Reference News Network March 16 reported Korean media said, in a large number of Chinese tourists to Korea tourism and shopping in the past, is located in the main business district of Seoul can say "hard to find a room," but after the 2017 cold-ROK relations, the current Myeong-dong, Gangnam-intensive areas such as hotels, room occupancy rate of 50% hard。
South Korea, "Asian economy," March 15 entitled "No Chinese tourists and consequently not!Han three four-star hotel occupancy rate of less than semi-finished, "the report said, the domestic hotel industry in Korea due to the impact of Chinese tourists to Korea suffered a sharp decline continues, Chinese tourists to reduce the lead to unused rooms, many hotels Seoul themselves in financial difficulties。
According to the hotel industry news March 14, at the end of 2017, a total of Seoul Hotel 399, Number of Rooms up to ten thousand, for the first time exceeded 500 million mark。 Compared with 2016, both the hotel (51) or room (6507) was a substantial increase in the total number of。 However the hotel more, but less tourists。 According to the Korea Tourism Board news, Chinese tourists visited Korea in mid-2017 only about half of 2016。
Compared with 2015, also reduced by nearly 180 million people。 It reported that in mid-2017, although the end of bilateral relations began to pick up, but the tourism industry want to want to achieve a breakthrough in the short term will not be easy。 January 2018, Chinese tourists visited Korea million, a decline of 46% year on year。
According to the Korea Tourism Organization data, a total of 2017 million foreign visitors to Korea, compared with 2016 (million), a decrease of about 4 million。
Some analysts believe that the phenomenon of excess supply of hotel industry in the short term are likely to remain to continue, the southern region is particularly difficult hoteliers。
2015 Jiangnan hotel is only 50, the total number of rooms to 7818, but then increased in 2017 to 64 and 8948。 In addition to 5-star hotels with high visibility, other hotel rooms idle rate of 30-40%。 Jiangnan Area 5-star hotel, sources said, in the past because Seoul hotel can not meet the market demand, many tourists need to stay at the hotel located in Gyeonggi Province, but this picture of the past。
Currently Seoul hotel is also not saturated, long run hotel only to close down。