When it comes to how Chinese medicine is meridian health, I believe many female friends are very familiar with, because the meridian health of our body is very helpful, so how Chinese medicine meridian health together and go and see small series!How Chinese medicine meridian health is the main point three 1.Hoku tiger's mouth at hand fingers of one hand together four hands, and then pull the tiger's mouth the other hand thumb finger position on the stripes of the tiger's mouth, repeat the thumb is bent referred we usually say the Hoku。
Massage: press and hold the thumb points, there is a sense of soreness show valid。
Press every 2 seconds, press a little harder after 5 minutes, then knead Hoku thumb and index finger of both hands alternately, at medium speed, strength slightly larger, daily morning and evening massage 300 times。
It can be treated as well as the head and face of the upper limbs, such as,,, eye pain, facial nerve palsy。 2.Refers to three horizontal Neiguan stripes at the center of the inner wrist Massage: shot method, two hand fist, the left and right wrist Neiguan Neiguan hit each other within the wrist, Carpal wrist slightly larger on efforts to speed daily Sooner or later beat each other 300 times。
Click method: press this point with the thumb hole 1 minute。
Rubbing method: rubbing with the thumb 300 times。 It belongs to the pericardium, primarily of heart and lung, heart and lung disease treatment it is often beneficial massage。 3.Zusanli is how health and longevity meridian points of traditional Chinese medicine is the health of the external position Zusanli knee eyes down 10 cm position, that is outside of the calf muscles leading edge, the width position about four fingers under the knee。 Belongs to the stomach, often massage therapy conditioning effect on the digestive system and systemic diseases。
There are five specific methods, I choose according to their actual application and effects。 Three Mile 300 at first, his fists a little harder, while moderate intensity hit the legs of each foot。 Second, rubbing, rubbing this point with both hands, thumbs down each 300。 Third, pressing, once every 2 seconds pressing time of 5 minutes。
Fourth beat, hands at medium speed, beat a little harder foot legs 300 in each of the three years。 Fifth beat, alternating with health hammer beating legs foot three years, moderate intensity speed, 300 at each beat, the best care with a wooden hammer or rubber hammer to not feel the pain as well。