Source: French Chinatown Network January 10 electric according to French laws and regulations on biodiversity, from January 1st 2018, plastic stick cotton will officially fall, it was banned because this material is a high cotton swab pollutants。
According to statistics, France and sewer can clean up on the beach every year out of a cotton swab, a large number of 1.2 million tons, can be seen。 After you complete only buy cotton wadding cotton, but by 2020, this is considered a medical swab also bid farewell to everyone, because in fact use a cotton swab to the ear is very harmful, sometimes not only unable to dig earwax out, or even poke the wax to the bottom of the ear canal and cause ear blockage, leading to itching of the ear, severe cases may be torn eardrum, hearing loss。 Prohibit the use of a cotton swab will become a new policy, in particular the prohibition for infants and young children, so that the ear naturally advocate clean。
If you are not the kind of cleaned the ears of people do not give up, the doctor may recommend a small towel wrapped around the index finger in the water to clean external ear。
(France Chinatown network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。