April 25 electrical why he was wearing heavy clothes stick dolls every day in the subway station?What are the untold story behind?When he took off his heavy Pikachu costume, road talent noticed that he was a very young boy。
Short break gap, he squatted subway station to eat meals, to continue to make money photo。
Pikachu on the side of the stomach, also close to a white notice。
The sign says: sell photo, father to daughter to raise medical funds……Back also comes with a bank card, micro signal, telephone number and other personal information。 It turned out that Mingpikaqiu actor named Liu Yuehui, 24 years old this year, his daughter is 1 year and 7 months。
Late last year, Liu Yuehui daughter was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia L2, several hundred thousand dollars of medical expenses make working at construction sites of the moment overwhelmed Liu Yuehui。 So he dressed as Pikachu stick in the subway every day, hoping to make some money faster healing for her daughter。
Liu Yuehui insisted that neighboring vendors deeply moved, the owners said Liu Yuehui noon only eating a loaf of bread, a bottle of mineral water to drink, after a short break and starts to put a heavy cartoon costumes attract pedestrians。
The little father, rain or shine in the subway station every day persisted, after the ninety father, Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。