Location: body of the baby fussy finicky?5 strokes easily deal with fussy baby 2018-3-2814: 59: 29 Source: Introduction: the baby does not eat, my mother was desperate?I believe that many mothers have experienced such problems。
This is not a minority problem in life there are problems around most of the babies there are picky eaters。So the question what is the place in which it is what made baby food uninteresting it would be a good method to teach you the recipe for your baby fussy to deal with today, with a look……Recipe easy to deal with a fussy baby moves: the intention of not too strong for the baby, they manifested the intention is very sensitive to parents。
If you blindly obedient to her dinner, it is likely to appear rebellious。Therefore, please put away your suit "coercion" it, Do not eat the same lane as the negotiations, which would allow the baby's fussy mood。
Moves two: do not spoil, a rarity baby love to do some parents think that as long as the baby's favorite can do every day, baby do not eat it ignored it, this is actually a baby demonstration wrong, what will she think just pick your favorite of all like。
Do not think that love is blind obedience child's performance, so you will only make her feel special, then in kindergarten life time, will be a serious mood picky eaters。
Thus, when you give the baby fed, keeping the food nutrition, and told her that nothing is special, regardless of love does not have to try to try to eat。
Moves three: learn to let the baby try a variety of flavors and sometimes the baby does not like certain foods, because fear is strange to bring, so she had a strong sense of exclusion。
Well, this time suggests that parents can take advantage of the way the game, or change the pattern of food, so that the baby is full of curiosity about the food, natural baby can make opening a taste。