Field sharing rebounds and assists plus steals, seventh in the league the first three data ten, and firmly occupy the throne of scoring, to carry out 60 games of the season, when Harden produce a near perfect answer。   Since the summer, Paul joined the Rockets, sacrifice and running between two people and not, as widely expected, camel disrupt their rhythm, on the contrary, good chemistry and a family-style basketball atmosphere but let it all become perfected and complementary。 Even if they had never deliberately pursue their own data, the Rockets still show a strong combat effectiveness, development of the plot as a matter of course, looks very natural。
  As the players headed here, Harden's performance is undoubtedly phenomenal。
  His PER (efficiency value), the league 1; WS reached, far more than ranked No. 2 in the Downs; BPM11, Union 1;, Union 1;, Union 1;, league 1; RPM less able to Paul, placing him second in the league。   And all this is done within minutes of playing time – which is the lowest value since Harden joined the Rockets – the arrival of Paul Harden who share the pressure, so that he becomes higher efficiency in the field。 And when the team re in trouble, he is still here, the most trusted players, the Magic scored 60 points against the Big Three that night, he once again proved his unparalleled offensive talent。
  Now Harden is the best on the planet singles hand。
  Every game he has a complete offensive end by one round of singles, each field can be divided in this way, each round scored points, hit rate%, as well as% probability foul free throw line in this basis, he singles effective hit rate%。
  Harden the ball singles is perhaps the most league defensive player of headaches。
Many of his singles changes, the most common way is to use a continuous front body crossovers and change direction to mobilize defensive player of pace, rhythm changes after several strong dribble, extremely rapid first step will immediately swallow the opponent's defensive focus, or straight after killing the basket or shoot retreat, are able to create enough space for the comfort of his own offensive。
  His transformation as much, so difficult to control their defensive players in the defense of the sense of distance, easily posted strong process, it is easy to step back from the Harden opened the defense with a direct step back, but too radical personal defense, Harden is also very easy on the when, the foul stand and sent him to the free throw line。   In the whole history of the NBA, season, averaging more than 30 points of the players, the effective hit rate Harden can be ranked No. 12 history, and true shooting percentage is able to squeeze into the top ten, ranked seventh History。
  In short, Harden excellent ball feel and a strong ability to vote after finding the rhythm, always make defenders heart concerns, such as the lingering nightmare。   But clearly, Harden is not a selfish player, he knows how to use his ability to create opportunities for teammates。
Last season, he had proved himself to be able to attack with a pass to pull the whole team players during the regular season, but this season, joining Paul, did not change that。
  Harden Each game can be sent assists, ranked No. 3 in the league, as well as times of potential assists in the performance, ranking fourth in the league。
When his presence, the team's offensive efficiency can be achieved, second only to Paul, the team's true shooting percentage is to reach 61%。   When the ball is in the hands of Harden when he could find in the air when the player and the ultimate pursuit of offensive space rocket team built the opponent's defense thinking can pull very open, after a single-point cut cause severe contraction, as long as defend the attack, always Harden ball out the first time, and then to fill bit rotation, easier said than done。 For example the following round: Cingular-man defensive ability is clearly unable to limit Harden personal attack, after continuous adjustment of rhythm suddenly had to start off the first line of defense, Grant just inside the defense, gave the ball to Harden Capella follow-up, after everything that happens is that we most loved "eating bread" part of the。   Despite the offensive end of the aura, even on the defensive end, Harden's performance is not so Nabuchushou before。
This season, when the opponent with Harden bit of time, their overall hit rate will drop percentage points, while the data in the darkest 2015-16 season is +%, especially in the area reached from the basket, or within 6 feet the% rated nightmare。
  "This is probably the best team I worked at, and from top to bottom, our chemistry, including chemical reaction with our coaching staff, we're really happy。 "When you are able to lead the best team in the league, the kind of responsibility will fill every cell of your body, your sense of exhaustion sweep, led you to continue to climb up。
  "James – Harden and Chris – Paul think we will beat the Warriors。 "Morey says。   "(Champion) is the time, for sure。
"Harden versa。
  Win, most valuable player, championship, after a hardship, depressed and questioning, Harden finally arrived when "I Want It All" of the。   More exciting content concerned about the number of public (Code 9527) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。