Male population, many of my friends are varying degrees of kidney problems, and now it was winter, it is also a good time to kidney, and kidney diet diet method is the best, most efficient and safest, in addition to diet the need for reasonable regulation, but we also need to make appropriate adjustments in their daily living, then eating three meals daily living and how should we regulate and adjust in order to make it more effective kidney?  Kidney everyday life: 1, the main winter sun collection to collection yang and yang of the sun is the largest nature, man's head, the back should be more than sun drying。Because the head is yang gathering place, while basking warm the body, helps prevent colds, pushing the body yang。  2, feet hot foot bath can Kidney Liver Ming, ideal for winter health。
Sole distribution points 60 and a plurality of human internal organs connected to the reflection region。Paowan feet, then appropriate to do a few minutes foot massage, massage the full three years, Yongquan, the organs and organ get further regulation。
  3, to avoid the cold winter we should pay attention to the cold, wear more clothes。
Diet eat warm foods such as sesame seeds, kidney beans, black beans, etc., you can put some pepper, ginger when cooking。
  Winter tonic, anti-cold and dry is very important, and do a good job for these health issues, natural diet is the most important。
So, try some of these delicious dishes with ingredients, you can enjoy delicious but also to enjoy a healthy life。
  What to eat good food kidney?  1. Seafood can enhance sexual performance, male semen contains large amounts of zinc, when the body of zinc deficiency will affect the quantity and quality of sperm。Seafood in oyster zinc content shrimp, crabs are plentiful。  2, high in vitamins?After 30-year-old male food quality and quantity of sperm are in decline, vitamin?Re-enable aging of sperm vitality。
Foods high in vitamin C ^ there kiwi, oranges, broccoli, asparagus, etc.。Vitamins?Can assist in cortisol secretion, can fight pressure。
  3, Green Tea Green tea is rich in black tea does not have vitamin C ^。Vitamins?Prevent colds, moisturize the skin can not be lack of nutrients。Green tea is rich prevent aging glutamic acid, aspartic improve immunity, physical nourishment amino acids, with a diuretic, eliminate the effects of stress。Caffeine green tea also has a refreshing effect, lower blood pressure and other flavonoids。  4, animal organs contain more cholesterol, and cholesterol is an important sex hormone synthesis formula。In addition, sex hormone and also containing epinephrine, can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia。Therefore moderate consumption of animal heart, liver, kidney, intestines and other internal organs, helping improve androgen levels in the body, increasing the amount of semen secretion, improve sexual function。
  5, food zinc zinc is an essential trace element, it is for the maintenance of normal structure and function of the male reproductive system plays an important role。
Zinc deficiency causes reduced sperm count and affect libido, the sexual dysfunction。Recent findings suggest that zinc deficiency and Traditional Chinese Medicine said: "deficiency" relevant。The highest zinc content oyster meat food devaluation, others such as beef, milk, chicken, chicken liver, egg yolks, shellfish, peanuts, grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, brown sugar contain a certain amount of zinc。  Precautions to avoid spicy food often tastes spicy and hot food always attracts the people's appetite。However, spicy contains large amounts of potassium, easy to damage the body's acid-base balance, increasing the burden for the kidneys work, stomach injury。
  Avoid long-term vegetarian saying a balanced diet, although relatively light and delicious vegetarian food, but not long-term vegetarian let the body was missing some of the nutrients contained in meat dishes, is not conducive to good health, but also damage kidney function in the elderly。  Avoid eating cold food cold food, it can cause kidney deficiency, Kidney failure and even kidney failure, and therefore should not eat。  Avoid regular coffee beans roasted coffee is produced through the use of beverages, coffee beans contain a lot of caffeine, sugar and fat, the right amount of coffee helps digestion, but will often drink excessive consumption of energy on the kidneys, affect renal function。