Did you know that more than six hours a day sitting in a chair or sofa will bring the following series of annoying questions?Sedentary is not difficult to overcome bad habits, in two key details: daily activities, attention sedentary time。Let's look at how it affects the body's sedentary bar。  Sedentary harm to the body produces in order to assess accurately assess the sedentary caused much damage to the body is a difficult task, because it is also associated with personal eating habits and other factors。Therefore, assuming that your body is relatively healthy (no alcohol, no smoking, body weight is not exceeded)。
We will begin the moment you sit down, assess the impact sit six hours a day or more to your body。Corresponding to different time, you can see the different effects caused by sedentary (even if you are sitting at the table, or stand-up desk will also have a corresponding problem)。
  Just sit down at that moment when you sit down, the muscles inside the current activity weakened, while calorie burning rate dropped to a calorie per minute, which is one-third the calories consumed when you walk。
If sedentary for a whole 24 hours, the supply of glucose to insulin will be reduced by 40%, which may eventually lead to you suffering from type II。
  How to prevent?1 workers over here, using the intermittent time must make good use of time to rest。
No matter how busy, always have some time to rest, this time to good use。
For example, every 1 job?2 hours, to come up with 3?5 minutes, do some stretching activities limb。
If possible, pour them a glass of water, take a turn to the corridor。
In addition, full use of time to eat, try to walk their own restaurant。Even takeout, you can also use a few minutes of activity before eating it, half an hour after a meal and then look at the activities。As long as there are fitness conscious, or with a lot of motion。  2, a simple exercise can go home after work to add some exercise, such as jogging, walking, yoga, etc.。Driving to work white-collar workers can place parking farther away from the unit, walk to the unit; if the bus can get off one stop early, walk home。
If the near distance, walking or cycling may be selected commute。
  3. Eat sweets or junk food to improve efficiency, many office workers choose a more efficient lunch。
However, high-calorie, high-sugar to the body great harm, coupled with sedentary office, workers are more likely to cause various diseases。
Therefore, timely that during working hours, white-collar workers also should pay attention to nutritional supplements。
  4 regular physical examination of the physical condition of the health analysis, under the guidance of experts, to adopt a healthy lifestyle。
  5 rational use of drugs for patients with early diagnosed to be treated as soon as possible by learning insulin, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes if early use of insulin can not only repair damaged insulin B cells, but also to avoid the drawbacks of lifelong medication。
  In summary, how to prevent office workers need to need to eat less, ground fixed point, relax, to stay away from diabetes。