Since many office workers are sitting in the office, therefore, the accumulation of abdominal fat more, over time became pregnant, belly is like to lose a lot of people want to do things, then, by abdominal operation are what it there is no simple and can effectively reduce abdominal weight loss exercises it?Here we take a look!  What about abdominal exercise minus minus abdominal exercises, there are many fiery reduce abdominal exercise method, the most famous is the multi Yan Zheng exercise to lose weight, then, in addition to multi Yan Zheng exercise to lose weight, what weight loss exercises do reduce abdominal night net collected some exercise to lose weight, here we take a look。
  T25, pumpitup, Yi Haiyan Latin exercises to lose weight, abdominal Ripper, insanity, L'Oreal weight loss exercise, curvy dance, Yusen Yoko RPB weight loss exercise, cat-style diet, exercise MM Britain, warkathome, these are relatively effective , provided that the sites you want to lose weight what for, so choose the right。  By abdominal operation simple, but also more complex, but for busy working people, reduce abdominal exercise too complicated, too much a waste of time, it will affect the work, therefore, here we take a look at this three simple reduction of abdominal exercises, allows you to easily cut abdomen。  Simple abdominal exercises to lose weight stretch the leg movement 1, inspiratory: slowly lift the action lying down, and relax muscles。At this time, the right foot to the chest of the pull holding vacated, not ground。  2, exhaled: Step 1 assumes a posture of。The upper and lower abdominal muscle force at the same time, pull the right foot straight to the chest, hands and embracing his knees, upper body propped up as much as possible。  Feet together swivel movement of the pelvis 1, inspiratory: back of the hand facing up and hands straight and shoulder in a straight line, the legs, the down-folded, as close to the ground to stimulate the muscle side of the waist。
  2, exhaled: arms up to the head while standing close together two Tuiqu Xi。
At this time straight waist dry, we will concentrate on the trunk and above the knee。Tiptoe heel force to make the inner thighs, helps maintain muscle contraction。  An extension side of the waist motion, the intake: take the first posture of Step 2。
Opposite upper and lower body in the direction of steering and the pressure stays on the ground right hand, left hand straight forward, that the side of the waist and trunk muscles to stretch。  2, expiratory: upper left leg of the dip direction, the extension side waist and trunk muscles as。
At this point, arms straight and shoulder in a straight line。Note: lower body stationary。
  Legs crossed extension side waist movement 1, the left arm into the hip, the right arm held high, the upper body is inclined to the left to take advantage of the side of the waist muscle stretching as far as possible。Pelvis and the knee fixed and held tight buttocks pushed back buttocks and thighs of the breath strength concentrated in the abdomen muscles。
  2, inhale, exhale: left foot as the axis, right foot forward so that the body upright legs crossed, holding the left arm and upper body to the right as possible tendencies。
  Ten minutes by abdominal operation of an operation 1, feet apart by about 1 meter wide, and squat, palms legs folded in the middle, slightly curved upper body, look up front was ready position。  2, take a deep breath, body jumping up while your feet together, jump back to the ready position after hands over his head upward。
Repeat this movement 15?20 times。  Action II 1, riding abdomen, upper body slightly to the back, legs straight forward, both hands on the rear side of the ear was ready position。  2, lift the right foot and bent 90 degrees, upper body slowly left lateral bending, and then repeat the action in the opposite direction just。This action is a set of left and right, repeating groups 15-20。
  3 (1) operation, sitting mat, back straight, curved legs, toes tiptoes, the hands encircling the thigh。
  2, inhale, slowly lift your legs, and then try to straighten his left leg to the front, for a few seconds, and then try to straighten the right leg。
After a few seconds, slowly put down his legs。
  Action Four 1, squat horse, fist with both hands, shoulders elbows bent 90 degrees split side, fist upward, holding the upper body posture, shown in Figure 2, is rotated to the left waist and abdomen, rotates once per second, the mouth open relax and let the natural air out of the lungs。
  Action Five 1, the body lying on the ground, hands at your sides, palms affixed, attached to the top of the left foot to right foot。
  2, inhale, lift your feet and the ground to form a 60 degree angle, action adhere to 10 respiratory, breathing, waist forced to lift with your hips to your feet and position。
Action adhere to 10 respiratory。  An operation six feet bent to about 100 degrees, crossing legs, the front right foot, left foot off the ground and, after slightly curved hands, palm stays straight, left front swing, the swing right, upper body is slightly bent forward, look up front was ready position 2, the body remains immobile, hands and feet about exchange action。
This action is a set of left and right, repeating groups 15-20。
  Summary: For many people, reducing the abdomen, are more difficult, not easy to cut down, eat a few meals and fat back, in fact, reduce abdominal mainly rely on movement, can not rely on reducing food intake, do so only a temporary solution, then reading the contents of the above, surely we simple actions to reduce abdominal operations have understanding, then quickly open practice it!。