Sty hordeolum also known to form within the bacteria invade eyelid gland acute purulent inflammation, infections mainly caused Hordeolum Meibomian glands, hordeolum outer primary infection sebaceous gland, hair follicles caused by the disease It is the medicine of the "eye of a needle" category。So whether sty how contagious it can do to alleviate sty sty stye is a common contagious eye disease refers to sebaceous Meibomian gland or eyelash follicle around by acute purulent inflammation caused by bacterial infection。1, sty not contagious, but because it is the inflammation and infection, I recommend that you and your family life need to be careful not to share the basin, towels and other daily necessities!2, to the sty is caused by infection, such as with unclean hands Rouyan the like, sebaceous glands causing eye infections!3, pay attention to health, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, in order to avoid bacteria into the eye, causing infection。
It can be used chloramphenicol eye ointment。
How remission sty eye of a needle just happened, eyelid swelling available ice and anti-inflammatory eye drops point, if necessary, oral antibiotics。Most of the cases may subside within three to four days; if swollen glands purulent shall incision surgery。
1, sty (hordeolum) is an infection caused by staphylococcal infection generally, generally involving one or more glands of the eyelid or eyelids。
The disease can Trends abscess formation and have puncture the skin, the release of pus。2, can form spontaneously sty, also be caused by inflammation edge face, 1-2 times sties may occur in a person's life, it was repeated。
3, usually pay more attention to hygiene eye, face towels and other open with。Serious, then immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment。