Beijing on March 13, today's Houston Rockets ushered in the first two games back to back, at home against San Antonio Spurs。 Welcome back James – Harden – Chris Paul is more relaxed, the audience he went 8 of 11, one-third of 4 2, efficiently scored 18 points and nine assists。 Rockets to 109-93 victory。
  San Antonio is one of Paul's life like opponents。
2 rounds before the season the Rockets are wins, Paul once equally efficiently scored 28 points, one in the audience after almost dormant, through distal "trifecta" turn the tide。 Yesterday led his unit won the Lone Ranger Paul, welcome back today Harden, "bulb combination" join hands, the opponent had to disarm。   Houston opened the scoring is based field Paul, it is still used his good mid-range fadeaway。 The first section 8 minutes and 20 seconds at defensive end Paul limelight。
Trevor – Trevor Ariza was broken, Rudy – Rudy Gay and Tak Cheung Tai – Murray "double ghost shoot the door," but unexpectedly thwarted Guy Paul first layup, but when Murray won snatching rebounds, staged of a "man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open," brought the house down。   Then Paul and show the powerful ability to control field。
7 minutes 35 seconds just Spurs attack succeeded, over half of the non-Paul sent a long pass, reverse layup Ariza cis。
Rockets 13-4 start, prompting Greg – Popovich furious, actually play within five on five under at the time of pause。 Spurs once awakening, Tony – Tony Parker led his unit to play a wave of 9-0 at the end of this section, but Paul come forward, first soared in 3 minutes, assists and Luke – Ba Mote again in 3 minutes, withstood opponents counterattack。
  Paul II is still a one-man show。
He first opponents to take advantage of lax attention, a anti-run throw off opponents, inscribed within seconds pass layup。
8 minutes 07 seconds, Paul travels a record very subtle bounce pass to help follow up Clint – Capella Yan buckle – Paul Gasol; 7 minutes and 14 seconds, by means of Paul Capella cover, a mind change to go past defenders, before Gasol blocked, back jumper。
  After Harden comeback, "bulb combination" also staged a landmark cooperation。
6 minutes and 18 seconds moving the ball wide rocket, Paul overtaking edge to the basket, wide spread corner, which kept the ball has been vented outside subdivided Harden。 After Harden three-point bomb out of the box, the ball was mysteriously fall into the hands of Paul, and he calmly cast succeeded。 The attack begins with Paul, Paul, finally, through the middle of Harden's hands, "the combination bulb" You Changba my debut behind, rocket increasingly mastery of the skill of moving the ball。   Section 10 minutes 42 seconds pass from Paul, Capella straight again to kill the basket dunk, Gasol had to avoid the edge。 But seeing Harden in this section have the potential to take over the game, the first half was 13 points and Paul is at once "invisible", but his performance was not enough。
  Section IV Harden beat a retreat, Paul incarnation "little brother lost" over the counter。 Paul 8 minutes and 12 seconds against the defense, staged as Chuanhuahudie like dribble, back jumper, the audience exclaimed over, Harden also celebrate the passion。
7 minutes and 46 seconds, Paul flash turn maneuvers before the Rockets bench, Harden is behind him muttered words with。
Then Paul pull-third succeeded, turning end, the two also fived。 Fan said with a smile: "This is where the game ah, look just like a rocket squad scrimmage Well。 "(Demons) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。