In recent years, vigorously promote the development and utilization of natural gas, gas storage peaking capacity building is also increasing attention。
PetroChina chairman Wang Yilin during the two sessions said that as China is in the early stages of development imperfect gas industry, pipeline transportation and other infrastructure, and our use of natural gas has a big difference between peak, unbalanced consumption characteristics of a huge valley poor corporate peaking capacity and a higher requirement。
  During the two sessions, a number of representatives and members from the petrochemical industry are concerned about the problem of the current development of natural gas storage peaking industry, and gives recommendations。
  Assistant general manager of China Petrochemical Corporation, Shengli Petroleum Administration, Executive Director and General Manager Fan group suggested that further refinement preferential taxation, land use, gas prices and other policies to attract more enterprises to participate in commercial construction and operation of gas storage facilities, speed up commercial gas storage facility development。   Qie Jing said the gas industry is peaking short board market development of China's natural gas, is also an urgent need to improve the rapid development of the field is about, how to improve the relevant mechanisms and peaking gas storage system as soon as possible, for the rapid development of the gas industry paved the road is urgently needed to resolve the premise of the policy is expected to implement the relevant norms have been introduced。
  (Lichun Lian)。