over the cup, just listen to the crisp sound track wanders back and forth in the rain。    The dead of night, crickets sounds like the name of the beat of drums, the sound of Xi'an International Studies; rain frog greedy enjoying soaring river, excited barking melon cushions。I lay in bed tossing and turning can not sleep, my brain is full of beautiful features of your appearance, wreathed in smiles look, strong body Kongwu。I want you deleted from the hard effort memories, just the opposite, the more you want to forget, the more your voice and facial expression echoed in my mind。I simply do not sleep, lying on the window, watching the moonlight cool water wet branches of the plane trees, watching fireflies flying lantern with a small jump up jump up next。I journeying gazing on the Miracle that London meniscus, as if to feel desolate cold Moon Palace, a pair of eyes melancholy and sorrow through layers of clouds are watching me, my three souls and seven broken body was taken away from this eternal sorrow, floated on。I seem to see remorse Chang E Yanmianerqi pear rain seemed to hear rabbit pound medicine tear-jerking heartbreak。My eyes were moist, tears rolled out from a crystal clear in my eye, full of me through my cheeks glowing ripples hit my heart for your endless thoughts。“are you thinking of me?”I murmured Speaking。Shan Xi wood with wooden sticks, clear your mind and Jun Jun Xi?That night, I stayed up all night recline window。    The next day, stroking Xiaofeng, soft 10000, Qing Yang boll opening, pine hanging strips, flowers and Splendor。I went yesterday to give you tea pavilion, a stone saw you sitting squatting playing, you would have had this waiting for me。You see my eyes were red with black, hurriedly asked how I was going。I began to cry for no reason, you Yibalaguo me into your arms, I wanted to resist, but the behavior is out of control thinking, I slapped his hands on your shoulders, you hold me tight, I passionate kiss on the forehead of one, I am drunk, my head buried in your broad shoulders, hold you burly body, your mouth close to my ear, you say:“I love you”。At this moment, as if I fell into a whirlpool of happiness, deeper and deeper; as if plunged into a quagmire sweet, and constantly falling。    You are my very vast sky, you are my practical and reliable manner。You taught me the sword fist, you catch butterflies and flowers I, you and I talk about poetic tea, as you shelter。    One day, you looked very sad。I ask you how the。You confided to me your life experience, Orbital you with tears, you say:“I gotta go。”I just stood in place for a long time without a word, and I think you make a pair of mountain Shenxianjuanlv, tea next month, before the flower poetry; I want you to do farming and husband Weaver marketplace in a pair, sunrise and do, while the average daily interest rate; even sleeping on the streets of hardy mandarin duck, wandering rivers and lakes swim female prodigal son, I willingly。I know you do not want to do fickle widowed meaning of Fuxin Han, however, you feel that love Roche orthodox blood, you are a big Qing Dynasty real dragons, you are the eyes of the Lord all the officials Mingjun。You are not only my own, you are hundreds of thousands of common people, you are stretching thousands of miles of magnificent scenery。I can not let you back on the teachings of love Jue Luo ancestors, can not bear to let you indulge in sex stupid is no way of infamy。All in all I am willing to endure in silence a person。I said:“You go!”You said:“I'll come back to you!”Looking at your shadow gradually away condensed into a dot, I tear stained skirt。    How many Chunhuaqiuyue sleep, I describe a situation Intrigue boat; how many sleepless summer winter night, I played a sad Acacia blood and tears of sorrow song。I wait until burnout and did not wait until your return。