When, in warm stimulation, vasodilation limbs and body skin, the body surface causing pooling of blood, gastrointestinal blood flow will decrease, reducing the secretion of digestive juice。
If bathe often after a meal, the passage of time can cause indigestion。In addition, take a bath immediately after a meal, but also lead to cardiac insufficiency, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease。1 meal?Bath 2 hours more appropriate。
  The first is we all know, there are clean function, because all are basically germs cause or are caused by bacteria, all frequent regeneration can effectively prevent bacteria so as to achieve the role of disease prevention。  Furthermore is regular with warm water can effectively clear the cell an effective our veins to promote blood circulation, but if too cold or hot water, then there may be damaged or stimulate the body and thus can not be achieved effective。  The last is the most important thing, to eliminate fatigue, we all know that with hot feet can effectively eliminate fatigue, the fact is the same, the day's work; we will be with many of us who can not see with the naked eye radiation, etc. , wash will be very comfortable。  Note flood damage will not take a long time we had better not take too long, the grease on the skin surface bath time will wash away too long, so that less skin layer of protective film, make skin more vulnerable。Can also cause severe allergies, skin itching phenomenon, so we should pay attention to bath time in ten minutes just fine。
  Do not heat water in the hot water。
If we take a bath with hot water, make the skin becomes dry, red and even peeling phenomenon, which is not conducive to adapt to climate change。  Many people like a hot bath, especially some chicken skin sister, the "hot water wash away the chicken skin" mentality。But in fact, too high will destroy the fat of the skin surface, so that telangiectasia, exacerbate dry skin。Recommended that the water temperature at 24 degrees to 29 degrees Best。
  After every meal should not eat three square meals or fasting, the body part of the blood from the body to mobilize to help gastrointestinal digestion。Immediately after a meal, due to less blood flow to the digestive tract, it can hinder digestion and absorption of food, causing gastrointestinal diseases, in addition, cardiac insufficiency and other parts are likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident。  Suggested time should be about 3 hours after a meal preferably。