Down a small selection, pay attention to five point 1, the selection of baby clothes, it is recommended to go to regular stores to buy, purchase should pay attention to see the manufacturer, fabrics, including cashmere and other information。 2, pick a jacket, can pave the first jacket, and then pressed by hand, if the pressing jacket quickly restitution, is described more assured quality, and the difference of the elastic jacket is generally poor velvet。
3, the selection of jackets, clothes recommended hand rub, if there are "channeling down" phenomenon (that is, there is little fluff ran out), it is recommended not to buy。
4, the selection down jacket, should sniff it, if pungent taste, indicating that the chemical composition is relatively heavy, be sure not to buy for baby wear!"To children safe, often have one-third of hunger and cold."。
All in all, in the cold season, we recommend that parents should not be too spoiled child, do not give children wear thick feather, children do not pack too strict, too tight, otherwise it will Hailiaohaizi。
Winter baby how to dress 1, back decided to cool hot baby clothes 0-2 months, their ability to regulate body temperature is not perfect, better than a mother to wear clothes; baby more than two months is the better move some, it is best to wear fewer clothes than a mother。 Mom can always hand back to touch the baby, confirmed that he has no sweat, whether it is a good way to baby wearing appropriate measure。
2 it can wear the baby jacket, a thick coat is generally inferior to a few Usugi baby torso portion is allowed to warm, but it cold extremities, sometimes the temperature difference of 3 ℃ -5 ℃。
This is because the baby's outer extremities more exposure time, coupled with the low temperature portion than the other limb。
Therefore, an improved method is: do not let the baby wearing thick clothes, but wear a few pieces of thin clothes, cold insulation layer formed between the clothes and the clothes so that, to achieve thermal effect。