How to shrink fibroids are more common gynecological, this disease is on the female body has a great harm, it was not cause pain, but also may affect fertility, so is a great need to pay attention disease。
So how to shrink fibroids it the following night network come to you talk about how to shrink fibroids, teach you to relieve symptoms!How to make smaller uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids are more common disease of women, so many women are very concerned about how small uterine fibroids or even eliminate, the continued development of modern medicine, the treatment of uterine fibroids already is fairly complete, and uterine fibroids and cure rate is very high, and no mortal danger。
But if left untreated is also the risk of cancer will occur, then uterine fibroids how can smaller or even eliminate, here are several ways of treatment。
First, expecting therapy for early symptoms are not severe, and some do not need treatment, just pay attention to lifestyle。
Without any medication and other treatment, every three months to conduct a gynecological examination and B ultrasonic examination, if no rapid growth of the tumor, bleeding, pain symptoms may be dependent hormone increases with age and is characterized by decreased expectations fibroids shrinking……Advantages and disadvantages: This therapy is less dangerous, but applies to early treatment, no physical injury。However, a relatively small restriction applies only to within 40 meters of uterine fibroids; over 45 years of age, and no significant bleeding or pain。
Second, drug therapy: This is the conservative treatment of uterine fibroids, the effect is slow。To remove uterine fibroids through endocrine conditioning, to bring the pain and avoid the traditional open surgery complications, drug treatment is generally not ideal to consider minimally invasive treatment or surgery……How to shrink fibroids advantages and disadvantages: a narrow adaptability, mainly for uterine fibroids less than 2M; months pregnant uterus, and mild symptoms, patients with recent menopause age。
Drugs can improve symptoms, but can not make fibroids disappear, long service can have side effects。
Third, open surgery: For patients with long-term drug therapy, surgical removal of the uterus can be taken or excavation fibroids。
Surgery is the incision in the patient's abdomen incision and uterine incision, the fibroids removed, and some are even removal of the entire uterus, and then wound closure。
Advantages and disadvantages: trauma, bleeding, postoperative recovery period longer。
It may appear premature ovarian failure, and postoperative sexual dysfunction, increased risk of disease, etc.。