Fourth, the hair: perm too frequent high-risk studies have pointed out: the high number of female hair if more than 12 times a year, the probability that she will never suffer from lymphoma than the hair of women 26%。 Yale University survey of 1,300 women were found, with black hair dye for more than 25 years of women, the risk of illness than others twice as high。
It is reported that hair cause contact dermatitis accounts for about 10% of the population in hair。 Tips: perm no more than twice a year。
Since natural hair dye almost non-existent, so experts recommend that not more than twice a year hot hair。 Testing must be done before the hair; do not use more than half of placing hair dye; if you want to pursue fashion, the best choice for local coloring; scalp wound, suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women become pregnant, or are not treated hair。
Female Health: from six sites to see the extent of the aging woman V. ligament: inherently fragile vulnerable than men, women are more likely to strain the knee, ankle ligaments and other joints. This is because women wide hips, making ligament bear role force is too large, so women ligaments are inherently much more vulnerable than men。
Secondly, the women's movement reactions are generally slower than men, when danger and can not ease, it is even more prone to injury。 Once the ligament injury, was take months to heal。